A hot summer’s day with Sarah


I’m Jake and this is my story. It all started when I was in my backyard, doing some knife throwing. I had been practicing all summer and had gotten pretty good. Then I heard it; the sliding door to the back yard to my neighbor’s house slammed shut. I went over to the wood 6 and a half foot fence that separated our yards and peeked through a small knot hole in one of the planks. It was her. Sarah, the 20 year old brunette bombshell next door. We knew each other from college classes and hung out every once in a while. She was wearing her blue sports bra and black yoga pants, a standard for her when she would go out on a run, which she did a lot. She was very fit and worked out all the time. As far as how she looks, imagine a young Rachel Bilson…but hotter.

This day in particular was quite warm, about 95 degrees. Why the hell I was outside hurling pieces of steel at a hunk of wood in that heat, I still don’t know. Maybe it was fate. So needless to say, she was pretty caked in sweat. Her nipples poked through her tight sports bra as the sweat had softened the fabric. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty hot to see. She moved down the steps of the elevated wood porch and moved over to a cloth hammock they had strung between two trees. Then it happened. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, letting her gorgeously perfect B cup breasts breath in the summer air. She carelessly dropped the brassiere on the grass and then grabbed her yoga pants and stripped them off down past her perfectly shaped ass and long, slender legs. She discarded those too. Leaving her only with a black thong on. I was out of my mind at this point. She then slid the small piece of fabric off of herself and threw them away. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, not single hair in sight. Her labia were significantly long and was glistening from her sweaty run in the sun. Her whole body was dripping wet from sweat and it looked fucking amazing. I have never had a hard-on like this before. She got into the hammock and I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Her right hand moved towards her mouth and she inserted her index and middle fingers inside, moistening them. Then she moved them towards her amazing pussy and began to masturbate. She alternated between fingering herself and rubbing her clit. When Sex hikayeleri she first penetrated herself, she had no problem with getting them in, they glided in like they were home. At this point I unbuckled my pants and reached in. Grabbing my member, I played with the head since a dry tug job didn’t sound all that great. Now I have a decent sized dick, about 7 and a half inches long when hard and pretty thick. Then I heard it.

“Oh Jake, yah. Do it like that! Tongue fuck me just like that!”

It just got 10 times hotter for me. I let out a moan and she perked up and looked up. Fuck! Stupid idiot!
She looked right at the fence I was behind and just knew it was me.
“Jake?” she asked. She then got up and as she walked over towards the fence, she licked her fingers clean. At this point I was hiding behind the fence, not making a sound.
She unlatched the lock that kept the door closed between our yards and opened the door. She looked straight at me with my hand down my pants.

“Like what you saw?” she said seductively.

I couldn’t even get and words out so I just nodded. She grabbed my hand free hand and led me into her yard. I decided to take charge and gently shoved her into the fence, then kissed her…hard. Our mouths became one as we exchanged saliva and our tongues danced together. I loved it, I loved every second of it and I knew she did too. After a minute, I broke the kiss and grabbed her hand and led her to the tanning lawn chair/bed thing that they had sitting there, I didn’t know what the fuck it was called.

“Sit down so I can tongue fuck you like you deserve!” I demanded. She complied and I got on my knees. I spread her incredibly sexy legs and soaked in the sights. Her pussy was so wet was it was dripping. Her clit was engorged with blood and looked completely appetizing. I was hungry…for pussy that is. I told her to lay down and she did. I kissed her for a minute, then moved to her neck. Giving her pecks here and there, then whispering into her ear things like:
“You are amazing” or “You are so gorgeous”. Then I moved to her breasts, kissing them, sucking them. Her nipples were like pencil erasers, amazing. She gave off a moan here and there, so I knew she liked it. I started to kiss her stomach. I licked her belly button, Sikiş hikayeleri sucking up the salty fluid that had accumulated in it. Then I moved her upper thighs, I licked them and the salty sweat tasted like heaven. Finally, I went in for the kill. I attacked the clit with a barrage of licks, sucking it, then blowing on it, giving her chills to the bone. At this point she was moaning pretty loud, and in a neighborhood where I have heard the neighbor’s house phones ringing, you could bet others could hear her too.

