The Cookery Lesson


Zoe’s Story

I was staying over at Anna’s for the weekend, supposedly teaching her how to cook. She had just moved out of her parent’s house and didn’t really have a clue how to make anything, so I’d offered to teach her the basics. In reality this turned out to be me cooking things, while she sat there and licked bowls out, stole scraps of food and generally got in the way. I’d tried getting her to join in by chopping stuff, but she wasn’t very careful about getting things the same size and got a bit stroppy when I commented, in the end I just let her sit there and chat to me while I had a wonderful time making delicious morsels.

It was the hottest week of the year so far, I swear. More than once that week the temperature had crept past 90 degrees and I was not coping particularly well, especially not in a small kitchen super-heated by the oven. Eventually I cracked and told her it was high time she took me out to dinner to say thank you. I have to admit, she gave in with very good grace and told me to be dressed in my glad-rags and ready to leave by 7.30pm. With the usual punctuality of women getting ready to go out, neither of us had finished our hair or makeup by 7.30 and didn’t leave the house until ten to eight, meaning that when we got to the restaurant our table had been given to someone else.

They said we could have another table, but there wouldn’t be one free until nearly 9pm, so we tottered off to the nearest wine bar to waste some time. We had fun sitting on those absurdly high bar stools in our heels and short skirts, trying not to flash every passing Tom, Dick or Harry and eyeing up the local talent. We played the numbers game, you know, where you give them a score between 1 and 10, with 1 being ‘I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot, disinfected bargepole’ and 10 being ‘I would use my dear old granny as a bridge over hot coals to get closer to some of that!’

I had played this game many a time before and the addition of wine to such a game usually gave it an added level of hilarity, but this time was, in some ways a first. I knew Anna was a lesbian because the girl who introduced her to me seemed to think this was an exciting essential piece of information that should be included in the introduction.

“Hi Zoe, this is Anna, she’s a friend of Max and Jill’s and she’s a lesbian.”

I knew we were only being introduced because I had (mistakenly when drunk) admitted to this girl that I liked girls as well as boys. A mistake it certainly was. I never met anyone with such a big mouth, but that had been a couple of years ago and I thought the furore had died down. So far I’d only ever dated guys and the whole bisexuality issue had sort of faded out of public consciousness, but now I was being introduced to a lesbian by a girl with a knowing smirk and I felt massively embarrassed for both our sakes. Suffice it to say we both had partners, something that stupid tart seemed to have conveniently forgotten, but we got on well enough to exchange contact information and now, a year later, we were still friends.

Anna had broken up with her girlfriend, but I was still with my boyfriend which meant that although we flirted, it was always in a very guarded way. Part of this was also due to the fact that I had absolutely no experience with girls and I couldn’t tell if she really fancied me, was just teasing me or was flirting in the same way that gaziantep escort I flirted with most men – just as a means of communication. Every so often I caught myself fantasising about her or reading too much into a seemingly loaded comment, but mostly we were just really good friends.

After rating about 20 or 30 girls and finding only 3 or 4 amongst them that we would both sleep with we realised it was time to go back to the restaurant. We’d been drinking solidly at the wine bar and consumed yet more wine with dinner so that, by the time we left, we’d drunk almost 3 bottles and were completely legless. I was drunk enough to consider making a move on her, she looked so gorgeous in the late evening summer twilight – even when falling down drunk. Unfortunately I was in the same state so by the time we’d stumbled back to her place all I wanted to do was sleep.

I woke up some time the next morning feeling rather the worse for wear, with the bright early morning sunlight streaming onto my face. I made my way to the bathroom, had a big drink of water, brushed my teeth then realised it was only 5.30 am and thankfully collapsed back into bed. It was so hot in there, especially under all the bedclothes. I kicked them off as far as possible and sank back into a heavy, alcohol-drugged sleep.

Anna’s Story

Zoe has been staying with me all weekend and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to seduce her. I know she likes girls, because the loud mouthed girl who introduced us told me in a stage whisper and because I’ve seen her look longingly at my breasts and mouth. I wonder if she thinks she’s subtle, or maybe she doesn’t even realise she’s doing it. I love playing with her, flirting outrageously, then backing down suddenly if she says anything too forward. I can see her trying to puzzle out if I was ever really flirting at all and it turns me on so much.

I was going to wait until she broke up with that useless boyfriend of hers. I met him once and he was such a shit, making slimy comments and criticising her in front of me and her other friends, I have no idea why she’s put up with him for some long. I’d say I have no idea why she puts up with men at all, but women can be just as bad, if not worse, at fucking up the woman they supposedly love.

Ever since I split up with my girlfriend I’ve been trying to find a way to get her in a situation where I’d have a chance. She lives with her parents and when she’s not with them she stays at her boyfriend’s scuzzy flat. When I finally got a place of my own I had the perfect answer. She loves cooking and I’m notoriously crap at it, it’d be easy enough to get her to come and stay with me for a weekend on the pretext of giving me some cookery lessons.

Now, I think, the time is come. We went out last night and got thoroughly plastered, I doubt she’s sober yet. I didn’t drink as much as she did and wine doesn’t affect me much anyway, so I feel sober, if slightly headachey this morning. I brush my teeth and make her a breakfast Anna-style – nothing cooked, nothing complicated. Yoghurt and strawberries, a cup of tea.

Carefully I open her door, the tray balanced on my hip. Oh my God, she is beautiful. She’s lying on the mattress on the floor, her sheet covering one thigh and her lower stomach, the other leg free of covers. Her arms are thrown out at her sides and her long, gold hair giresun escort falls over the pillows like a stream of water. The sunlight pouring through the window gilds her body, highlighting the tiny fuzz of hairs on her skin, making her appear to glow with a hazy aura. Her large breasts spill untidily, moving very slightly with her slow breaths and she looks like some perfectly formed sculpture, reclining on her rumpled bed.

