Sara’s Wishlist


“That’s got to be him” I thought as the man walked past our house one way, crossed the road, came back and passed by walking in the opposite direction. I couldn’t tell for certain because his profile hadn’t included a face photo. He had said that he was 44 with light hair. I judged him to be older but maybe because his hair was receding a little.

I pulled aside the net curtain and waved, attracting his attention straight away. He smiled in recognition as I motioned him to go around the back of the house. I waked through to my annexe and opened the door to the rear.

Now, I should take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Sara. I am 19, quite tall, slim, brunette (and my hair is long, down to the bottom of my shoulder blades). I’m cute and I know it! I inherited Mummy’s deep brown eyes and cheekbones and Daddy’s cheeky smile. Good looks let you get away with lots of things!

I’m presently in my second year at University studying English and up until I left home for student digs I lived with my parents in a lovely, leafy Sussex village, not far from the South Coast of England.

Since then there have been some drastic upheavals. Daddy and Mummy both work as Directors for a very large and profitable company. They are both very good, and both extremely successful. As an only child I’ve been spoiled rotten. I realize now hat a few of you are wanting to see me taken down a peg or two. I will live with that.

During the last term of my first year at University my parents moved with their jobs. No just down the street either, two hundred and twenty miles North to the furthest edge of North Nottinghamshire (as an aside this rankles me as much as anything. I can’t even say we have a country pile in Yorkshire as Yorkshire starts an agonizing mile and a half up the road!)

Which means, as I write, I’m away from all my childhood friends, everyone I know (Mummy and Daddy notwithstanding) and the place I loved and that I called home.

OK Let’s not pretend I’m hard done by here. The Spoilt Sara pout still works to an extent. I have my own annexe on Mummy and Daddy’s house up here. Self contained with my own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge/TV room. OK, all but the bathroom is one big room but you get the picture I’m sure. No I haven’t got a utility room as I don’t intend to be doing any of my own washing, drying or any of that domestic stuff.

However it wasn’t all roses on arrival, as I landed on the tarmac of Northern England (yes I flew up from Bournemouth, sod an endless train journey sat next to people with body odour). Daddy wasn’t best pleased that I’d managed to spend my student loans, my allowance, maxed out my credit cards and exceeded my overdraft limit.

As a result I faced a bleak Summer in a place I didn’t know and already hated, with no allowance … unless … I took a job!

Anyway, back to the chap at my door.

Let’s call him “C” shall we? I’m not about to reveal his name on here even if it isn’t his real one. He was tall. I’m 5’9″ and he was taller than me. He stepped inside. “Wow you are tall, should I put some heels on?” I quipped.

“No it’s OK I like you as you are, ” he replied. That meant barefoot and in a peach, matching vest and shorts outfit with my hair down. He wore jeans, a black t-shirt and sneakers, probably Vans.

I motioned him to sit on the sofa. “First things first,” I said, climbing onto the sofa, my knees astride his legs and my hands on his shoulders. I leaned in and kissed him, my mouth open and over his.

He responded when I licked inside his lips with my tongue, letting his tongue find mine as I pursed my lips and snogged his obviously willing mouth. I pulled away after a while and sat up before removing myself from the sofa and onto the bed where I sat, cross legged.

“That was a thank you for my book,” I explained. “Would you like a drink? I have coke, water and …erm.. diet coke I think in my little fridge.”

“Any beer?”

“No not here and I don’t really want to go raiding my Dad’s stash as he’s bound to eskişehir escort notice.”

“I’m OK then, nothing for me”

“The book is for my second year of my course at Uni”

“I guessed from what you said”

“Erm OK that’s thanks for that and I’m sure you have an idea of what you want to do, yeah?”

“What do you think I want to do, Sara?”

I laughed, “Let’s not play games, be straight with me, OK C?”

He laughed slightly nervously, “OK Sara, I would like to fuck you.”

I can hear some of you thinking now that yes, Sara has taken to escorting blah blah blah but no. My idea for a job is a little different. Trading is what adequately describes it.

I got he idea from moping over my wishlist on a well-known shopping site online. I amused myself by adding things that I knew I could never afford, spending not existing wages for a job I would never have.

What got me thinking was the question on the site, “Would you like to make your wishlist public?”

“Damn right, and if anyone wants to buy me anything they can.” Then I thought about some of the more, erm … specialist items on there. Things of a rather sexual nature. Look, I’m a 19 year old girl. I’m not a virgin. I have desires and urges.

Let’s be honest I have lots of them. I enjoy sex with a man. At this moment in time here isn’t one man who’s doing it for me and the chances of meeting one in this hell hole are non existent.

