A Different Party Ch. 04


Sunita opened her eyes and shyly sunk into my chest, only to part her lips once again and surrender her to whatever happened. I pulled her up close to me and took her lips into mine. Watching her, I again started to play with her lips. Alternating the sucks with soft kisses, we stayed in each other’s arms for long. It must have been an eternity. My arms were on her back and had for the first time glided on her curves and around, needless to say my crotch was on fire and I am sure she must have got a good measure of what I was feeling. I was planting soft kisses on her cheek, small pecks all over her cheeks. Sunita was far more feminine than I had imagined. Her smell, her skin, the tone of her skin, her curves and everything looked so very different in the new light. Trailing the pecks towards her lips, we started to once again go for each other’s lips and mouth -soft, deep and uninhibited. In between the kisses, I was able to get a look around the stage. The expression on every single face was the horniest ones, I had seen till date.

We as a group of friends had shed away the basic inhibition.

The whole setup was making me hornier. My hands wanted to feel more of Sunita. The way I felt her was more like young lovers meeting for the first time -sometimes HARD and sometimes SOFT. I guess it was driving Sunita crazier as well. Every stroke was being acknowledged by her body in its own subtle way. My fingers started to feel and trace every inch of her back. I forgot to mention that Sunita was a health fanatic so you can well imagine her shapely body. The more I felt her back, the more she was moaning. Her responses made it even hornier for me and the group of friends watching us. The need to feel and know more of her overtook me. Her hairs which were loose now, flowed down all the way to her mid back, were going very well with her erotic looks. Her eyes were extra ordinarily bright and shining. Her face had THAT lust look to it which could make anyone loose his mind. Shy at times, bold the other times. She was THE center of attraction not for what she was doing but for her looks and curves as well.

I positioned myself towards her back and buried my face into the back of her neck while my hands explored her flat naval region unto the lower edges of her bra. The reactions were absolutely shocking ones – she pushed her hips into my crotch, put her hands on mine while I explored her naval area, pushed her head back towards mine and moaned so loudly as if she was in her personal room with her husband. The response made one and all adjust their tent poles. A comment came by, coming from Ashok made it even more shocking.

Ashok: “Oh!! What a lovely slut you are.”

Ashok’s comment fueled something deep within Sunita, for sure. I was the one around her and could gather that she loved the comment. Every single kiss that I was giving to the back of her neck was getting sleazier responses from her, especially after the comment. My hands were not able to cross the boundary of the lower edge of her bra, something within me stopped it there. Sunita placed her hands on top of mine and slowly guided my palms up as I reached the lower edge of her bra. My palms were for the first time placed on her bra cup, feeling her breasts for the first time. I gently cupped her boobs and stopped, Sunita took my hands and whispered into my ears “Please don’t stop, feel me more”. I could feel heat coming out from her lips as she whispered in my ears.

I felt like undoing her blouse and her bra and feel her well in front of all the friends. I started to slowly kiss her back and see all my friends at the same time. I could see a few hands moving more than briskly over their pants. I was getting ideas with every passing moment. I slowly pushed my hands on to the bottom edge of her bra and pushed my hands up, exposing a lot of her cleavage – for all to see. I never knew what all was going to happen. We all would go to what levels – only time would tell that.

A comment came in: “You lucky bastard, I want to switch places with you”

A shiver ran up Sunita’s spine as she heard the comment. Sunita felt so very slutty hearing the remark. She got pretty excited, so excited that she blew him a small kiss. She bent directly towards the guy (who had passed the comment) like a perfect seductress, taking her own sweet time to stand back again. Exposing enough to titillate and make their imaginations and hands go wilder. Her face was glowing with lust. It was her moment. I just followed her cue, did not want to spoil her lusty moments. Sunk my lips into her collar bone and slowly moved lower towards her cleavage.

Another comment zoomed in: “what’s her taste like?”

Every comment was making it harder for me. She was getting over aggressive after every single comment. Sunita was imagining something, I don’t know what. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying every single https://bursali.org thing that was happening – the kisses, comments, her moans, everything…..

