The Doctor Is In…Deep



I walk in the examination room for my yearly check-up; as I strip off behind the screen and put the thin, paper gown on, you ask me how I have been, and have I had any concerns about my sexual heath. I’m embarrassed, as I have known you for a long time, and also find you incredibly attractive. Feeling a little apprehensive, and hoping that I will be able to remain calm, I lie on the examination table.

“Well Doctor, recently, I’ve been getting an ‘itch’ down below. I’m not sure exactly where, but I know it’s in that region somewhere!” I laugh nervously, and pray you don’t notice how red my cheeks are getting.

“That’s okay,” you say reassuringly. “Lets have a look and see what we can find, eh! Right, don’t be worried – my hands maybe a little cool that’s all.”

I lie back and stare at the ceiling, willing my body not to betray how turned on I am by your incredibly sexy Scottish accent.

“Okay, could you please open your legs, and lift them at the knees, so it is only your feet that are on the bed.”

I do as you ask


I smile inwardly to myself, as I see, under the gown, your pussy lips start to open as you spread your legs.

“Right – could you please lift the gown; It doesn’t matter if it tears’ it’s only paper after all.”, I say

I move towards you, and start to open your pussy lips even more with my fingers.

“Hmm, these seem okay, bit swollen! Hope I’m not turning you on?”, I lie. “Doctor-Patient relationship, and all that.”

“No Doctor, they’ve been like that a lot recently.”

“That’s okay, lets just continue.”

I move my head nearer your pussy, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of a woman who needs to be fucked; I notice how moist you are becoming. I look deep into your pussy. “Hmmm, everything looks okay, lets just have a wee feel shall we?” I proceed to put a finger in and run it around your pussy lips, then move it in deeper and feel your pussy walls. “Yep, feels okay as well, but I better have a closer look. Could you hold on a mo’ till I get something?”

You nod your head meekly, as I head across the room, open a drawer and pull something out.

I sit down near you on the table again.

“Right, this may be a wee bit uncomfortable, but I’m sorry, it is necessary.”

With that, I insert a see thru plastic device into your pussy; it looks a bit like a pair of salad tongs – just a bit though’. I start to twist a small handle, that slowly, but firmly opens them apart, and in doing so, opens your pussy up.

Due to the fact that it is see thru, I now get a wide, unobstructed view of the inside of your pussy; the juices gurgling and welling at the base of it.

I notice that your clit is now standing hard and erect; I find it almost too hard to resist, but resist I do.

“Everything escort bursa is fine at this end”, I say, “Lets look at your anus now, shall we?”

“Could you please roll over onto your hands and knees please?”

You do as I tell you to.

“Good, Now, if you can, reach behind yourself and spread the cheeks of the bottom.”

“That’s a good girl.”, I say, smiling inwardly that you still have the speculum deep in your pussy, keeping it wide open.

I move nearer your bottom, that gorgeous large wide fleshy behind.

I look and touch at your cheeks, and then do the same at its crack.

Then I start to concentrate on your butt hole

“Right, this may be a wee bit cold, but it’ll make the check easier.”

You give a slight jump (and a quiet moan), as you feel a finger, covered in KY jelly, start to touch and probe you arse hole.

“Hmmm – no tears, bruising on contusions here; Tell me, Miss, When was the last time you indulged in Anal Sex?”

“Umm Doctor!”, you start off shyly, “I used a – err – small, umm dildo in it last night – not too deep, with plenty of KY jelly for lubrication.”

“That’s okay then, just being nosey.”, I laughed, “Well there’s nothing wrong down here either.”

“Maybe you just need to ‘scratch’ your itch?”

“Why Doctor – what do you mean – how would I do that?”

“Well, for starters.”

And with that, I slowly, carefully, start to push my finger in and out of your arse hole, soon joining it with a 2nd one.

After a while, your moans start to fill the room.

With my other hand, I reach into my coat pocket, and pull out a 2nd speculum; I line it up with your arsehole and….


You insert it gently into my bottom. I gasp as the cold plastic object enters my bum, stretching my arse gently.

You again turn the small handle, and I stretch wider and wider. I moan louder, slight pain mingling in with the pleasure, and I realise that I am enjoying the sensation of being completely exposed to you.

As you move past my field of vision, I notice a bulge in your trousers. I gasp, as I realise that you are completely aware of both my arousal and the fact that I have been staring at your crotch.

You look again at my exposed pussy, and remove the speculum. You slide 3 fingers inside my pussy, and I feel a trickle of wetness down my thighs.

Casually you say “It is quite obvious to me, that although have recently used an adult toy, you did not have an orgasm.”

As you tell me this, your fingers are moving faster inside me….


My three fingers are pumping faster and faster now into your stretched pussy – right the way up to the knuckles.

As I’m doing this, you stretch your arm forward and start to stroke my cock thru my trousers bursa otele gelen escort – it twitches and jumps.

