The Chronicles of Madhuri 01


Introduction: Hello there, I figure it’s been a long time. In my defence, I’d only say that I was taking time to deliver a story worth the wait. You never really know if you have it, but you can’t refrain from trying. I hope you enjoy it as much as the previous series.

Vani, an elite lawyer by profession, has a dilemma which seems to eat her day in and out. In an attempt to pull things together, she crosses paths with Madhuri, who is a senior college professor, the wife of the deputy inspector general of the state, a mother of two, and Vani’s closest friend. Since Madhuri is much more than a friend to Vani, she happily decides to give what her friend is asking for i.e. help. The story will come out in different parts, and the build up remains patient as always. The characters are as follows: Vani, Suraj (Vani’s husband), Shekhar (Vani’s son), Madhuri, Aarav (Madhuri’s Husband). The series per se is wordy, detailed and sexually explicit; reader discretion is advised. Thank you.



The morning breeze had never left behind this much exhausting vibe as it’d given that day. I’ve already heard my door being banged thrice or four times, and the knocks only added sounds to my morning dream. I was running and sprinting around the short grassy land, and down this green field; farther you look, farther the reach of the field extend. I was being chased as per my racing heartbeat and sprint speed. I never stayed still for quite a while now and kept on running along the length of the field. For some reason the sky above me started shaking, and banged once, not a thunder but banging, loudly, twice and thrice, and kept being shaken, and banged until it looked to lose its grip with the horizon. It loosened up, and finally started to fall down.

I ran for my life, but only till a few inches. And the clouds came down stamping me under it. I screamed, and cried for help. No sooner did the cloud stamp me than the life inside of me kept to be away until it was dark, preposterously dark all around. My eyes opened up, I looked left in fear, and then right; heaps of sweat rolled down my forehead, and as I looked forward, there she was; my mother, who stood before me after having supposedly opened the door lock with a key. I figured where the banging came from. She watched me catching breath after the beastly dream. She waited for me to pull myself together.

“Can’t it be said that my son is still a high school boy being unmoved till the door doesn’t get a crack through banging!” My witty and scholarly mother spoke looking directly at me.

“I’m not sure who is wise enough here mom.” I spoke still feeling the low octave of my morning voice.

“Can I do you the favour son?” She quickly replied.

“You sure can mom.”

“You do know that my son can still be much better from here. I don’t see the reason in being depressed by college.” She had started to do the cleaning of my room, sitting down prior to speaking this.

“I think you’re mistaking disinterest as depression mumma. There’s more to it.” My consciousness still very much over the attempts to hide my boner.

“You aren’t subjected to bite off more than you can chew. There is only a confidence block between you and a chuffed stature again son.” Mom caressed at the back of my head.

“I am unable to take interest maa.”

“I know, but in order to gain interest, you’ve to be a little attentive no beta (son). Being aside, and running away is never a solution to it.” She said after having gotten up, and towards the bedside. I now had time to turn around, and walk forward till I lose it.

“So you came to know?”

“Not only me son, your father did too.” She said starting to do my bed sheet.

“Now that’s a surprise.” I said as I settled to do my boxer well, and to the surprise the wood was no longer there. I perhaps was saved from an embarrassment then before my mother. I stretched myself from the morning vibe and yawning, went forward to take to cleaning myself.

“I’ll see you in fifteen minutes by the table honey. Remember you’ve to leave by 8:15 to reach college on time. And don’t ignore bits and pieces of it, because if you do, you might miss breakfast.” She said tucking the last corner of the sheets to make the bed look just as a new one. No wonder Indian mothers were a different species. Before I could turn to bargain on my shower time, the room was empty and clean except of me still in the struggles of walking in the bathroom.

After her guidelines, I wasn’t sure of to do anything of my body than wash it clean, and be dressed before the set time elapsed. I clothed myself to the shirt and jeans and snickers, and hurried down to the table.

“Another minute and I might’ve asked you to wait for the next train after missing this one.” She said smiling, and pulled the chair for me to sit. Mother kissed me on the cheeks, and served the already made bread and toast for me. I was sure she won’t have disallowed me had I come a minute later. That erzincan escort was my classic mother, stern lawyer on the outside, sweet mother on the inside. I didn’t realise when my head went down, and the seat at my front was filled. My father in his well set formal attire was good to go to making another quarter of a million for this day. I tried not to get in an eye contact with him as concentrated to my breakfast.

