A Literotica Reading


Author’ Prologue:

I hope to repay (a little) the enjoyment that Literotica writers have given me. Also, my apologies to ‘SassyGal’ and ‘TigerLily’ if I have co-opted real authors’ pseudonyms. The “Sassygal/Sharon” and “TigerLily/Cynthia” characters in this story are fictitious (as are all the others).

I would very much appreciate your feedback, criticisms and suggestions.


– WinterSolstice

* * * ** * * * * *

I was so nervous.

I sat in my car outside the hotel. I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to go through with this. The embarrassment of backing out would be terrible once I was inside, but I was even more afraid of the embarrassment of exposing myself. Actually, I wasn’t sure which would be more difficult, exposing my body to strangers or giving up my anonymity.

“Well they aren’t really strangers,” I thought. “I guess we all sort of know each other a little.” And we knew each other in pretty intimate ways. This was the rationalization I had been repeating all week. I was also motivated by my long-time fantasy of being on exhibition, and – I had to admit – by my not-so-small desire for recognition. I knew my stories were not nearly as good as many, but darn it, I could still be proud couldn’t I?

I had accepted an invitation to what we were calling a “‘Literotica Public Reading and Appreciation Workshop” a.k.a. an authors-only critique and Jack & Jill-off. This idea had evolved over the last year or so after a couple of us learned that we all lived in South Texas. I had read the stories about group masturbation sessions and was kind of intrigued, but I knew that I would never go through with just walking into a room and having at it. Meeting with a more select group of people whose writing made me feel comfortable seemed somehow easier. It also gave me an excuse to tell myself – that I was going there “just” to listen and critique. Right.

I wasn’t going to be the first one there. No way. But, I hadn’t seen anyone coming or going and I was now “fashionably late.” Finally a man walked across the parking lot and looked around before going inside, as though he wasn’t sure he was in the right place. I must not have been the only one who was waiting, since a few seconds later two other people emerged from their cars. I got up my nerve and walked up to the front door while desperately trying to avoid eye contact.

We had arranged to meet at the bar and get to know each other a little before deciding whether to go any further. The man I saw enter the building was standing at a table in the corner with a woman about my age. She was pretty, but not a knockout and had the same ten or fifteen pounds that I have forever been trying to loose. I felt a little better and a little less self-conscious as I walked up to them.

She saw me. “Hi, I am Sharon. You must be Cynthia? I am so glad you decided to come.” She said. “Let me introduce you to David.”

“Hello.” I said shaking his hand and blushing terribly. Fortunately I was saved from further conversation by the arrival of two others.

“Umm, excuse me, are you all here for the – writing workshop?” Asked the new guy.

“Welcome. I’m Sharon. This is David. And Cynthia.”

“Hi, I am John.” Said the man. He was in his mid-thirties and attractive but shorter and a little more average-looking than David.

“And I’m Maggie.” Said the new woman. She was in her mid-twenties and quite something to see. My self-consciousness was back with a vengeance and I felt an instant bond with Sharon.

“I think there is room for all of us right here. Lets sit and have a drink and get acquainted. At least, I am going to have a drink…I need one, or maybe two.” Said Sharon, with a nervous laugh.

I whole-heartedly agreed.

We spent forty-five minutes or so in the lounge, introducing ourselves and piecing together what we knew of each other from our on-line aliases. We hadn’t met in person before now, but everyone had an uncanny familiarity. My nervousness subsided as I found myself adopting a hybrid of my off-line and my on-line personas. This provided an acceptable feeling of privacy – and detachment. “Cynthia” would never do something like this, but maybe, just maybe “TigerLily” would. Finally, we exhausted our introductions and small talk. The conversation became a little more awkward. Maggie was the only one who wasn’t ignoring the obvious. She was asking David about one of his stories, wanting to know if any of it was true and if some of the more colorful kuşadası escort aspects that she liked also turned him on.

Sharon downed the last of her drink with a flourish and stood up.

“Well, I reserved a room for us. Shall we go upstairs?” She asked.

With some awkward glances, we all mumbled our agreement and rose. When we arrived upstairs we found that Sharon had done well by arranging for us to meet at a “suites hotel.” There was a convenient sitting area and plenty of room to spread out. She had also arranged for, or brought, a selection of wine, cocktail supplies and some snacks.

“I hope this is O.K., I didn’t really know what was appropriate.”

We assured her that everything was fine and dropped off the various contributions we had brought. Most of us immediately moved to the makeshift bar. I wasn’t alone as I gulped half of my drink and refilled the glass. Maggie and David seemed reasonably relaxed, but Sharon and John were pretty nervous. So was I.

Sharon still seemed to be the organizer, but again we were stuck in an awkward pause.

“Uh, I am not really sure what is supposed to happen now.” She said.

I knew that I was going to need something to get me over the hurdle and I surprised myself by speaking up. “Why don’t we all get our papers or whatever so that we aren’t looking around for them later. Then lets break the ice – everyone strip down to your underwear and find a seat.”