“Click click went the cogs in Sneaky Sara’s head. I plunged into the online world of free-to-join contact sites. Some cheeky photos in nice underwear went on my profile along with my vital statistics and this description,

“Hi I’m Sara, a princess locked in a castle in North Notts. Noble Knights aged between 35 and 49 are invited to unlock my chamber and release me through my wishlist. Talk to me for a link and let’s see how far you can delve into Sara’s kingdom of pleasure.”

Cheesy doesn’t do it justice I know. The age target was my attempt at sorting out guys who would have the disposable income, and be looking for a no-strings arrangement, not a relationship.

OK, we’ll go back to C, who by now was waiting for me to respond.

I stroked my chin, “O-o-okayyyy, that’s good because I’d like you to fuck me, C.” I paused a few seconds, “but I’d also like to tick some more items off my wishlist.”

“I bought you the book!” He replied, sounding a little hurt.

“Look, it’s a very nice book, expensive for what it is, but it’s a book all the same. One book, which to me says, ‘I get to sit on Sara’s sofa and watch while Sara gets herself off on the bed,’ doesn’t it?” I rubbed the front of my shorts to demonstrate.

“So do I get to join in?”

“That depends on what gets ticked off my wishlist in the next few minutes. Think of it like I’m a Princess and you have to unlock the castle gates and doors to get to my chamber”

I could go on about the negotiation but it’s a bit boring. We both knew that he was going to get his phone out, call up my wishlist and sit waiting for me to instruct him.

“OK so what are we talking about?” he asked.

I got off the bed and moved over to sit on his knee, first stroking his visible erection through his trousers then wiping my finger down his screen until I found what I was looking for.

“This, and…” I wiped down a bit further, “this. Yes, that should unlock things nicely.” I quipped.

He checked the sum total. “Bloody hell, how much? Is that all?” he said, sarcastically.

“Nope, you can add one other thing but it’s your choice of what. A little present for your Princess.”

“You are joking, right?”

“No, no deadly serious, C. What you choose tells me about what kind of person you are and Princesses respond well to kindness and generosity.”

He exhaled deeply, sighing as he looked down the long list and back up again, finally deciding on something and making the required clicks. Sassy Sara had done the trick!

I extracted myself again and picked up gaziantep escort my own phone as the email notification pinged. “Ooooh, very nice, C. A very wise choice indeed!”

“I hope you are worth it. Does that mean your doors are unlocked?”

“Wide open and flapping in the wind, C. “

I put my phone down and stood in front of him, then knelt again on his thighs, the tops of my feet on his knees. As I perched on his lap, my hands undid his belt as I kissed him. I followed up, undoing his jeans’ fly buttons. I reached inside, stroking his erect cock through his briefs.

He tugged at my vest, making it ride up my tummy and back. I sat up and lifted my arms, letting him pull it over my head. It wasn’t a graceful motion as he tried uncoupling my bra strap at the same time and almost had me lose my balance.

I reached back myself and undid my white bra, letting him pull that off with my top. His eyes widened, transfixed on my boobs. He moved his head down and took my left nipple in his mouth, licking his tongue over it and sucking it.

“So firm, Sara,” he whispered. “So young, C, so young!” I replied, winking in full-on Sassy Sara mode.

“Mmmmm” I purred, then “Oww!” sticking out my bottom lip in mock indignation as he bit my nipple.

“You deserved that, teaser!”

“I guess I did,” I sighed, “You want me to get over your knee so you can spank my bum?”

“No, I’m not really into that.”

“Shame, you’d best do the same to the other one, then.” I said, proffering up my right nipple that he eagerly sucked then bit.

“Ooooh yeah!” I sighed as he released his teeth. I bent down to kiss him again. I continued to stroke his cock through his briefs, grasping it occasionally to gasps of delight from him. We carried on snogging and stroking interspersed by him fondling and sucking my boobs before I broke off and climbed on the bed, laying down and tucking my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts.

“You want to do the honors, C?”

He almost dived on, grabbing my shorts and white thong, whisking them off me in one rapid motion. He knelt, stroking a finger down my thin pubic stripe. He pulled off his sneakers, socks and jeans but curiously left his black briefs on, his erection prominently bulging at the front.

” Make me cum please, C” I requested huskily. Sultry Sara was in play now!

He lay so that his head was between my thighs, parted my labia with his fingers and started lapping at me like a Labrador at a water bowl. I did hope this wasn’t his ‘A’ game. Thankfully his tongue crept up to my clit and started circling it.

“Nnnnnnn oh yeaaahhh use your fingers, C”

He got the message and inserted first one then two fingers inside me smoothly and started to finger-fuck me slowly still licking my clit.

“Nnnnnnggg yeah oh yeah faster C, faster please oh yeah wow that’s great nnnnngggggg yeah oooh ahhh nnnggg.”