“Of course,” says I, ” a little reciprocal action is always welcome.”

You slowly start to unzip my trousers, and, with a little difficulty due to its hardness, you pull my cock out.

I’ve now got 4 fingers deep in your pussy – stretching you even further, and at the same time as I’m doing this; I expand the speculum in your arse a bit more.

You make a low moan, a mixture of the pleasure and pain being caused by your arse being violated like it is, and your pussy getting filled But this moaning stops as you fill your mouth with my cock; The noise that replaces it fills the room – your slobbering, drooling and spitting down the length of my cock, now and then sucking the head deep into your mouth – occasionally even sucking one of my balls in as well.

Eventually I pull out “Hmmm – now lets check out your anal tract – see how much it can take.”

I peer into your open arse and let a single thin strand of saliva leave my mouth and go straight down your arsehole.

I then move behind you, and whilst still now fucking your pussy, now with my fist, slowly remove the speculum which holds the hole apart….

It remains open – gaping; I then lean down and start to lick and kiss all around the distended opening, now and then running my tongue into it.

I withdraw my fist from your pussy, and, climbing up on the bed behind you, slowly drop my cock into your open hole, which now, almost sensing something, starts to close around my hard prick…


My arse clamps down on your rock hard cock and I let out a scream as the heat inside my arse trips me over the edge and I start to cum. “OH GOD FUCK ME!!” I cry out, as wave after wave of intense pleasure hits me. My pussy contracts and my juices stream down my thighs as you pound harder and harder into my arse…

My body trembling, you remove your cock from my (now quite tender) arse…I collapse, moaning softly at the sudden, almost unbearable emptiness I feel. You turn me over and lick slowly from my arse to my clit, your tongue entering me as my body starts to shake. All at once I’m begging you to fill me again.

As I beg, you rub the head of your cock up and down my aching wet pussy.

“Is this what you want?” you ask.

“Yes, Oh God yes.” I whisper

“Beg for it.”

“Please…please, fuck me, I need to be fucked by you, to feel you inside my pussy, deep inside my cunt, I need to feel your balls against my arse, I want you inside me NOW…”

Still you tease my wet slit.

“You’re not begging hard enough!”

“Christ, please, put your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard, please make me feel it bursa sınırsız escort again, make me cum for you again…I want to feel you cum, I want to taste you, to feel your body against mine, please!!!!!”

Without another word, you slam into me, hard. I scream in ecstasy, and I’m lost again, body shaking as wave after wave of the most intense orgasm takes my body. As soon as I think its over, it takes over me again, and the pleasure is endless. It feels like an eternity.

I’m shouting at you to fuck me harder, faster…


Harder and harder I pound at your grasping cunt; I rip the paper gown away from your heaving chest – your tits bouncing all over, spreading down due to their very weight and size.

I bend my head down, and start to gently bite one of your nipples, almost trying to lift the very breast itself, just by pulling on it.

“Yes … more…. lick it, suck it, bite it; treat me like the fuck slut like I am.”

I lift the boob, and suck the engorged, hardened nipple into my mouth, sucking for all I’m worth – as if I’m trying to get milk out of it; milk that I would have gladly drained from your breasts every day if you were lactating. As I’m doing this, something in the back of my mind reminds me of a hormone treatment to re-induce lactation – I must investigate this later on…

Your belly squashes and sways with each heavy, deep thrust with which my cock invades your wet cunt. Leaving your tit, I move my head upwards, and start to suck and bite your neck, soon after leaving a bold love bite.

During one thrust, I pull my cock out too far, and it slips down, almost re-entering your still gaping arsehole.


As your cock touches my tender, bruised arsehole, I gasp…it’s almost painful, but at the same time, I want more. I move my hips up to meet yours and your cock slides easily into me. You tease me, alternating between my pussy and my arse. My mind clouds over, and it feels as though you are everywhere, your fingers and your cock fills me, your mouth clamped on my tits.

“Please, please cum all over me, I want to feel it, to taste it….” I’m pleading with you now, almost unaware of what I am saying. You let out a low growl, and, though I didn’t think it possible, you fuck me harder.

I’m an animal by now, everything has vanished apart from my desperate need to possess some part of you, to give you pleasure to match my own. I’m not really aware of what I’m saying, only that I need to feel you cum…

“Fuck me harder, cum for me, cum on my belly, over my pussy, my arse, in my mouth, make me scream for you, make me beg you never to stop FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I cum, harder than I ever have before…it almost hurts and I let out a low groan, as my pussy juice floods, and you start to cum. You pull out and I am covered as load after load after load hits me, my tits, belly and pussy covered in your cum….

You collapse onto me, “Christ woman, I’ve needed that!”, you murmur, and I laugh, wrapping your body in a huge cuddle. It feels so good to finally be fucked by my favourite man….

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