A Vacation in Paradise

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It was a vacation we both needed desperately. It was our first night at a secluded hotel on the beach in the Jamaica. We had taken a stroll on the beach just before sunset to breath in some of the beauty. Walking hand and hand along the edge of the ocean, mesmerized by the crashing of the waves, the cool breeze. It all felt so right. Exactly what the doctor had ordered! Time got away from us and we scurried back to our room to get ready for dinner. You had promised me a few surprises before we left home that morning and I had my first surprise when you stepped out of the bathroom in a beautiful sundress you had bought the week before. I was standing on the balcony and turned my head to see you standing at the door smiling. You looked stunning!

“Oh my god baby, you look absolutely gorgeous” I said. You put me in a trance as I traced the outline of the dress over your very feminine curves. Taking a deep breath as if I was inhaling your beauty. Walking to you, you stepped into my arms and we kissed briefly. Stopping only to look out over the ocean, once again.

“Well we better head down to dinner before we die of starvation” I said as I smiled.

“We would die happy” you responded smiling back at me.

With that, we headed to the hotel restaurant, all the while holding hands and smiling like two love struck teenagers. Once we arrived at the restaurant we were seated immediately. My eyes followed your movements as I trailed you to the table. I remember thinking to myself – Yum! It’s the only word that seemed to fit at that moment!

After a magnificent dinner we walked out to the hotel courtyard. A band was playing at the open air bar. Reggae music (Imagine that – In Jamaica no less). A crowd had gathered and it had turned out to be quite a party. We soon found ourselves sipping an island cocktail (or two) and enjoying the evening. Meeting and chatting with another couple we eventually end up on the dance floor. What a great night we had. Dancing, laughing and being silly together. After an hour or so the band finally transitioned into a slow song. I remember seeing your bright smile as you stepped towards me. Smiling back I took you, I was more then happy to take you in my arms. The softness and warmth of your skin was almost too much for me to bear. Slowly we found our rhythm. Your head was tilted to the side, resting on my chest. My hands gently moving up and down your back from your shoulders then slowly sliding all the way down to the small of your back. Slowly, stroking you gently. At one point you looked up at me with a smile and our lips met for a soft, sensual kiss. Kissing softly as our bodies pressed even more tightly together. Oh, how I love to kiss my baby! Your kisses, the closeness of our bodies, the heat generated by our coupling put me in a trance. I could not help to feel aroused and I wondered if you could feel the effect you were having on my soul. After a long, emotional kiss, your head moved back to rest on my chest as the music came to a close.

The band transitioned right back into a festive song and you looked up into my eyes and asked “Are you about ready to go baby?”

“Most definitely” I said as I smiled back at you.

And with that, we slowly moved off the dance floor, stopping briefly to say goodbye to the couple we had chatted with earlier. Your hand reached for mine as we strolled through the lobby to the elevators that would take us back to our paradise.

“God you look so damn sexy in that sundress. If you could read my mind right now” I said. The dress was casual yet elegant. It accenting your beautiful ample breasts, showing just enough cleavage to draw attention. My attention (for sure!) but also the attention from others I had noticed peaking back at you throughout the evening. Finally making it back to our room, I opened the sliding glass door that lead to our 4th floor balcony. You walked with me and both of us looked out kuşadası escort at the sea once more as we embraced.

Both of us were feeling a bit tipsy at this point and you looked over at me and said “I’m going to freshen up baby.”

I kidded with you “Don’t leave me, Please!”

“I’ll be quick baby – I promise. Besides, there are more surprises” you said as you gave me a sultry, wicked smile.

With that I watched you as you walked back towards the rest room. Watching the movement of your legs, your gorgeous ass accentuated by the soft movements of the sundress brushing against your cheeks. No matter how long we have been together, I never tire of looking at you baby!

While you were getting ready, I undressed and slipped into the cloth robe from the room closet. I poured each of us a glass of champagne and walked back out to the balcony, waiting, passionately for my princess. The calmness of the night did nothing to sooth the feelings of passion stirring inside of me. As I sipped my champagne , I didn’t hear you as you quietly slid up behind me to wrap your arms around me as we peered over the balcony.

“My man” you whispered as you softly kissed the back of my neck.

“It’s beautiful baby” I said as you held me tight from behind. Your mouth still leaving soft kisses on the side of my neck just below my ear. Feeling your lips on me always goose bumps up my spin and to other areas!