We didn’t give a flying fuck at this point though. Tell the world…we didn’t care. I licked her from perineum to clit, lapping up all her juices. I put one finger in, then two. In and out, in and out while I licked her clit. Then she orgasmed, and over the next 10 minutes, she did 2 more times.
Finally, she pushed me off of her and said “enough for now”. I kissed her from her stomach all the way up to her neck then her lips…the pair you are allowed to show in public. We sat there for a few minutes then she got up and on her knees. I knew it was my turn. She yanked off my shorts, revealing my member then went to town. She had skills and it was awesome. After a few minutes, I was ready to blow, so I told her.
“I’m about to cum.”
“Do it, I wanna taste.”
That sent me over the edge and I shot rope after rope of cream into her throat and she took it like a champ…didn’t spill a drop. I dropped down and gave her a kiss. We made out for a few minutes until I got hard again, then she laid back in the grass and said it.
“ Have at it.”
You didn’t need to tell me twice. I moved over top of her and assumed the position.
“ I’m on the patch, so don’t be afraid to cum in me. Besides, I wanna see my creampie. It’s my first time, so go easy.”
“ Have you had anything bigger than my fingers inside you yet?”
“No, just fingers and tampons.”
“You want me to do it fast and get it over with or slow?”
“Go all in.”
I nodded and leaned in and kissed her. Then I got myself over top of her and rubbed the end of my dick over her hole, teasing her and getting the tip of my cock lubed up.
“You ready?”
“MMM-HHM” she said as he nodded. Just then, I thrust myself into her in one swift move. She cried out in pain as I tore through her hymen. I pulled Erotik hikaye out and looked at my dick, and as I suspected, it had her blood on it.
“You wanna stop?”
“No! Keep going, do me as if it wasn’t my first time.”
I lined myself back up and went back in. For a minute, it was cries of pain, then it was all pleasure. Her pussy was moist and very warm, it felt incredible. In and out, in and out, I couldn’t actually go all the way in because I kept hitting her cervix. My sweat laden balls slapped her anus over and over as I fucked her. The sound of moist skin clapping together rang through the air and we made sweet, sweet love in the grass. Then I told her to get on all fours. We then proceeded to do it doggy style for a while, me filling her up from behind. Grabbing her left tit with my left hand, I squeezed and she moaned. She then moved forward and my dick fell out of her. She turned around and shoved me down onto my back.
“ My turn to be in control!”
“Yes ma’am!” I replied.
She mounted me and grabbed my dick, maybe a little too hard, but I kinda liked it. She guided me into her and started to ride me like a stallion. As she bounced up and down on my member, her tits bounced with her.

I was hypnotized by her milk-dispensers as they jiggled with the rest of her bodily fluid covered body. Between both our sweat and her vaginal lube, she glistened in the sun as she ran her slender fingers through her flowing auburn hair. She got off of me and laid back on the nice, cool grass and open her legs. Sarah took a few fingers and played with herself for about 30 seconds. Just enough to get them nice and covered with her pussy juice so she could suck them clean. I moved in and went to town. My dick glided into her warm, slippery hole. By the time I came, she had already cum 3 times. I shot my load right into her, coating her cervix with my seed. With one last grunt, I pulled out and brought my head down to her twat. I blew on her clit one last time and one last time, she came. That last orgasm blew through her body like a hurricane as she shuddered and twitched. Her vaginal muscles clenched and she squeezed out the semen from her now thoroughly ravaged cunt. I put my mouth to her hole and sucked out my cum, every drop. Then I moved to her mouth and kissed her, giving her my sperm. She groaned with approval as she received my jizz and swallowed it all. We collapsed into the grass and laid in each other’s arms for a while, then fell asleep.

To be continued….

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