“Who won the previous night son?” He said still looking all drowned in his news paper.

“Chelsea failed to edge the lads again at St. James’s dad. I think we’re too good at the moment.” I said sounding all enthusiastic about Newcastle United.

“Yeah too good before Mike Ashley spills it all over you again.” He said managing a smirk, and still looking at the newspaper, and sipping on his tea.

“Okay that’s enough sports for the day. Suraj you need to test the water before spilling another word football. You know how miraculously plates disappear should that happen.” Mother warned my father to not talk between breakfast. He smiled and obeyed.

Between mouthfuls, I didn’t say more, and hurried quickly to leave the supposed heated table. Just before I had risen from my place and grabbed my bag, Dad looking straight at me, said with a smile, “Now that you’re 21, I think you’ve all the right to choose your timetable for yourself. Just remember to always think straight and use your conscience. Bye beta.” He said it and started looking at his finance page again. Mom was keenly keeping an eye, and ear of everything happening here. Walking in the kitchen, I met mom who was already taking out the tin from the storage space below the high ceiling.

No wonder in a family with an average height of 5’11, a young boy is never asked to put, and bring the tin from up there over and over again. I kissed my mother good bye, and hurried to be out on time.

I reached college, and settled myself in a seat to attend lectures. Another day came, held still for a few hours, and without any flowering, passed. That’s how my life was lately. No idea what occurred me while taking up the chemical engineering program. A jungle looking well green and exquisite from the outside, only to turn out a lot dense and dark from inside with nothing but howls and laments once the sun set, thus keeping you awake all night long. It’d been a year since a student who knew nothing less than 9 pointers, had to settle for red report cards in a succession.

On the productive front, I knew nothing more than one or two activities. Getting myself around the campus, with no other aim than getting my eyes around juniors and seniors chicks rocking the cultural outfit, kurti-leggings, kurti-kameez. There was this thing about 18-19 year of age, you find everyone you come across sexy for different reasons altogether. And about the ones of the same age group, their delicious hips under their tops and bodies sprouting to chunkiness with age was something always catching my attentions, only to wank on it later on finding any personal space. And the regrets and vibes of being goalless, ones those followed post the activity and always came to knock at the door of my conscience. I was restless with each day.

I got home after another stagnant day. Eyes on the floor, I entered in and ignoring everyone in the way, I headed up to my room. I threw the bag aside, and laid on my back to unbuckle my pants, and handle my not so hard wood at present. Imagining a lap dance from my late twenties calculus professor, my hands started to work on it. After it has moved to a certain pace, I unwittingly imagined how sitting in her lap she would choke me, and ask for the submissions to be on time. I opened my eyes vigorously, hands stopped and so did the masturbation. I resurrected the initial fantasy of bending her across the desk, with her kurti hiked up and leggings slid down, as I enter in her with all the force my skinny built could manage. My moans had no stopping to them until I spurted all of my load on the sheet. The similar goalless vibe followed again for the next few hours.

Before the regret of being hopeless caught me again, I changed the sheets to send it to washing. That was something I did only to satisfy myself. Mom was seeing me getting in and out of there, and anticipating, said, “that’s third of the week. I hope you’re having a good time sir.” Her smirk same as my father earlier in the day told me everything how clean the stating was.

“Come on mom. Leave your nose out of it.” I said in an unfriendly tone, and walked straight in before closing the door behind my back. It was not very late until I had done the new sheets and gone down for dinner, I realised about how rude I was to my mother. Somewhere I blamed my parents for my pitiful academic state. I didn’t feel very good about it, and walking straight to her, I held her hands in the kitchen.

“Finally. It’s surprising how sense kicks itself in you beta. Always!” She said managing her wit. I was motivated by erzurum escort my parents’ temperament.

“Indeed mumma, given the environment I’ve grown up in. Yes.”

