The Lawn Rangers Ch. 11


My girlfriend Claudia had helped me and my best friend John celebrate his birthday by participating in a threesome with us in my grandfather’s cabin the past weekend. She had discovered the secret of our play time, but had been surprisingly cool learning her boyfriend was fucking his best friend.

John and I went about our work that following week like nothing extraordinary had happened that weekend. As we usually did, we did not discuss play time during the week. It was business as usual with the Lawn Rangers.

The real problem now was the fact that just being around my friend was getting me hot. I was having serious concerns whether I might be gay or what. I checked his hard body out at every opportunity. If he had occasion to take his shirt off, I would walk around with a semi all damn day.

I had started spending hours a week in my locked bedroom with a medium sized dildo in my ass, while I jerked off thinking about my buddy’s big dick, in fact.

While I still watched my videos of Claudia, it was John’s big dick that was really getting me off these days.

Thursday came and went and we headed home after mowing more than a dozen lawns.

“So,” John said almost in a whisper. “Do we have any plans for this weekend?”

I smiled wide and looked at him.

“Play time?” I asked.

“Yep,” he said, looking forward toward the road.

“I had an idea, but my parents are home all weekend. My aunt is coming in from Pittsburg for a visit,” I said.

“Shit, my parents are painting the study or some shit like that,” John said.

We had decided at the beginning of play time that we wouldn’t take any chances. If we didn’t have a private location, we wouldn’t play.

I sighed, disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to get together.

“Hey man, we’re adults right?” John asked rhetorically. “Let’s just get a hotel room! I know that I have at least a thousand bucks in the bank. I can afford it.”

“I like your style buddy!” I said.

We planned on getting together Sunday morning. The story was we were going to watch football at another friend’s house on his 60 inch plasma.

Come Sunday, John and I drove to the outskirts of town to one of the nicer motels. John went ahead and got the room. I waited in the truck. We certainly didn’t want to be seen together. After getting the room, John called me on my cell phone and told me the room number.

I waited for a few minutes before going to the room and gently knocking on the door.

John opened the door with a big smile on his face.

“Dude, this room is way nicer than I thought!” he said.

We both looked around the room and got comfortable. We plopped down on the bed and started to kiss.

I eventually broke our kiss and sat up on the bed.

“Hey John I have a request,” I said. “If you’re not up to it, just say so and it’s totally cool.”

“What is it,” John asked excitedly.

“Well, I was hoping to video our sex today,” I said. “I jerk off to my videos of me and Claudia, but I don’t have any of our play time on video to jerk it to.”

John got a pensive look on his face. Obviously there was always a chance to be discovered by way of the video. We had worked hard to keep our secret to this point.

“Can I get a copy?” John asked.

I smiled, jumped out of bed and pulled out my video camera from my bag. I’d also brought a small tripod. I set it up and pointed it at the bed before turning it on.

I walked up to John and kissed him, running my hands all over his body. He did the same. Eventually we began to undress each other. samsun escort His huge dick was already hard and stuck straight out of his body. I kissed my way down his body, starting with his neck, then his chest, his stomach and eventually his big, beautiful hard cock.

I dabbed my wet tongue all over it. John grunted desperate to feel my mouth on his member. He finally got tired of waiting and grabbed my head and pulled it towards his dick.

“Patience!” I said with a laugh.

I got up and got the video camera off of the tripod and handed it to my friend.

“Get some good video of me sucking your dick,” I instructed him.

“Yes, sir!” he replied enthusiastically.

I got back on my knees and licked my way around his entire dick. I had to get it all wet before I could slide it between my lips. I spent longer than usual getting it all wet with spit. John was loving every moment of it.

“Suck my dick you fucking cocksucker,” John said. “I’m going to fuck your face so good.”

I moaned out load as his dirty talk was making me hot. I gently bit on his dick with my teeth and licked the bottom part of his head, beneath the crown.

