A Vacation To Remember


It was a cruise vacation to remember. My wife Jill and I had been married for a couple of years and were deeply in love. We had decided to take our second cruise to the Caribbean. Our previous cruises had been fun and we were looking forward to this one.

We had prepared in advance for this one by hitting the tanning bed, as we had plans of hitting the beaches at each stop. Jill is a beautiful blonde with a figure to match. She was very proud of her all over tan as was I. Her 36 D tits were perfectly pert and tan and she looked great in the hot lime thong she bought for the occasion. She would model it for me, but, said she wouldn’t wear it around anyone we knew. It was very revealing and covered very little.

We had hit several ports on the way, but, the most memorable was our last, St. Martin. We laid anchor and took a dingy in to shore on the Dutch side. After some quick shopping we decided to hit the beach. Finding none to our taste close by, we hailed a cab and asked where a nice beach was located. The cabby said “All the nice ones are on the French side. “Jill said, not knowing, “Sure, lets go.” I just smiled and said “Take us to a nice one.” I knew full well that the beaches on the French side were mostly topless or nude.

We arrived and got out as I paid the cabby. He winked at me and smiled. I knew what he was telling me. It was a clothing optional beach. Jill, still not knowing, commented on how beautiful the beach was. As we got closer, she saw the sign, Warning, Clothing Optional Beach.

She turned to me and said, “No way, I’m not going there”

After some coaxing I told her that it was, as it said, clothing optional, and that she did not have to get nude. Finally she agreed, if I promised to leave if she asked. We went down to the beach and walked along looking for a good spot. We passed several people in different stages of dress. When she saw her first nude guy, she turned and said, “I can’t believe this, how can they do that?” A really huge nude couple ran by us and jumped in the water. They probably weighed 500 lbs. between them. Jill’s mouth dropped about four inches. She just shook her head and said, “I can’t believe we are doing this”

We found a fairly open piece of beach and settled down. The beach itself was really beautiful and the water crystal clear. I laid out our beach blanket and put everything down. Jill pulled off her sundress to reveal that hot body with her tiny thong suit underneath. She glared at me and said, “That’s all that coming off, don’t even ask.” I left my trunks on also, not wanting to blow things. We oiled up ısparta escort a little and settled down on our towel. There were several young couples somewhat near us and a couple of them were totally nude. Both of us just sat there in amazement as they walked by.

Then, a nice looking young couple walked up beside us and set up right beside us. They looked to be about our age, but, were talking Dutch I think. The girl then pulled off her sundress and revealed a gorgeous body up close and personal. She was stunning. They were like the perfect Barbie and Ken. The guy then pulled down his shorts, within about three feet of Jill.

His dick popped out and I noticed Jill jump just a little. Hell, I even had to look, they both were amazingly perfect. He wasn’t quite as big as me, but, had an ample tool to be sure. We both couldn’t help but stare as they oiled each other down. Jill then said, “Let’s get in the water.”

I agreed, and off we went. Once in the water, Jill said “My God, they are nice.” I said “See, I knew you would like it here.” Then she quickly said “Don’t think I’m going to do that”

“I just couldn’t”

After a short romp in the water we returned to our spot. As we walked back, I noticed Jill’s nipples busting to get out of her top. They were hard as a rock and very visible. She still was the best looking woman on the beach to me. When we got back to our blanket, our fantasy couple was sitting up, and he said in broken English “Hello, how was the water?” I said, it was great and smiled as we sat down. He then said that his name was Henri(with a silent H) and introduced his girlfriend as Helena (also with a silent H). Their English was pretty good, but, with a thick accent that drove us wild.

She called me Yimmy (my name is Jimmy), but, just the way she said it gave me a hard on. Her being beautiful and nude didn’t hurt either. Jill didn’t have any trouble talking to Henri either. We all talked and joked for a good while. Henri said that he was part of the crew on our ship and that Helena worked in the galley. Helena complimented Jill on her hair and nails and they chit chatted about that stuff for a while. Then Helena asked Jill if she wanted to go with her to get some drinks and use the restroom. They left and Henri and I talked about the sea and stuff. He was a very interesting guy and knew a lot.

Soon the ladies returned and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jill was handing me a drink and she was totally nude. I thought she maybe would take her top off after a while, but, never nude. My eyes widened in amazement. She was a kastamonu escort goddess against the beautiful beach in the background. Her nipples hard and pert. Her pussy lips, puffy with just a hint of hair around them.