No one answered but there were nods around the room and people began rummaging through their bags. Sharon began unbuttoning her blouse. This seemed to be the sign and everyone stripped down to their bras, panties and underwear. This was the first time I had ever been in a group setting that was so obviously sexual. I stared and then embarrassed myself as I caught David’s eye. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Woo Hoo!” called Maggie as John’s pants fell to the floor. He was unsuccessfully trying to hide his semi-erect cock. We all chuckled.

David spoke up, helping avoid yet another awkward moment, “I really like the way ‘Sassygal’ writes. I think Sharon should read first.” She nodded in acquiescence.

We moved the furniture and threw all the pillows and unused cushions on the floor. We positioned ourselves in a “U” shape on the sofas, chairs and on the floor. Sharon moved an ottoman to the front and sat down.

“I brought a draft of a story that I am working on. You might have seen it before. I hope that’s o.k. I posted part of it on Literotica about a year ago, but I wasn’t really happy with it.” She repositioned herself on the ottoman, glanced at her notes then looked up. “Interrupt me if something doesn’t sound right.”

“No,” Said John. “Read it through so that we can hear it the way you intended. Then we can talk about it afterwards.”

It was agreed.

Sharon began reading. Her voice was hesitant at first but grew confident after the first few sentences.

I was sitting on a pile of cushions on the floor, my arms wrapped around my knees. I focused on listening to Sharon. Her story was written in the first person. It was easy to look at her, breasts barely covered by her lace demi-cup bra, and to imagine that she was confessing her own liaison. I let myself be drawn into this fantasy and imagined her laying back, spreading her legs and being taken the way she described. I wasn’t going to be able to offer much of a critique, instead I was rather enjoying myself and was starting to get aroused. I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I pulled myself back into the here and now and looked around. Maggie was off to my left and up on the couch. She was sitting with one foot tucked underneath her and looking over at John and David. No one was doing anything overt, but the two guys were fully erect. The way Maggie was seated, John would have had a clear view of her crotch but right now he seemed to be watching Sharon read. David was also staring at Sharon. He had a detached look that must have been similar to mine of just a few minutes earlier. His erection was straining sideways under the waistband and I could see a wet spot on his briefs.

I lay back on the cushions and let myself float with the alcohol in my system. I don’t have a lot of experience with different guys and I was fascinated with David’s erection. I stared into his lap. I listened to Sharon read and imagined that her character was I and that it was his penis that I was stroking back to life. He reached down to adjust his erection and I felt my pussy quiver.

I slid down on my cushions, lay back a bit further and slid one leg up the other to partially expose my panty-covered pussy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw John look toward me and a tingle ran through me. I continued to stare at David’s lap and I slid my hand down over my panties and began to lightly trace my sex with a finger. I didn’t look, but I knew that John was watching me. I wanted that.

I kept my eyes fixed and slipped my hand under the waistband of my panties. Sharon read, recounting the sensations as her lover went down on her. I touched my fingertip to my opening and spread the wetness along my slit and over my clit. It was already hard and a shiver ran up my spine. John was still staring at me and I saw Maggie turn so that she was looking in my direction. Knowing that they were watching me turned me on. I cupped my hand so that I could rub circles around my clit, excited by the knowledge that I was being even more obvious.

David looked over at me. I tried not to meet his gaze and continued to keep my eyes on his erection. He smiled and gave his penis a squeeze through his underwear. He slowly rubbed himself as he watched me.

That was the encouragement that I needed to loose the few inhibitions that I had left. I closed my eyes; lay my head back and let my legs fall open. My nipples were on end and I could feel my areola contracted into tight little knots beneath the cup of my bra. I inserted a finger inside myself and began pumping it in and out. It was an electric feeling knowing that I was surrounded and being watched. I was turning them on – it was doubly exciting. I felt my orgasm building and began rocking my hips to grind my clit into the palm of my hand.

Sharon stopped reading and there was silence. Knowing I was the center of attention threw me over the edge. I let out a little high-pitched cry and thrust several fingers inside myself. I opened my eyes. I glanced from person to person, looking them directly in the eyes as my orgasm passed through me. I stared into Sharon’s eyes as my thighs clamped around my hand and my orgasm peaked. I closed my eyes again and stroked slowly as my body gave its final shudders.

I heard Sharon speak in a raspy voice. “I am quite certain that is the most positive feedback one of my stories has ever received.” This produced several chuckles. “Thank you.” She said.

I opened my eyes, sure that I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. But what I saw was a collection of kind smiles looking in my direction – and a goodly amount of arousal in everyone’s eyes. Maggie was playing with her nipple. David was still idly stroking himself through his underwear.

“You were beautiful.” Said David.

Sharon spoke again, “I think I would prefer to stop right where I am. I only have another page anyway. Would someone else like to take a turn reading?”