She gave a grin, and asked me to be seated as the dinner awaited. Feeling better, I went there. Again the men of the house discussed sports. It was cricket now. For some reasons, everyone from my father’s generation will always tell you of how Ganguly will be the best captain India ever had. And believe me you never could counter their content filled statements.

“I believe you two gentlemen would be in charge for all the three meals the day after tomorrow.” Mom said as we’ve started eating.

“What are you up to darling?” Father intervened.

“It’s Madhuri dear. She invited me over on the day after Gudi Padwa also since she’s taking a leave, I have applied for the same. We’d have a good time I suppose.” She said with all smiles.

“Oh its spring already, never realised.” Dad said.

“There are many things you forget anyway.” She said looking at him.

“And yes Vani, after it’s a long time no see sort of setting, I believe I and Shekhar would have to take care of more three meals. Am I…..?” Dad teased her.

She shying, replied looking at him, “Yes I believe that as her law abiding husband will be off shore for twenty or so days.”

“Oh how come?”

“Elections dear!”

“Fair enough. Does it mean more days away from home?” Dad was simply jealous with the idea of seeing her away for long. That was his affection for her.

“No darling, I can’t trust you with the household nor giving my very favourite son a good time.” She said giving my back of the head a nice caress. “Besides I think y’all will have a good time here as well. All the best.” Mom smiled teasing in return as we ended the dinner on a happy note.

“Shekhar beta” mom said when I was about to leave the table, and dad had almost left, “since you have some bad behaviour to make up for, I’ll want you to get the table and then the dishes done. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Goodnight son.” Mom kissed my side of the head, making her way to her room. Behind that gentle, loving tone of hers, there was an equally firm order in there reflecting in her accent. Without any attempt to reason with her I accepted it.

I washed the dishes, and cleared the table like mom said. Later on, sitting in the couch, I couldn’t help but wonder about mom’s one of the best friends or the best friend, Madhuri.

I’ve only seen her last on my nineteenth birthday when mom invited her. It was all cool and chill then until this angelic lady showed up on the scene. Even though she had only put on a peach coloured net suit, she caught almost every eye in the house. Her most distinctive feature I found were her little curly hair around the face that outdid every female in beauty. Those big and wide blue eyes could make you float in it for ages. Her curls flanked her cheeks, being tamed a little here and there. The relaxing look that her dry blown hair gave, put me at ease. Madhuri was not very tall, but given her perfect roundness and nicely done hair, people naturally were forced to believe otherwise. Men had to pass round her to help themselves with just a glance from close. Arms in arms with a tall, heavy gentleman, her husband supposedly, she seemed all casual yet very very hot. That was about as high grade wife material as I’ve ever found.

It’s still fresh in my memory when mom brought her towards me to wish me happy birthday; I remember I couldn’t help but smile shyly, and as her eyes met mine once finally, her soft hands pulled my cheeks saying, “You’ve one shy kid Vani. Perhaps he’ll conquer whatever heart he lays eyes on.” Her words were music to my ears, and she again smiled. Scarcely had she parted her luscious lips before she grinned showing her perfect teeth and talking to mother, walked away. She was truly the one with what we say ‘zero known defects’. The sad part was that without any more conversation, she left the house before I knew.

As my mother has her own fitness centres, namely gym, it was never difficult for me to get to her safe, and extract out the file of any man/woman I desired. For the pervert in me, the day after my birthday I hit straight to the files to treasure hunt the letter M, and then A, and not long when I’ve reached out to the file labelled as, ‘Madhuri Shekhawat.’ The first thing I came to know was that she was a 34 year old lady with a husband and two kids. I had a brief and deep reading in it, and found out that she was a professor at a community college teaching elements of Chemical Engineering, married to a Deputy Inspector General of the state, and lastly her roots from an aristocratic traders’ family, I was left in no doubt from where the aura she possessed belonged to. The hottest part was yet to come; I rolled around till the last page where the measurements await of every member: 5’5, 36-26-38, 144 pounds. That was a healthy woman, and it secured a bursa escort boner for me then, which for the other half an hour refused to go away unless I’d drained my balls empty, twice. I won’t understand what was left to explain anymore, except it was truly a great orgasm.”