She just looked at me and smiled as she said, “Well, when in Rome”

I don’t think I said anything for a moment, as all I could do was stare. She told me that Helena had talked her into taking off her suit at the bar where they got the drinks. “I was so embarrassed at first,” she said. “Helena made me feel comfortable with it, and I got some great compliments from the bartender,” she boasted. “I think I really like this, do you?” I could tell she was turned on by her nudity, not to mention how much I was. Then Helena appeared in front of me. “Yimmy, won’t you join us, you are going to tear your pants.” I just looked at her as she nodded down at my swimsuit. I had a huge hardon that had raised my trunks straight up.

“Help him Helena,” Jill said “I think his brain has gone numb.”

Then Helena kneeled in front of me and grabbed my trunks and slid them down. I popped out with a spring as she pulled them off. “Yimmy, you are a big one aren’t you?” she said, laughing she then returned beside Henri.

There may have been other people close by, but, suddenly there were only four people in my world. Jill asked Helena if she could use her oil, as hers was empty. Helena said sure and handed it to her. Jill really worked it good as she oiled her breasts and down her stomach to her pussy. Helena said, be sure to give some to Yimmy as his periscope was sure to burn. Jill surprised the hell out of me when she said “I’m sure he would love for you to do that” and handed the bottle back to Helena. I about shit when Helena said “I’d love too” and got up and came over. She pushed me down on my back and straddled me just below my fully erect dick.

“Yimmy, just relax.” Then she squirted oil on my chest and down my stomach. As she leaned forward to oil me, her pussy pressed tight against my dick. She rubbed my chest as her pussy massaged my dick, rocking back and forth. Jill just looked at me and smiled as she said, “Now this is what vacation is all about Hon.”

As Helena worked her magic, I looked back at Jill and said” I’ll bet Henri needs oiling by now.

She looked at Henri and he said “It would please me very much Jill, please do.”

Not needing to be asked twice she mounted him as Helena had done me. She took the oil and poured it on him. I noticed her eyes close as her pussy touched his dick, which had risen to the kayseri escort occasion. Her hands slowly oiled his chest, as she slowly leaned into him.

We passed the oil back and forth as Helena poured some in her hands and then placed them around my dick. The warm oil covered my dick as her hand gently worked the shaft. I looked over at Jill and she was doing the same to Henri. Here was my shy wife, not only nude in public, but, with a strangers dick in her hands. I can’t tell you how much that turned me on.

I looked at her and said “Well, when in Rome.” She just smiled and continued.

Then Henri grabbed the oil and poured some in his hands and passed it to me. He then cupped Jill’s breasts and worked the oil all around. I could tell she was having an orgasm right then. I did the same to Helena and she rubbed tighter against my dick and moaned “OhYimmy, Oh Yimmy”

God I loved that accent. I looked back at Jill and she had poured more oil down her stomach and leaned over on Henri and was massaging his chest with her breasts. Helena grabbed the oil and poured the last drop on her and did the same to me. Her firm tan breasts and hard nipples rolled over me. Her head came closer to mine and she kissed me deeply as she pressed tightly against me. I blew my load between us right then. I know she did too as she crashed against me. We all kind of fell to the side after that and all of us just laid there enjoying the feeling of the ocean breeze against our spent bodies.

When we all got up, I looked around to see who may be looking. We all had come as close to fucking right there as you can come. All I saw was an old guy and his wife fairly close. He just smiled and clapped his hands. His wife punched him in the arm and we all laughed. We all ran to the water and played for a while. Jill embraced me and kissed me deeply. She said, “this is the best beach I have ever been to, don’t you agree?” I smiled and pressed tight against her. She grabbed my dick with her hand and pressed it to her pussy. We were in water just below our waist with very small waves crashing against us. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but, I lifted her up and lowered her on my now hard again dick.

She began to hunch back and forth on me as it was all I could do to stand up. Seeing what we were doing, Henri and Helena came closer and did the same. Helena reached over and placed her mouth between ours and kissed me as I fucked my wife. Henri and Jill were doing the same. We were all fucking madly when I felt the water empty out beneath me. The next thing I saw was the biggest wave of the day crashing over all of us. We all were washed to shore in a heap. That kinda killed the mood for the moment.

We were running out of time and had to get back to the ship. We all shared a cab and got together later that night for some real fun. That’s another story.

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