John produced an awkward expression and began trying to rearrange his shorts. None of the guys appeared eager to stand up. Maggie rose from the sofa. She lightly touched the hand that I had resting on my shoulder. “Thanks Cynthia,” she said quietly as she walked past.

“Lets dispense with the critique for now.” Then she winked at me, “The boys didn’t seem to be taking too many notes either.”

Maggie stood next to the ottoman and flipped through her papers. She read silently for a moment then flipped back a page, having apparently found her starting point. She looked up, hesitated, then reached for the clasp on her bra. She said, “I suppose this is alright? Does anyone mind?”

Her aroused nipples sat high on her breasts. She remained standing and started to read.

She read well and strongly. It was a voyeuristic story about watching a friend with her boyfriend at a party. Most everyone relaxed and continued to idly touch himself as Maggie began her story. I was still coming down from my orgasm and simply watched and listened. Maggie went to great lengths to develop her characters and to set the scene for the story. She had done a wonderful job and I enjoyed envisioning the rich environment she created.

Maggie’s voice became subdued and lost some of its intonation as the story became more heated and her main character became aroused. She began a long descriptive passage about watching the couple’s lovemaking. As she did so, she slid her free hand down her belly and into to her underwear. She looked up over the top of the page to glance around the room.

“I write what turns me on.” She apologized, by way of explanation. She then continued to read and began to masturbate herself.

David stared at Maggie. He hooked his thumbs under his waistband and pulled his underwear down onto his hips to completely expose himself. He used his fingertips to spread pre-cum around the head and along the underside of his penis, then began to stroke himself. I had never really seen a guy masturbate before. The closest had been when guys occasionally touched themselves when we made love. This was exciting and different.

Maggie looked up, saw David and smiled. She put one knee up on the ottoman and slid her hand deeper into her panties. She was frigging herself with a finger and unabashedly thrusting her hips in sync with her finger’s motion. She continued to glance up at David as she read. They smiled at each other –

Her speech grew less fluid and her breathing more ragged. Maggie was getting close to cumming and was withdrawing into her own space. She stared down at the page. This turned me on more than anything. I almost felt that I was experiencing her orgasm with her. Finally, she leaned forward and drew her knees together. She pumped her fingers into herself more quickly, drew in a deep breath and shuddered as she came. Her cheeks and breasts flushed crimson. I had to give her credit – she kept reading and her voice only faltered for a few moments.

David came only seconds after Maggie. As she shuddered, he pressed one hand into the sofa and raised his hips. His hand moved more rapidly up and down his shaft. His eyes closed and the muscles in his thighs bulged as he made a final thrust and began to cum. A large spurt of semen shot over his arm and landed on the sofa next to his shoulder. A second landed on his stomach and for the next three or four seconds a small rivulet of semen pulsated out of his cock and ran over his fist.

He continued to stroke himself with tiny jerks until he collapsed back into the sofa. I watch the wave of relaxation travel through his body. He opened his eyes and grinned at Maggie. She grinned back, and made an exaggerated show of licking her lips and blowing a kiss to him. David reached down and began pumping his subsiding erection with his left hand. Then he did something that took me completely by surprise. With his right hand he collected the glob of semen on his belly and brought it to his mouth where he let it roll onto his tongue – he then blew a kiss in return.

I was fascinated. It was so erotic. I had never seen two people come like that. It wasn’t at all like the porno flicks I had watched or even my own fumbling as I jerked off my old boyfriends. Normally, I loose my physical drive for good after I have a strong orgasm but the sights before me were getting me aroused once again. This was good, I would have otherwise been to embarrassed.

Maggie had been only partway through her story when she came. She was now recovering her composure as she read what remained. She sat down on the ottoman and used her free hand to brush the hair away from her face.

John was openly touching himself now and looked like he was in trouble. Sharon was being more subdued. She was sitting on the sofa with her leg tucked underneath her. She had pulled her heel up into her crotch and was rhythmically humping her sex against her foot.

John was in trouble. Maggie had only been reading another minute or two, when he tensed up and a flow of semen began to trickle over his fist and pool on his briefs. He gradually slowed the pace of his stroking and sank back into the chair. He continued to stroke himself as his breathing returned to normal and his erection subsided.

Maggie finally finished her story. “…The End!”

“What did you think?” Then, “…I guess we got kind of distracted, huh?”

“Maybe a little.” I smiled.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look like anyone minded a whole lot.”

“No. I don’t think so.” I looked around and motioned toward the guys. “I don’t think these two are going to put up a fight.”


“Hey, No harassment! You shouldn’t pick on a guy at a moment like this – it’s not fair.” John was pushing his soiled briefs down his legs and doing his best to clean up.

Sharon laughed. “You are right…we should have provided Kleenex.”

“Very funny.”

“Get freshened up everyone and then take a seat again. We need to give Maggie and Sharon some feedback on their stories.” I said.

“AND then it is the guy’s turn to read. You all haven’t given me a chance to ‘appreciate’ listening!” called Sharon.

I was pleased. Round Two promised to be as interesting as the first.

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