Her smell, baby soft skin and everything made me mad with passion and lust. What made it even harder was the perfect shape of her cleavage above her blouse. The mound was teasing enough to fire your loin. My lips settled perfectly at the top of her cleavage and I started to suck. Suck wildly, almost as if sucking out her boobs from her blouse. Sunita had never experienced such sucks before in life, it seemed. I could gather this from her reactions – her nails were sinking rather deep on my shoulders while I sucked. I knew what I was doing, giving a LOVEBITE. A few more wild sucks and wilder moans later, there it was, a perfect LOVEBITE on top of her cleavage. She looked directly into Ashok’s eyes (her husband) and was showing off the new experience she just had.

A comment happened again: “Miss, call me next. I want the pleasure of giving you a LOVEBITE on the other one.”

Sunita heard the comment and looked at me invitingly. I moved away and said

Me: “That was some emotions you stirred UP (did not make any attempt to hide my raging hard on). Can you demonstrate an equally emotional kiss to everyone present here?”

She did not expect me to stop, rather did not want me to stop. Every expression, every move she made conveyed quite clearly that she did not like this break.

She: “Sir, as I told you before, you have a special place in my heart and hence the flow of emotions was easy.”

Her words were having a perfect effect on my mind and body. I wanted to take it slow and she, it seemed, was in no mood to stop now.

Me: “Yes, you told me that.”

I could not gather what to say and do at this moment. Slightly confused, I looked towards her and wanted to explore more of her body but it would have been bad on my part to enjoy her singularly. With the basic inhibition broken and the comments happening, I knew many were open to the thought of open indulgence now.

The question was should I go at her or should I get someone else to do the honors and then an idea happened…..

Me: “I guess you were pretty excited by the comments that came”

Sunita blushed like a newlywed on being asked about the commenting thing.

She: “Yes, Sir. Coming from him (looking towards her husband) made it very exciting for me. Every lady loves to hear comments about her beauty. I get compliments of all kinds from friends and their husbands. No one passes sexy comments on me since I got married.”

Me: “Seems you got those kinds of comments when you were not married and you cherished them a lot.”

She just stood there, not replying. Forcing me to decide and make the move. One thing was totally clear to all that she was in SOME heat. My mind started to work to increase her heat some more.

Me: “You are in such a good shape. Don’t you get SUCH comments anymore?”

Sunita was totally floored and just stood there silently.

A comment came in “the truth, nothing but the truth please.”

Just like those courtroom vows, a gentle laughter broke in the room. It lightened the atmosphere, a shade.

Me: “Which comment excited you the most?”

Sunita looked at Ashok, then back towards me – almost pleading to stop the questioning on these lines. Ashok just ignored her and left her to handle herself alone. He rather added fuel to the whole COMMENT issue…

Ashok: “Miss, four of us passed comments at you — which excited you the most?”

Sunita hid her face behind her palms. She was excited but something just did not make her answer this question.

A friend who had passed comment asked: “Was it me?”

The other friend added: “Or me?”

Sunita meekly replied: “The last comment”

The guy who had given the last comment was now the centre of attraction, everyone was looking at him. Everybody was wondering how was he able to give such a comment. He was supposed to be one of the SAFEST guys, decent to the core. The buzz started and soon withered away… anticipating what would come next. I knew exactly how to spicen up the interview further….

Me (pointing towards the friend who had passed the last comment): “Why don’t you make your way up to the stage? Your comment has been liked much and you need to do justice to it.”

The guy, Anoop, did not know at all how to react. His face was going white and had started to perspire also. I knew internally, however, that he was a smart enough guy to maneuver himself out of this situation. He gathered enough courage and tried to speak loudly, his voice shaking due to nervousness

Anoop: “I really don’t deserve the honors. It is Ashok who started the commenting business and got the lady horny. I feel he should be the one who should come up on bursa escort kız stage and not me”

Me: “I agree with you totally Anoop that Ashok should have the honors. But…. since your comment was most liked by her, you will have to stay here on stage while Ashok does the honors”

The relief from Anoop’s face had already vanished, he was almost pleading to be excused but there was no respite for him. I left Ashok and Anoop to handle Sunita. Now they would know what I was HANDLING all the time.

