It Started with a NO Pt. 03



I was awakened by someone ringing the front doorbell. It was Saturday afternoon. Carl got out of bed and put on a bathrobe as he swore under his breath.

“Get your clothes on just in case it’s one of my neighbors.”

“I’m coming damn it.” He yelled as the doorbell continued to ring.

He waited for me to get to the living room to find my clothes from Thursday night. I went to the guest bedroom and got dressed.

Carl opened the door and was shocked to see who was leaning on the doorbell. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He gave the man a hug and whispered in the guy’s ear, “You’re supposed to call first.” Still holding him close he saw another person about a yard behind the guy and said, “Let’s all get inside before my neighbors freak out.”

I walked out of the living room and said, “Dad what the hell are you doing here?” I saw the guy standing behind Carl and asked, “Who’s this kid?”

“I’m no kid,” the man said. “My name is Nick. I’m twenty-two years old and a good friend to Richard, your dad. We like each other.”

My dad looked at Carl in his robe then me and asked, “You two get all caught up last night?” He reach for Carl’s robe to get at his balls.

“Dad what are you doing here and why? Where’s mom and what is Nick to you? A long-lost son?” I looked at Nick dressed in white tennis shorts and a white V-neck cotton shirt. I saw a beautiful face with sexy brown eyes and soft pink lips. A slender girlish body with great looking tanned legs. Nike blushed when he noticed me scanning his body. I began to get hard.

“Your mother had to go to Virgina to care for her sick sister,” Richard said. “Nick is just a friend of mine from work.” He put his arm around him and pulled him close. “We just wanted to get out of town and see you and mom’s brother.” He smiled at me then Carl.

“You guys want something to eat? A drink? Coffee?” Carl walked to the kitchen followed by Richard.

“You break him in?” Richard asked, nodding his head towards me. “Don’t fuss, just coffee.” He rubbed his hand on Carl’s ass through the robe.

“He’s had a few guys before me,” Carl said. “Gives a great blow job. Just like you.” He reached for the coffee maker and got a pot going. “What’s with Nike?” He kissed Richard on his lips and then got the milk and coffee cups.

“A gift for Bruce so you and I can hit it up, I’m off until next Monday. Nike goes back to work on Tuesday.”

“I think you should take a test drive with Bruce, after all daddy son bonding is great stuff,” Carl said. “I can handle Nike like you said.”

I could hear talking in the kitchen but couldn’t understand what they were saying. Nike leaned close to me and said, “They’re talking about you and Carl and what went on here the last few days.”

I blushed and asked, “Does Richard think I’m gay?” I took his hand in mine and walked him to the couch in the living room and sat down close to one another.

“If you work at that 55 plus complex you are.” Nike kissed my cheek. “So am I. I love your daddy’s cock, so will you. He calls me Bruce sometimes. He’s been into you since bursa eskort you were twelve.” He began to rub the inside of my thigh.

I leaned in and gave him another wet kiss on his lips but pulled away from him and asked, “How long have you and my father been fucking and sucking?” I could see the outline of his cock through his white shorts and rubbed it as it grew harder.

“Over four years,” Nike said. “Right after your mom shut him off. Sexually. He gives great head.” He put his hand behind my head and pulled me into a hot, passionate French kiss.

We started making out and, in a few minutes, we were both just in our underpants and each with a raging hardon. With my back facing the kitchen I felt wet kisses on my back and someone feeling my right thigh.

I turned away from Nick to see if Carl was playing but saw my father. “Dad…” He was dressed only with a solid seven-inch cock and a beautiful pair of hairless balls.

“Come with me, Bruce, Carl will take care of Nick.”

I couldn’t say no. I wanted to get close to dad. I wanted to give him what he had wanted since I was twelve if what Nick said was true. I don’t remember passing through the house but did find myself on a queen-sized bed. My father pulled off my underwear and placed his lips on the head of my cock. His tongue playing with it as his two hands found my nipples making them hard and very suck able which he did before kissing me in a not so fatherly way.

He whispered in my ear as he played with my hard cock, not jerking it, just rubbing it gently with the palm of his hand and saying, “Why fuck orhangazi escort those guys at that complex? You could have been with your father all that time. I’m in love with you.”

I turned into him and pushed him onto his back and before he could say another word, I had his cock in my mouth and moved up and down on it like a piston of a car engine. I heard him call my name as I lapped at the head of the cock that shot a load of cum into my mothers cunt to make me. I played with his piss hole while I put a finger into his anus and finger fucked daddy until he shot off into my cocksucker mouth. I loved the taste and swallowed it all.

“Oh Bruce. Oh Honey.” Dad said kissing me. I could only smile as tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. “Let me do you. Let me suck you off like you did me.”

“No. No father,” I said, I want to feel your cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck me like your daughter and not your son. I want you to fill me with your seed as if I was your wife. Give me a baby. Please fuck me daddy.”

Richard, my pop, was gentle. He ate my pussy and lubed his shaft and pushed the head in and slowly filled my love canal with his tool. We fucked for what seemed to be hours as we kissed and told of our love for each other. He came and he came in my gut. I loved how it felt, the hot liquid flowing in my body, the sperm swimming to find an egg, but not one to be found.

“Richard that was the best fuck ever,” I said. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you, my daughter. I want to be yours forever if you’ll have me.”

“What about mom? Does she know about you and what you want?”

“That’s why I’m here,” Dad said. “We need to go someplace more quite. Nick has his car. We can go to your place and talk.” He leaned into me and we kissed and hugged.

After showers we left Uncle Carl and Nick and drove to the apartment complex where I work.

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