Student Teacher Conference


Dr. S

I go to school at a catholic university so as curriculum requires I had to take religion classes to get my degree. I had taken a break from college for a couple of years, but previously all the professors who taught the religion classes were old men and nuns. So I was not very excited to take my class, I walked into the class room the first day and there stood a tall voluptuous beautiful woman.

She was almost six feet tall with a curvy voluptuous body, long brunette hair, piercing blue eyes, and from what I could see big round firm tits. From day one I was memorized. So naturally I took interest in the class and did my best to be able to participate in the discussions. Now is when I should tell you that I grew up in a very Christian home so my knowledge about the bible is more than most college sophomore’s. This helped in class quite a bit, about a quarter into the class we she asked us to do a biography about ourselves nothing too long about two pages. This is when I carefully divulged that I was a lesbian. Obviously I had ulterior motives, but I figured that nothing would come of it and I would just be stuck fantasizing and masturbating about Dr. S.

Fall came and the hot weather subsided and it began to get quite chilly out so I figured no more skirts and low cut shirts would be worn by Dr. S, I was wrong. To save money the school does not really turn on the heat till about December, the first morning it was really cold out Dr. S came into class with a shorter skirt than usual and a white low cut shirt, with it being rather chilly in the class room I could see her hard nipples protruding through her shirt. I was instantly wet, my eyes never left her the whole lecture. After class that morning I made up some stupid excuse to talk to her in her office. I really just wanted some alone time to talk to her and possibly sniff out some curiosity that might possibly be present. So we went to her office, I asked some questions about an assignment and then we talked about ourselves sharing some personal information. At the end of our casual conversation she asked if I would be interested in tutoring another student that was doing poorly in the class. I said of course. I would anything to please Dr. S. I wanted some way into her into her intimate world and I figured tutoring another student couldn’t hurt. She said she would set up a time and since I live next to the dorms in a house they could just come to my house and the setting would be more comfortable.

Dr. S had set up the time and the student was supposed to come over at about 8pm I thought that was a bit late but I don’t usually go to bed till 11:00 so I told her that that was not big deal for me. So Thursday tekirdağ escort of that week came I had gone through the current lesson so I was prepared to help out in any way I could. The doorbell rang at about five after 8:00 and Dr. S was standing there when I opened the door. She had on tight fitting running shorts and an exercise type v cut shirt that was light pink. Much different from what she wore to class but just as revealing. I was instantly turned on. Naturally I offered for her to come in, I was a lot surprised but I was not going to complain at that moment.

I told her to make herself comfortable and asked if she wanted anything to drink I mentioned something about having mostly beer and Dr. S said she would love a beer. So I came out of the kitchen with two beers and sat on the couch next to her and asked why she came over instead of the student I was supposed to tutor. Dr. S. said she had set up the appointment with the student but at the last moment the student had e-mailed her and said that they couldn’t make it. Since her house was on the way by she figured she would just stop by and tell me in person. Just to make conversation I asked her how she ended up teaching the religion class.

She said that she was a philosophy professor and that she had to teach this religion course because of a cut back on professors, and because I seemed to have quite a bit of knowledge about the bible she wanted to ask me some questions. I said sure why not I, was willing to answer any question she asked. I was hoping for the conversation to turn more to the personal side but she was all business with her questions.

So after about a six pack of beer each and lots of answering questions about the bible (not how I had imagined spending the evening). She finally started to ask personal questions the first of which was do you have a girlfriend? I didn’t at the time so I said no. Casually Dr. S replied I am not with anyone either. I didn’t think anything of it women often discuss these things with each other without being sexually attracted.

She then said something that completely shocked the shit out of me. She said that this was her first year teaching and that because she was busy she didn’t have time to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. I said oh, I didn’t think that you were interested in women. Dr. S replied well I have never actually been with a woman, and I have had pretty bad luck with men so my curiosity has been growing. Sorry to hear that I said, I never thought that would be a problem for you; you are a knock out as far as I am concerned.

Thank you she replied, while setting her beer on the coffee table she leaned over toward me and kissed me softly on the lips. I think she surprised herself a little bit because she looked at her watch and said I should go it’s late. Before she had a chance to get up I grabbed her and kissed her back, I waited for a reaction and she just froze. Then I said Dr. S I have wanted to do that all semester, and I pulled her in toward me again giving her a deep, passionate kiss. Dr. S did not pull away, she melted into my arms and we kissed so hard I thought my lips were going to burst.