After a few minutes I could taste his sweet precum. It was then that I tried to swallow as much as possible. I bobbed my head over his dick — up and down — keeping a tight seal on his dick with my lips. At the same time I made sure to work my tongue over his dick head as much as possible. I wrapped my lips around my bottom teeth so I could really milk the precum from his dick.

I realized that little soft moans were coming out of my mouth as I continued to service my friend.

John’s breathing was becoming labored. I knew he was close to shooting his load. I pulled off his dick and started jacking it. Hot jets of milky cum shot onto my face. I played up for the camera, but in truth I loved it! I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as possible.

When he was finished I cleaned his dick with my mouth. I had a nice amount of his creamy cum in my mouth. I savored it and swished it around to feel its consistency. I opened my mouth for the camera to show it the cum puddle in my mouth. I then swallowed the savory load and opened my mouth to show the camera that I had swallowed it all and smiled big.

“That’s was fucking hot baby,” John cooed as he gently stroked my cheek with his hand. I took his fingers and sucked them into my mouth.

He eventually put the camera down and helped me up. We kissed and he licked some of his own cum from my face.

“What should we do next?” he asked.

“I want to fuck your ass, but I really want to get lots of video of all of the process, so get into bed!” I instructed.

Truth be told I had been trying to learn as much as possible about prostate massaging over the last few weeks. I was fascinated how John’s cock oozed so much cum when I came into contact with his prostate and I wanted to pleasure my lover as much as possible.

I positioned my tripod and video camera in just the right position to get video of me preparing John’s tight ass for a good fuck.

John got on the bed and spread his legs for me. I got the lube from my bag and planted myself between his legs after hitting the record button.

I warmed some lube in my hands before starting. I repositioned John’s huge limp dick to the side while I gently massaged his nuts with the lube. Eventually I worked my way below his sack to the fleshy area between his nuts and his asshole.

Using my thumbs I massaged that area, applying firm escort samsun pressure.

John moaned out loud. His dick also began to twitch. I continued this massaging of his area for a few minutes, before getting more lube on my hands. As I began to work my way down, John got the idea and raised his ass just an inch or so.

Slowly I ran my thumbs over his asshole. I’m sure the warm lube and my thumbs were making John very excited as evidenced by the fact his dick was beginning to grow. Little by little I worked my thumbs into his ass — a little more with each passing stroke.

Eventually I was working my thumbs into his ass up to the first knuckle, stretching his asshole with my thumb a little before pulling it out, just to be followed almost immediately with the other knuckle.

“Holy fuck dude,” John cooed. “That’s amazing. Where did you learn to do that?”

“The Internet of course,” I said with a laugh.

I returned to massaging the area between his balls and asshole, working my thumbs up this time to basically separate his nuts and massage his sack. I purposely began to work my entire hand up, roughly handling each nut, squeezing and kneading.

John’s big dick was about 50 percent hard. It really had to be about 90 percent hard to stand up; it was that big. So in his position laying down, his dick was resting on his thigh. A pool of precum was forming where his dick met his leg, so I knew he was enjoying my massage.

Before the real fun began I leaned down and began to lick his asshole. I used slow round strokes to lick his smooth asshole. John moaned as he felt my tongue touch his hole. I worked to bury as much of my tongue as possible in his ass.

The more we fucked, the more accepting John’s asshole was to my tongue, fingers and dick.

I worked about an inch of my tongue into his fine ass and tried to wiggle it around.

John was writhing in pleasure. I pulled my tongue out and lubed up my finger and his asshole directly, too. I worked the middle finger on my right hand deep into his asshole. He let out a soft moan as it reached as far as it would go.

I quickly found his prostate and began to massage it. His dick immediately grew to full mast and stood up. I leaned forward to suck on the head a little as I continued to massage his prostate. I alternated between rough pokes and gentle caressing of his gland.

I was rewarded for my efforts with a steady stream of white, hot, sweet cream, which I licked off his dick head as soon as it appeared. After a few minutes of this I began to stretch out his ass with my finger, making sure to work a generous amount of lube into his ass.