You whispered “I want you baby” and with those words a pulse was sent through my body. That was all the encouragement I needed as I turned to face you. Just then I saw my surprise. You were wearing a robe, but it was not the cloth robe that came with the room. It was a silky satin white robe that extends to your mid thigh. The robe you had pointed out to me in the VS catalog several weeks before. I encourage those types of purchases.

“Yum” I moaned. “You look like an angel baby.”

This time in the seclusion of our own room, our mouths opened and our kisses were more passionate, more urgent. Holding one another closely in our arms I felt your tongue as you traced a line over my lips before slipping it gently into my mouth. Your tongue seeking mine and finding it. Our tongues touching, circling, dancing and then moving back allowing our lips to part wider for a deeper wetter kiss! Yes, we are very good at this! With our lips pressed tightly together my hands began moving over the soft satin fabric of your robe. Moving from your shoulders down to the small of your back and back up again. I remember feeling your lips opening wider as you pressed tightly against me. My lips, my tongue seeking and finding you this time as your hands slid down to grasp my ass. I squirmed at your impulsive touch. Pausing for a moment to take a breath, you rested your head against my shoulder.

“Baby, you have got me so turned on.” I said as I kissed the top of your head while inhaling the fragrance of you.

“Ohhh, do I?” you said as you grasped my ass harder and pushed forward against my body, pressing you waist against my hardness. You smiled when you looked up and saw that familiar look of lust in my eyes.

Taking my hand, we walked together into the room and feel softly onto the bed together. Our arms and legs intertwined as we held each other close. We were lying on our sides facing one another. Somehow without ever losing contact, each of us managed to loosen and remove the others robe. The lust within us exploding as we sensed the heat emanating from our now naked bodies. Something neither of us could hide even if we wanted to.

“Oh god baby, Kiss me, Kiss me” and I am still unsure if the words were yours or mine.

My hands moved up your sides and over your back to your shoulders. Feeling the warmth radiating from your body with my fingers. My cock engorged, feeling your warmth radiating from a different area.

“Oh hon” I moaned as my moist lips touched your neck, kissing you below your ear. God I love to kiss you! Pausing for a moment, our eyes connected. Somehow I slowly rolled onto my back (taking you with me) our eyes never losing contact. With you above me, I tasted your lips once more.

My hand trembled as they slipped down your sides to your waist. God you had me so hard. I remember thinking, I hope I don’t lose it immediately. Somehow you sensed my concern and you smiled. My hands were grasping your waist and guiding as your hips begin to grind against me. I could feel your lips of your pussy and the soft curls of your bush against me as we kissed. Feeling the weight of my woman above me, your thighs and legs straddling me, your arms somehow intertwined with mine was incredible. I looked into your eyes as my hands squeezed your ass and guiding your movements with mine. That wonderful feeling of my cock rubbing and gliding over the moistness of your labia was almost to much to bear.

Another movement of our hips and I could feel your lips parting. My cock slipping between them. Not inside but between them. Your wet lips wrapped around me as my shaft slid up and down the length of your pussy. Over your clit and back down again. Our bodies grinding together as my cock was coated with your wetness. A moan escaped my lips as we stared at one another with desire.

“Oh my god baby, you feel so good” I whimpered unable and not wanting to hide my passion.

Breathing deeply you moaned “You like that pussy, don’t you baby?” as your hips arched in unison with mine. You rose up slightly and steadied yourself with your hands on my shoulders. We were both both panting at this point and and we both moaned loudly as my cock finally slipped inside of you. Your wet pussy consuming my engorged cock easily. Obviously you had been having the same desires as me all day.

“Oh god baby,” I shouted “Take that cock, take it”.

With those words both of us found our rhythm and our hips began their frantic movements in unison. The sounds of the ocean in the distance were not enough to overpower the sounds of passion which filled the room. The sounds of our breathing, the sounds of our incoherent moans, the sounds of wetness as my engorged cock penetrated your soaked pussy. Both of us in love, but at this point this is not about love, it is about taking what is needed. Fucking one another madly. Losing ourselves completely to our lust.

“Oh god baby, I’m close” I moaned. But my movements only increased.

I remember seeing you bite your lip gently as you looked into my eyes. “Its okay baby, let it go, let it go,” you said, “Give it to me, all of it.”