I was in heaven until now I had only fantasized about this moment and it was coming true. Growing bolder in our passionate lip lock I began to let my hands roam over her curvy body she moaned in approval. I pushed her down on the couch; I was on top of her with my legs in-between hers we began to grind with each other. I started to play with her nipples through her shirt her and breathing was getting heavy. I moved my hand from her nipples down the slit in her running shorts. Again she moaned this time it was a moan of pure pleasure. The slit in her shorts was wet and with her hips she was meeting the movements of my hand. I paused and broke from the kiss for a moment and told her that she was the hottest woman I had met and I had waited for this moment from the first day I saw her in class.

I moved my hand from the slit in her shorts, and gently grabbed a hand full of hair. I pulled her head back a little to expose her neck and I gently kissed her around her neck. This made her kind of squirm a little underneath me. Her hips were meeting mine in an almost frantic way. It seemed as if she had not had anyone ever giver her kind of attention.

I moved off of her so she could sit up and I took off her shirt and lay back down on top of her. I kissed my way down her stomach and back up. I removed her bra and out bounced a beautiful pair of perky DD tits with hard pink nipples I took one in my mouth working it over, while pinching and playing with the other. I switched each nipple from mouth to hand. I continued to do this until I thought she was going to go nuts. I returned to her mouth, we kissed harder than I have ever kissed anyone in my life. I moved my hand down her stomach to the top of the waist band of her running shorts. I slipped my hand in her shorts and slowly down to her wet pussy. Slowly I ran my finger up her wet lips and I met her clit. I began to stroke slow circles around it.

Dr. S. broke our kiss and moaned oooohhhh Dani eat my pussy please. Not so fast I said I want your first time to be good not fast and furious. I continued stroking slow circles around her clit. I started to move a little faster, she moaned ooohhh my god Dani that feels so amazing. I slowly began to pick up the pace. Between the moans and the heavy panting I knew she was going to cum. I slowed down a little I wanted to build her orgasm. I brought her to the brink again and then I decided it was time to give Dr. S a good pussy lashing with my tongue.

I kissed my way down to her running shorts and almost tore them off I was so eager to get to her soaking pussy. Her wet aroma filled my nostrils and I became even more aroused than I already was. I kissed my way around her thighs and wet pussy teasing her as much as I thought we could both stand. I gently licked my way into her slit making my way to her clit. I took her clit into my mouth and worked it over slowly.

Dr. S tasted so good her juices were sweet, I couldn’t get enough. I picked up the pace and played with her nipples as I licked her sweet wet pussy, she began to moan louder and louder. Her breath got short and I slowed down, by now I could tell she was ready to cum, and she was ready to cum hard. I flicked her clit with my tongue feverously and it didn’t take long. Dr. S grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy and came like a river into my mouth. I tried my best to swallow all of it but Dr. S came like she hadn’t been fucked in years.

Dr. S and I lay there a few moments catching our breath. She moved as if she were going to get up to get dressed. I stood up and said we are not done yet. I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. I laid her down on bed kissed her and said it would be bad form for me to only give you one orgasm your first time with a woman. She grinned from ear to ear and said well then show me what you got.

I went back to work on her clit moving to her wet pink hole so sweet and wet working my tongue in and out of it, and then back to her clit. While slowly flicking her clit with my tongue I put a finger into her pussy Dr. S groaned. I fucked her pussy with one finger while flicking her clit with my tongue. I worked a second finger into her pussy Dr. S moaned in approval I fucked her pussy slow. Dr. S begged me to go fuck her faster. I began to fuck her pussy faster, harder Dr. S moaned so I fucked her a little harder. I met her demands and she came again.

I however was not done I slowly worked my fingers DEEP into her pussy until I found her G spot. Dr. S went crazy. Screaming for me to fuck her, I fucked Dr. S until she came in my mouth at least eight or nine times. After I gave her the fucking of her life (up till then if I could have anything to do with it) we lay in the bed and kissed till we fell asleep in each other’s arms

A couple hours later I would guess I heard a faint beeping sound. We both woke up Dr. S woke up and kissed me passionately we started to get into another session of fucking when I looked up at the clock and said shit we are late for class!

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