Wondering all of these of my last birthday I got hard again. Madhuri to be credited for this. The hardness of my wood had me drain my sack again after fapping at her appearance and the flesh with great numerical values associated to it. I always wondered how warm her round butt cheeks/ big boobs would be, not to mention the majestic thighs when hands are moved through her elegant also casual Indian clothing, be it salwars or sarees or tight leggings. I slowly was left exhausted after going through such an intensive yet unsatisfied orgasm. It was not for the first time perhaps. I never understood what was stopping my satisfaction. I fell asleep before my usual time — a sound sleep it was.


I just unwrapped my legs off of my naked hubby. In the state of undress and unattired all night, we were cuddled up with a wonderful sleep. Finding enough light outside, I looked to undo my hands from his bare ass, and kissing on his lips for a lovely peck, also patting his butt, I disembarked from the bed. I let Aarav be in the deep sleep he was and being uncovered as I was, went to the bathroom to get all cleaned up and ready for the festive celebration. I took long and once I was out, I found my hubby up and moving in the room.

“Baby you won’t ever reconsider the idea of not leaving the windows open, will you?” I said as I walked out of the bathroom and drying off the hair from the towel, added, “especially when we’re looking as if just born to an adult body.” I smirked and came close to Aarav.

I handed him the towel and turned around in front of him. It was not long when his hands started to help me dry my hair with the towel, and he added, “it’s only a repayment when you leave me dozing off out here alone.” He said as he started to wipe me down my neck. “I could’ve joined in you know.” His voice lowered as he started wiping the water off my butt with the towel.

Aarav also put his beak forward to give me a peck on the back of my neck; in return I stepped back to rub his wood on my butt crack, and replied, “You’re late baby. Looks like you missed the trick massively.” Aarav gasped a little as I teased him more, and before his hand could wrap my cheeks, I stopped him, “Uh-Oh, this big boy is instructed to be on time to offer our prayers, should he fail to do so then even the little of his luck gets dried up. Get going baby.” I turned around to wink at him and patted on his butt.

With a smile Aarav settled on to a saluting, “Yes ma’am”, and headed to the bathroom.

I like how the beginning of spring is marked by Gudi Padwa each year. I put on my preferred retro inspired satin brief with matching grey padded bra. The fashionable gag was just starting then after I added a thin saree & stripes look to highlight my gains from all sides. The contrasting silver embroidery on the pallu hand in hand with the dark blue sleeveless blouse, gave me a different and exquisite Marathi touch. The flashing breasts from my blouse could be only scarcely helped with the pallu, and once having peace with it, I left it be. I did my hair too, and with a bindi and the guchhedar nath as the nose ring, I was all ready to worship our gods. Festivals were a blessing.

Just when I was heading up and down the house sorting arrangements, my stout hubby came in the sight having a full proof traditional attire on. We smiled at each other like newly weds, and after a few large pecks coming close, we sent some big appreciations to each other and moved on to tick off the ceremony.

I didn’t expect the garden, lawn and our relatively big hall of the house to be filled in just an hour. Since Aarav was in police services and belonging from the aristocratic end of the society, the guests’ heaps had just no ending to it. The servants up and down served them. Every guest enjoyed the occasion. Gudi Padwa was one of the biggest festivals of our community and so was the guests heap for it. I kept switching groups of ladies to not let anyone go amiss, keeping in mind how sensitive it’s conjectured to be in our Indian culture. Aarav too met with almost everyone in the room in that short time. Guests, after staying for an hour or half an hour, looked to depart slowly, and it took nearly four hours for the get together to end. It was a good feeling at all times because we liked to be well civilised especially among our Marathi community.

Guests cleared off, and the catering staff started cleaning all the areas of the house. Aarav being the kind man he was, lent hands in most of it. It took as much as an hour to have it done as well, and just when the dawn set off to pave way for the night sky, we were the only ones left in our house. With the entire traditional outfit very much still on, I looked to come back in the house. As I strolled in, Aarav on the kitchen counter glanced down at me. He was getting a sip of his brandy and a glass lied beside his. I politely held it in my hands, and keeping eye to eye contact, our glasses clinked, and we took our first sips.

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