“Every time you push on my gland it feels like I could cum,” John said.

I wasn’t sure what was different between the two of us. While having my own prostate played with felt awesome, I never reacted the same way as John and certainly couldn’t cum that way alone.

I lubed my hard dick up as good as possible before positioning myself between my lover’s legs. I spread his legs wide and pushed his body up a bit to create the perfect angle for my penetration.

“Are you ready?” I asked. “I’m coming in with one long punch.”

John looked up and me and nodded “yes.”

I placed my cock head directly on his asshole and gave John a warning look that his ass was about to get stuffed.

With one long push I worked my entire dick into his ass. John took a quick breath and let it out as I buried myself into his ass. The more we fucked, the easier it was to penetrate him. I loved samsun escort bayan knowing that I could bury my dick into him with so little effort.

For his part John had become a pro at milking my dick with his ass. He knew exactly when to clench his ass, when to release; when to rotate his hips to allow for easier penetration and when to shift his weight to accommodate me.

I was fucking my friend’s ass with urgency. We looked at each other and I began to work my face down in order to kiss him. We shared a deep, wet, long kiss as I continued to fuck him.

“I loved being your little bitch,” John said in a whisper to me with his eyes closed.

I smiled and continued to fuck him as hard as possible.

John lifted his hips a bit more and immediately began to moan.

“Oh damn!” he grunted. “That’s the spot.”

Almost immediately sweet, white cream erupted from his dick.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” He said under his breath.

I repositioned myself just a little to try to penetrate my buddy’s ass from just the right angle.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” he yelled. “I’m going to cum!”

At this point I was fucking him so hard that the bed was beginning to hit the wall. We were making quite a racket. In addition, sweat was now dripping from my body.

Suddenly three white spurts of cum shot out of his dick and landed directly on his chest. His body gave way as he relaxed. I continued my torrid fucking of his ass, wanting to fuck him for as long as I could. This was a little easier as he had stopped trying to milk me with his ass. No more than 30 seconds later, John again became very animated as his entire body seemed to clench.

“Holy shit!” he yelled. “I’m going to cum again! Please, please don’t stop fucking me! Please!”

This was making me so hot that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long, but I knew I had to keep fucking my buddy. I forced out all thoughts and made an effort to fuck him with as much force and as fast as possible.

“Aaaaaaaaargh!” John exclaimed as once again white, hot cum shot out of his dick. This time the jets of cum hit him in his face as his dick was slightly over his face.

Without slowing down I leaned down and desperately kissed my lover, trying to lick as much cum as I could off of him in the process. He was a fucking mess.

Without thinking, I pulled out of John’s ass. He let out a yelp as I grabbed my cock and beat off over him. Within seconds I shot the biggest load I’d ever shot all over his dick and balls, chest and face. Just when I thought I couldn’t cum anymore, another flurry of cum would erupt from me.

As quickly as my orgasm started, it ended and I collapsed next to my friend fighting to catch my breath. After a few seconds I looked over at John. He looked completely spent.

“It was too good,” he whispered. “It was too good.”

I smiled and tried to catch my breath.

I opened my eyes a little later realizing that I had fallen asleep. Looking around I realized I had been out for about an hour. I looked over at John who literally hadn’t moved. He had globs of cum on him. It was now clear and not as viscous. Some had rolled off his body and was now soaking into the sheets.

I got up, went to take a piss, and came back with a warm, wet towel to clean my friend. I noticed that the video camera was still going.

I stopped the recording and went to John. Seeing him there with all that cum on him made me immediately hot. I started stroking my dick. A wicked smile crossed my face as I made the decision to jerk myself off over his unconscious body. I turned the camera back on and walked back to the bed.

It didn’t take long to feel that familiar tingle in my balls.

Three jets of white cum shot out of my dick and landed on John’s face. He didn’t even flinch. I looked back at the camera and gave it a wink, knowing that John would eventually see it, before turning it off.

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