It was hard to perform in such a delicate situation all the time. The question was that of reputation and with other friends and their wives watching – it mattered a lot. Up to this point, I was THE stud. A part of me never wanted to leave the center stage but another part of me, the voyeur, wanted to WATCH things from a distance as well.

It was the reputation of Ashok and Anoop at stake now, every single pair of eyes on them. Believe me, it was not easy at all. They both looked nervous. I could understand why Anoop was nervous but Ashok’s nervousness was unexplained.

Ashok: “I really don’t have a clue as to how to give a LOVEBITE”

That was some revelation. A few friends laughed but the way he spoke the truth, his confession must have surely melted a few hearts. The ones who did not know how to give a LOVEBITE could understand the power of his confession. I could see Sunita feeling uncomfortable to see Ashok (her husband) in a spot of bother. She came in to his rescue.

She: “Anoop here had passed a comment that he wanted to give a love bite on my cleavage. He surely must know how to give one. Anoop can guide you.”

She came in close towards Ashok and took his hands into hers, to comfort him. It was a sweet gesture and everybody could feel the love they shared. Ashok had put his arms around her back as they stood together, waiting for Anoop to react.

Anoop knew he was left with no other option but to take her on. It would caste an otherwise impression on the ladies present in the crowd. He was more like a cornered dog who had no place to escape. Taking a few deep breaths, he decided to go for it.

Anoop: “That was very truthful of you to confess. You need to first get into the groove. SOMETHING has to happen between you two and then you can decide to go for the LOVEBITE. It would sound pretty wham bam ma’am kinds if you straight away go for a love bite. So feel her some, kiss her some, get her excited and yourself as well. I will tell you the rest thereafter.”

Every single person heard Anoop with an open jaw, out of astonishment. No one had ever imagined Anoop to be so bold. His advices were spot on. It was time for some comments, the first one came from me and my tone certainly had a ring of cheapness to it.

Me: “Ashok, enjoy yourself”

Sunita again had THAT look, hearing my comment. I was not sure how she would react to my comment but decided to just say what I actually felt, at the moment. Touchwood, she did not take it the other way. A few ladies were caught adjusting their postures and guys were caught adjusting their tent poles. It seemed we all, present in the hall, we’re a group of friends who had much in common – including a love for cheap comments.

Ashok came close to Sunita, put his arms around her back and hugged her. She hugged him back as well.

Another comment happened: “You have a total slut at hand and you are treating her like a wife”

The comment was absolutely perfect so it was quite natural that the desired effect was perfect too. Ashok went wilder hearing the comment. He pushed his groin hard into her crotch while holding her ass. His other hand was busy pulling her close to him, so he could feel her breasts on his chest. At the same time, he was kissing her wild enough to make her moan with pleasure. Sunita was equally ferocious this time. She had put her hands on his cheek and pulling him up close to reciprocate him with even wilder kisses. The more wildly he went for her, the more was the SILENCE around the place. The more silent it became, sounds of people rubbing their crotches became clearer. It was not an orgy but nothing short of it as well.

Ashok (being her husband) knew that Sunita must be very close to experiencing body shattering orgasm. He did not care about the love bite at the moment. His mind was furiously working out a way to make her experience BLISS. His crotch was pushing hard into hers, the harder he pushed – the more Sunita moaned. He knew exactly how to go about it. He released his other hand on her back and slid it down towards her panties. His other hand was massaging, kneading and pinching her full hips. His fingers gently made way towards her ass crack.