Almost immediately, I felt the sudden rush from deep inside of me. I Arched up and drove my cock even deeper inside of your wanting pussy, as my hands grasped your cheeks with urgency and pulled you down hard on my throbbing tool. Taking that beautiful wet pussy and making it mine!

“Oh god baby. Yes.” you screamed.

My cum exploded from me. First one long deep spasm, followed by another and another and yet another. Each spasm followed by a stream of cum jetting from me and filling your moist pussy. Your wet full lips grasping me and never letting go.

“Oh god baby”, I whimpered, as my orgasm overcame me. My cock had never been harder! I look up into your eyes as your own movements became more and more urgent, more frantic.

“Do you want it baby” I said as I look up at your passionate eyes, grabbing you and thrusting deep inside of you. But you were unable to respond with words. My hands were still holding your ass firmly, thrusting up into you as I pulled you down. Controlling our movements as you submitted completely. The sounds of our lust filled the room. Your deep breaths, soft moans were so intense, so erotic. The sound of my shaft moving in and out of your wet, cum drenched cunt (My cunt!) only heightened our lust.

“Take it baby. Take it” I said as you arched up to meet you.

“Oh my god. Oh my god” you screamed as I felt the familiar sudden warmth and wetness which radiates from deep within you as you are cumming. That sudden feeling of your pussy expanding just before you lose yourself to complete ecstasy. Pumping and grinding against me. My own movements matching yours.

“That’s it babe, cum for me, cum for me” I said as your orgasm consumed you.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes” you cry out. Your breathing and moans mixed with your words.

“Oh baby. That’s it, that’s it” I responded emotionally as I pulled your ass down to me tightly, holding myself deep inside of you as you rolled and pulled your pussy against me. Holding you there until your orgasm subsided. As your last spasm captured you, you collapsed over me. The feel of your body over me is so wonderful. Your head was resting on my chest as I inhale your scent. The scent of my woman. We stayed like that for several minutes. No words were spoken. No words were needed. Holding each other close was enough.

After a long pause, I said “I have left a bit of a mess.’

You laughed and respond “You—— What about me!” and we both giggled.

Then I felt you slowly tracing a line down over my chest with your lips. Leaving a trail of kisses. Your lips always feel so wonderful! I saw what you were doing and sat up slightly and slowly moved your legs around me as we rolled into a 69 position with you above me. A surprisingly unawkward move. I remember lying back as your thighs came down to straddle my face. Instinctively my tongue reaching up to slide over your glistening lips. Your freshly fucked pussy was gaped open. Your lips glistening and swollen the remnants of or orgasms covering your lips, your bush. I was in a trance when I felt your tongue touching the tip of my swollen cock. Then taking my shaft in your moist mouth. The feel of your tongue caressing my cock, my balls was incredible. Your tongue, collecting any remnants of our passion like a good little girl.

Embraced in 69. It is so so passionate. I moistened my lips as my mouth suckled your lips between mine. My hands grasped and parted your cheeks above me. Your wetness mixed with my cum covered your lips and now mine. Both of us were focused on cleaning one another completely. I can never get enough of tasting your wet and warm cunt. So incredibly hot. My tongue moved up to tease your ass as your mouth descended on me completely. Taking my cock completely in your mouth. Deeper and deeper and deeper until my balls were pressed tightly against your lips. Your tongue and your mouth were working my cock aggressively as my own mouth devoured your pussy, our beautiful cunt. Your lips were full and parted, glistening. Both of us were moaning simultaneously. Once again, grinding and rolling our hips in unison as we reaching for more

“Oh baby, baby” I moaned.

But there was no verbal response, just more direct movements. Our orgasms finding us at the same time this time. Together, our bodies locked in a 69 as we face fucked one another. Your delicious cunt drenching my face as your orgasm squeezed out more or our passion. My own cock exploded once more. This time in your open and willing mouth. Spasm after spasm filling your mouth with my warm cum. I still don’t know where it all came from!

As our orgasms subsided we slowly slipped back down to earth. Each of us continuing our cleaning chore. Soft kisses, licks, gentle stroking. Yum. Sharing and tasting the fruit of our passion. More importantly, sharing our passion and lust with our lover.

I don’t remember who fell asleep first. I just remember my eyes getting heavy. I remember sliding back around on teh bed and facing each other. I woke up a half hour later on my back and found that you had cuddled up against me. Your head on my chest. My arms around you. I took a deep breath and admired this naked, beautiful woman beside me. The love of my life.

I smiled thinking to myself, Life is good!

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