A Good Friend_(1)


Im an 18 year old guy & I attend my local high school. Me & my friend Elly have been flirting since the summer of 7th grade, we’ve always had this click together & have almost went out a few times. Well, lets get on with the story. It was the first day of Senior year, me & Elly were walking to class together like always, we had always been close friends, granted i tend to go to far with the jokes i pull. So after the typical 8 long ass hours of school, me & Elly are the last to leave Math class, she is a cheerleader & im a football player so we usually leave class together, but today was…very different actually. Elly isn’t the slut type, shes a really sweet, cute girl, she has long black hair & big, beautiful brown eyes. Today she was wearing short shorts & i could see her panties. She was bent right in front of me, my dick was getting so hard looking at her ass, to make matters worse i was wearing sweat pants, making my boner very noticeable, as she got up she backed into it, letting out a loud shriek. She looked down at my cock & her mouth dropped. She looked back up at me in a disgusted manner, but there was a hint that she wanted it too. She knew me well & was well aware that i wasn’t the type of guy to make a move, so she grabbed my dick Sex hikayeleri & looked deep into my eyes & said with a firm voice “Are you going to just stand here & watch or do something with this fuck stick?” I was ready for it, so i whipped out my dick & told her “Come & get it” she smiled & dropped to her knees. She studied my cock with great detail before plopping it in her mouth & sucking away as if she were a young girl who had just gotten a blow pop for the first time, & blow she did, she gave such an amazing blowjob that i almost fainted at the whole situation. I almost didn’t believe that my friend of many years was actually sucking my dick! In SCHOOL no less! She had jerked me so hard & fast that in a matter of minutes, my hot, white cum was covering her sweet, innocent face. She licked every last drop of the cum & went to the locker room to change into her uniform. I stood in that empty room reflecting on what had just happened, my friend since 7th grade, had just sucked my dick until i busted a nut on her face. This would be all of our sexual encounters…for that day…


As the next day rolled by, another shitty 8 hours of school had come to an end, football & cheer leading was off for the next Sikiş hikayeleri 3 days. After everyone had left i pull Elly to the side & try to talk about the events of yesterday & how amazing her blowjob was. I couldn’t find the words for it, it was…amazing…the girl whom i dreamed about since my adolescent days had given me what every guy in the world wants, a blowjob from the girl next door. I looked deep into her big, brown eyes as i tried to think of the most amazing thing to say. At this point i didn’t know if we were best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, fuck buddies, or any other backward ass term that could (& probably would) be used to describe us. The best thing i could think of was “Elly…i think i love you, what you did for me yesterday, was simply…amazing, i want to prove to you that we need to do this again…right here…right now.” She looked at me with her hypnotic eyes & gave a perfect smile, which…to me anyway, mean “I want you, fuck me!”, She slowly removed her top & her bottoms, now shes wearing nothing but a bra & panties, she whispered “You want the rest? Do it yourself” So i grabbed her panties with my teeth & ever so slowly pulled them right off, while also kissing her thigh, on the way down. Then i took her Erotik hikaye bra, unhooked it & kissed every inch of her body, heading down to her exposed, beautifully shaven pussy, i kiss it softly & then take my tongue & ever so slightly tickle her pussy with my tongue. She moans & giggles, i smile at her & she smiles at me, as i go to work on her pussy, she moans & gasps for air as i realize that shes gonna cum, rather than stir away, i let her cum all in my mouth, she giggles a little more, like an innocent school girl. I bring my head up, lean in & french kiss her, me & her share an amazing kiss than seemed like forever, after i ate her out, she spit on my cock to lube it up, as if she needed lube, her pussy was so wet from when i ate her out. I slowly put my dick inside her & i give it to her, as it goes on she begs for more, so i lay down on the teachers table & i invite her onto my dick, she gladly accepted & we have an amazing time together, After almost 2 hours of this incredibly fuck fest, we get up, put on our clothes & walk home together. Still somewhat confused about what we are, i simply ask her “Elly, what are we?” she looks at me in an odd way, so i explain “Are we dating? good, excuse me REALLY good friends, or..?” All she does is simply looks me in the eyes, grabs me, pulls me in, gives me a long, passionate kiss & whispers into my ear “you’re my Good friend” She then walks away, as im left on the street, staring at her…

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