I reached my first crescendo quickly. I love it when that happens. I always feel supercharged when I’ve gone over the edge.

“Oh yeah oh yeah C, you’ve got my pussy so wet, babe. Get on your back and let me give you some oral.”

As Sultry-Sara-speak it wasn’t my best but heyho, it had the required effect and he lay down, letting me pull his briefs down slowly as his cock sprung out, erect and proud. It wasn’t massive but it certainly wasn’t small and he was uncircumcised and thankfully clean. No manscaping, though. His light, full pubic growth told me that.

I stroked his cock gently at first, peeling his foreskin back over the tip and forward again. When I pulled it back again I lowered my head and licked the tip. He groaned.

I slid my lips over the tip and half way down descending slowly then ascending equally slowly. After several repetitions to appreciative groans I slid right down until my lips were buried in his pubes.

“Wow, talented girl!” he enthused.

I ascended quickly before wanking him a little. “Just scratching the surface of my talents, C. You’ll be amazed at what doors giresun escort that wishlist unlocks!”

I bent and pursed my lips around his cock again, descending and ascending its full length as he groaned and shuddered.

“God, Sara you’ve… you’ve almost got me cumming already!”

I quickened my pace; grinning to myself as best I could with his hard cock between my lips.

“Let me fuck you Sara, please let me fuck you!”

I slowed and rose off his cock as he gasped to regain his composure and his breath.

I smiled and kissed him gently then leaned over to the bedside drawer to my right. I took out a condom.

“Do we have to..”

“Sshhhh!” I cut him short, “Don’t even go there. Don’t even mention the b word not for the whole wishlist. That door does not open!”

He nodded and I popped the condom onto my tongue bent down and rolled it onto his erection. He made a move to get up but I pushed him back.

I knelt astride his pelvis and held his cock gently, guiding it into my pussy as I lowered myself slowly.

“Now tell me that’s not a vivid shade of awesome, C”

“Oh wow that’s amazing! You’re amazing Sara, really you are!”

I rocked and rose slowly, lowering myself afterwards, never letting him fall out but making sure that the tip of his cock met my pussy lips every time.

I moved myself so that I could get my feet flat with my hands on his chest, still lowering and raising myself slowly as he pawed and stroked my boobs, pinching and rolling my nipples in his fingers.

“Faster please Sara!”

I shook my head slowly and continued my ever-so-slow ascent and descent of his rock hard cock. He continued to groan and beg me to speed up. I was enjoying keeping him in delicious torment.

Finally it got too much. He sat up, grabbing my upper arms and forced me up, then down onto my back, parting my thighs with his knee.

“I’ll show you what a fucking is you little prick teaser!”

He pinned me down then reached and raised my legs up before entering me quickly and with a huge thrust. Now it was my turn to gasp as he pulled out then straight in me again, my legs draped over his shoulders. He began a hard, fast rhythm, fucking me deep stick as my breath got short and I panted reaching another crescendo as his cock pounded my pussy, and sweat from his brow dripped onto me.

I knew what was coming.

My feet and toes point when I’m reaching climax. My hands gripped at the bed sheet. Scratching the hell out of C’s back wasn’t an option I decided lucidly, before I let go.

“Nnnng oh fuck, fuck fuck! Fuck me yessssss fuck my fucking cunt!”

At this stage, Sassy Sara is nowhere to be seen and Sultry Sara has beaten a hasty retreat too, leaving Sweary Sara (aka Little Miss Potty Mouth) to take up the baton.

“Fuck yeah! Fucking hell yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my filthy fucking cunt! Nnnngggg yeahh fucking hell yeah, fuck my slutty, teasing cunt!”

My wave of pleasure lasted for only a few minutes as C was so worked up he came very quickly. Intense barely describes it. Both of us were shouting and groaning as he thrust so hard the ceiling blurred above me, twice, three times, four, then… “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!.

He came.

He withdrew slowly and sagged onto his back, literally gasping for air. I snuggled down beside him and carefully slid the condom off his wilting cock tying the end and tossing it in the general direction of my bin. I’d pick it up later, I decided.

I stroked his cock, milking it then bent down and took it in my mouth, licking and sucking the tip and down its length.

“God that feels good, Sara.”

“I should hope it does, ” I said, before resuming my oral cleaning of his cock. I snuggled in to his side again and we lay a while. I gently stroked his cock and nuzzled at his neck then onto his lips. We lay, kissing softly, dozing. Our hands stroked each other gently for a several minutes before I stirred and sat up.

“You want to take a shower before you go?”

“Any chance of seconds?”

“I’m afraid not, C.”

“Join me in the shower, Sara?”

“No, I’ll have my shower later. I’ll get off again first reliving our little game.”

He laughed at that.

“You are something else aren’t you?”

“Nah… I’m just Sara.”


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