A Bountiful View


We are both working late one Friday night. I step outside my office and am surprised to see you there. “Hi Nana,” I say, “What is such an attractive young girl doing here so late on a Friday night.” You reply that you have a report due by Monday and didn’t want to work on Saturday or Sunday. Except for the two of us the office is completely empty.

I am about ready to resume my work when you ask if I am any good at giving a massage. Your neck is sore from working all day in front of a computer. I acknowledge that I could probably make your neck feel better. I move behind you and begin to work my fingers across the top of your shoulders. No wonder your neck and shoulder muscles hurt. They are so tight and you definitely need a massage to help you relax.

You move your hair out of the way which helps, but now your collar is causing a problem. I ask if you would mind folding it under. Instead, without a word, you unbutton the top three buttons of your blouse. Now your shoulders are exposed and I have a much broader area of flesh uncovered to me.

Up to this point I hadn’t considered anything sexual about this situation, but now I’m becoming aroused. You are so young and attractive; there is no man on earth who could resist such an opportunity. I decide you might not notice if I kept up the pretence of giving you a massage while I tried to view as much of your breasts as possible.

I start at the base of your neck working up to just around your ears. Then I move back down working out until I reach your bursa escort blouse. Your neatly pressed blouse is just hanging on the edge of your shoulder tips.

I can look over your shoulders and see the bountiful cleavage of your breasts packed tightly into your silky white bra. You are completely oblivious to the wonderful view of your tits you are giving me. Your head is bent over and your eyes are almost closed as you fully enjoy the massage I am giving you.

I decide to see if I can gain some more territory and so I change the style of my massage. I began using my thumbs to give a more vigorous massage starting at the base of your neck and working outward. As I reach your bra straps I move them an inch closer to your shoulder. Then I return to where your bra straps were and begin massaging out the bra marks left in your skin. You moan softly which lets me know you are enjoying this new version of the massage.

As I look over your shoulder I can see even more of your breasts and I watch them rise and fall with every breath you take. My penis is reacting to this scene by shifting around in my pants, slowly rising to attention.

Gradually I move your bra straps a little closer to your shoulders and repeat the technique of massaging out the strap marks. Now as I watch I can see the beginning of your areolas whenever you exhale. My penis is fully erect and straining to get out of my pants. I can feel a few drops of pre-come rising out of the tip. I wonder how much further I can go before you realize bursa üniversiteli escort what I am up to. I return to the base of your neck while keeping a close eye on your beautiful breasts, so close, yet so far away.

I have to try for more. I move my hands down your shoulders once more. This time lightly pushing your bra straps over the edge of your shoulders. You don’t seem to notice what is happening as your eyes are closed and you are completely relaxed. My penis feels like it could explode at any moment

At last I can see your nipples every time you exhale. They are bright red and standing at attention. I have never wanted to touch something more in my entire life. I begin to move my hands down your front a little bit, still giving the pretence of a massage. My penis is throbbing and all I can think about is fucking you, very hard and very fast.

Slowly you awake from your trance and unbutton another button on your blouse. The last vestige of clothing falls to your waist. I reach to your back and unfasten the hooks on your bra. It drops softly to the floor. I turn you around and begin to kiss you very hard, pressing my rock-hard penis into your crotch.

You kiss me back passionately, and I move my hands up to massage your ample breasts. They are so soft and pliant in my hands; I could fondle them all night. But I need more. I lower my face to your left breast and begin to gently lick your nipple with my tongue. I prod and push your karacabey escort nipple mercilessly, alternating between firm and light rapid strokes.

You whisper, “Do you think we can find someplace to fuck?” I know just the place. The resting room is just down the hallway. You temporarily don your blouse and we quickly walk to the room.

Once inside we settle onto the bed and turn out the light. There is one window and it provides a modest amount of light for us.

We waste no time undressing, each of us removing the others clothes. Finally you are naked before me. You look so beautiful in the soft moonlight.

I move down to your pussy. I gently use my tongue to play with your clit using light alternating strokes. You are quite aroused by now and your cunt is waiting for me to enter. Your legs feel like spaghetti and are quivering in anticipation. I waste no time in pushing my cock into your wet waiting hole. It feels so good to be inside you. I know I won’t last long with all the teasing you’ve given me.

I look at you and you are playing with your nipples, pinching them while I plunge my cock in and out of your cunt. That’s all I can stand as an orgasm races through my body. I pump and pump, deep inside your pussy. I can feel your cervix moving as you reach an orgasm at the same time. We are both totally spent and lie there with my cock still inside you.

Suddenly we hear a security guard approaching down the hall and we decide it’s probably time to leave. We wait silently while he passes and sneak out as soon as it is quiet.

As we walk outside of the office building together I comment, “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow, and I hope we can go out for dinner afterwards.” I promise to last much longer next time. I always wanted to spend a Saturday night with you. And Sunday breakfast too.

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