I quietly put the tray down and walk over to the bed. I had intended to feed her strawberries, seduce her with taste and a few careless caresses, but now I am presented with a whole new approach. I gently stroke her silky hair, watch her stir slightly then fall back asleep. Softly softly I begin to touch her body. First her face and lips, then her arms, thighs, stomach, breasts. She moans slightly and shifts her body so her hips are tilted towards me and her back is arched, but she doesn’t seem to wake. I cup her glorious, full breast in my hand and lean down to flick her nipple into hardness with my tongue, taking it into my mouth when it is erect. Her breasts are so soft, so vulnerable to my mouth I want to bite into them, but I have to take this slowly, tease her into compliance.

Zoe’s Story

I heard Anna open my door and didn’t know whether to try and pull the sheet over myself as fast as possible, but something in me wanted her to see me sprawled in this wanton way, semi-naked and lit by the sun. I felt so sleepy and sexy lying there and I wanted her to want me as badly as I’d wanted her all this time.

I heard her put something down and move across to me, I felt her stroke my hair and I held my breath for an eternity as I waited to see what she’d do next. When she ran the back of her fingers so lightly down my arm every hair on my body stood on end in anticipation and excitement. I was so aroused already and she’d barely touched me. I could feel myself growing wet between my legs and I wanted to open them and let her see my arousal, but I knew I had to let her lead the way, let her think that I was semi-conscious and not fully aware of what was happening. Anna has a strong character and something tells me that this has to be a seduction on her terms.

When her fingers started to caress my legs and stomach I had to fight not to tense up. I so desperately wanted her to touch my throat, my breasts, that hot, melting spot inside me. When she started licking at my nipple I opened my eyes, the sensation was so overwhelming. Now I look down at her suckling on my breast like a newborn and I feel so alive, so sexy. I watch her full, dark lips closed around my pale rose-pink nipple and I cannot believe this is happening. Ever since I became sexually aware I wanted to fuck a woman, but never found one I wanted and now this stunning, incredible woman was seducing me. I look at the glossy, dark hair spilling over my breasts, feel its tickling, silken caress and reach up to stroke it. She looks up now, her mouth still full of my tit and sees me watching her. Slowly, languorously I smile. I do my best to look both sleepy and slightly nervous as well as inviting, when all I feel is a raging, burning excitement.

As she raises her head and comes towards me, I half-close my eyes again. I want to savour every second of this. I see her hair glowing auburn with the sun, a reddish halo about her face, I see her full, pink lips gümüşhane escort opening slightly and then it’s softness and heat, the silk of her dressing gown sliding across my skin like water, her hair tangled around my fingers her hot, probing tongue exploring my mouth.

I can’t restrain myself any longer, I have to have some control, some satisfaction. I hold her head firmly against mine with one hand whilst, with the other, I slide down over her silk-clad back, into the deep hollow at her waist and then smooth over the rich curves of her hip and buttock. On the way back up I pull the gown up slightly so her thigh is exposed to my touch. I can feel her breath hot on my ear as she kisses my neck, her soft breasts against mine, that curious flat hardness of her pelvis against mine. Our legs entwine and we start rubbing our pussies against the other’s leg. I can feel the smooth slipperiness of the silk against my pussy, feel it growing wet with my juices, but the silk has fallen away on the other side and against my thigh is the hot, wet, roughness of her pussy. I push the dressing gown off her shoulders and let it fall to one side and now our naked bodies are pressing, skin to skin, against each other. Full hips and luscious tits mirrored in mutual pleasure.

The heat between us is incredible as we squirm and clutch frantically at each other. My body is aflame for her touch and I gasp in relief as her hand strokes up my inner thigh and starts to touch my pussy. Her fingers slide quickly inside me and her thumbs starts rubbing little circles over my aching clit. I suck her dark, hard nipple into my mouth and let my teeth graze it slightly.

Her moan of pleasure/pain makes me moan too and I flick my tongue repeatedly across her nipple, kneading her other tit with my hand. We’re lying on our sides now, facing each other. I put my hand between her legs and am astonished at her wetness. At how much she feels different and the same. I pull at her labia, dip the tips of my fingers inside her, then smear her juices across her tit. Now I suck at her nipple flavoured with the musky, rich scent of her cunt while I slowly start fucking her with my fingers. I copy what she does, letting my lubricated thumb slide firmly across her clit while I finger fuck her. She bucks her hips at me, trying to get me to penetrate her more fully and now I’m doing the same thing. I can’t tell where I leave off and she starts. She smells so incredible, a feminine mix of flowers and musk, with a slight mustiness of cigarette smoke from the bar last night.

I inhale this scent as she leans down to kiss me and her hair brushes across my face. We flick the tips of our tongues against each other repeatedly in a simulation of the flicking across our clits. I can feel the heat building up now and I fuck her faster, wanting her to come with me. Both of us buck wildly, the sweat trickling down across our breasts and stomachs, and I feel my orgasm explode just seconds before her. As I feel her cunt contract around my fingers my own orgasm heightens and my body convulses with pleasure as she cries out in ecstasy.

We lie there for long minutes in a stupor, recovering from our shared passion. My fingers are still inside her and I can feel her twitch when I accidentally catch her clit with my thumb. I feel utterly satiated and satisfied.

Anna’s Story

My God that was fucking incredible. I can’t believe she’s never done that before. Her fingers are still inside me and already I can feel the heat begin to build up again. I’m going to teach her how to pleasure me with her mouth, and then maybe I’ll get out some of my toys, now, where did I put those strawberries…

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