Sunita could feel every cell of her body responding to Ashok’s touches and the eyesight of all present there. She could feel her cells bursa anal yapan escort tingling beyond her control. Her clitoris was standing up like a small penis. Even a touch of Ashok’s/ her finger could have triggered an enormous explosion inside her. She tried to maneuver her fingers towards her crotch but Ashok’s violent, jerky movements were not letting it happen. What was happening was an even bigger pleasure for her. She was like a putty in his hands, wanting a release – more than anything else. She was totally consumed, was moaning like a champion slut and not ashamed at all. Ashok was gyrating into her pelvis region as if someone was making love. Even the mild gyrations were causing her to gasp. Ashok loved it so much that he had pulled away his hand from her hips on to her breasts and was feeling them quite roughly. Every single person knew where this was heading.

Anoop, standing close to them, had a little smile on his face and a mischievous one. He moved in and stopped them from going further.

Anoop: “I told you guys to do something, not everything. Well, you have indeed warmed up each other well and us too.”

Anoop’s words were making Sunita blush even harder. We all wondered how much more color could she take on her cheeks. He continued…

Anoop: “Did you forget the LOVEBITE part? It can surely happen when you have such a lady at hand”

It was everybody’s turn to blush. Anoop was passing SOME lewd comments.

Anoop: “Love Bite is something which happens naturally and one cannot just manufacture it artificially. I can surely guide you the technique. The result will depend on how well you execute the learning.”

Sunita, Ashok and all of us actually hated this break. Everybody could feel seeing Sunita that she was close to an orgasm and this break would cool things off. However, the way Anoop was going was good too.

Anoop came close to Sunita and started to check her out quite visually. His checking out was too had an obvious effect on Sunita and the crowd as well. He was getting bolder and cheaper by the passing moment and it needed no expert to come to this inference. What happened next was a proof of that.

Anoop: “I prefer places which have enough flesh.” He put his fingers on her cleavage and trailed it all around her breasts. “You can give a LOVE BITE anywhere on this sexy bosom. You can give it on her cheeks, neck, naval and her awesome ass as well. Much depends on you and your liking.”

Ashok could see goose bumps appearing on her hand as Anoop’s finger explored her different body part while explaining to him. Sunita just stood there with her eyes closed, wishing and hoping that it continued. Her own build up was making her desperate.

Ashok: “How do you exactly give a LOVEBITE?”

Anoop (smirked): “It is nice to know that you are excited to learn the skill. Come here, I will show you. Do you want me to give a practical demonstration on her?”

Anoop had some guts to be so bold and direct. He would surely be the most sought after guy, soon. Sunita stood there, like an obedient slut.

Anoop: “You have to place your lips on the part you desire to give the LOVE BITE and suck. You obviously have to release and then suck again. When you suck, ensure a bit of suction happens. Suction is what causes the LOVEBITE.”

Anoop took Sunita’s hands into his and pulled her close to Ashok.

Anoop: “She wanted a LOVEBITE on the other one so you can go for it now.”

Sunita stood there like an obedient student, biting her lower lips.

Ashok looked at her and then placed his lips on the top of cleavage of the other breasts and started to suck at it. However, he was not able to give one. He tried again but nothing happened. Anoop stood there all the time observing and enjoying. The silence was such that we could even hear Sunita’s heartbeat from a distance.

Anoop: “You just need to create suction where you place your lips. Observe me closely now.”

Before Sunita could understand what was happening, Anoop had placed his lips on her neck and had started to suck at it like a professional kisser. Sunita’s was in seventh heaven. He was going to be a serious contender for all the so called studs here. Ladies had a different look all together seeing him give the love bite.

What happened next was the most shocking incidence (yet) in our circle of friends.

Ashok did not wait for Anoop to go away. Instead, he took her cleavage between his lips and started to suck at her boobs even as Anoop was giving the LOVEBITE on her neck. It was simply too much for Sunita. One of her hands was in Anoop’s mane and another on Ashok’s mane as they were giving Sunita the time of her life. Sunita knew she could not have desired anything more than what was happening at the moment, seeing her three trophies (the LOVEBITE’s). Wish she knew what all was to come…..

It seemed that we, as a group of friends, were getting used to newer discoveries and shocks.

Anoop’s Wife got up this time and said “Miss, can you teach and give a girl an equally emotional kiss?”

The whole group was zapped, mouth’s open (including Anoop).

To be continued…

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