Accidental Daddy – Chapter 2


Chapter 2

I had thought about talking to both sets of parents for a while considering one of the three girls involved was a juvenile, as she was only 12, but then I’d lose my status as a cool adult. I checked over the tapes later that morning and other than the trespassing, the other two didn’t really do anything wrong. They hadn’t stayed in the hot tub, nor had they gotten naked on camera and masturbated in there. I made sure to drain the hot tub after and clean it thoroughly though. My wife is OCD and I wasn’t about to hear it from her for not doing it. That night, at around 2 am, I was awake playing on my computer, I was playing Marvel heroes leveling my iron man when I heard a slam and a giggle. I peeked out the back door, the only light was coming from my computer inside, so I figured they wouldn’t see me if I stood back and there was Rosalia and Joyce again, and they had something in their hands. I looked a little closer to see they each had a beer bottle in their hands. They weren’t about to use my hot tub tonight. I hadn’t refilled it yet, which they discovered after a bit. They quickly made their way out of my yard when my dog came barking at the back door. I figured I’d have to have a talk with them again about what they did when they were getting drunk. It wasn’t my place to tell them not to drink, that was in the hands of their parents or the law, but I always believed in a 3 strike rule.

A couple weeks went by with no issue until Tuesday night. My night off. It was around 4 am and Again, I caught the three of them in my back yard. Well technically this was the first time I caught them with their 12 year old shadow Lana. You would figure I’d be mad by this point but I wasn’t. I was intrigued to see what they’d do. This time all three of them had beer in their hands and were drinking… I was shocked to see Lana drinking considering her age. 12 was way too young to be drinking, but that was my opinion. I watched the three of them strip naked and slip into my hot tub. I kept my eyes on the two 18 year olds who were generally fondling each other than laughing and after a couple hours, Lana and her older sister Joyce got dressed and left. This left Rosalia Sex hikayeleri alone in my hot tub. I left her to her devices to get off as I watch herself start to rub herself and figured I’d talk to her when she was done. I had set my laptop next to me, and kept my eye on the monitor to tell when she was done. At around six she had her head back again and had fallen asleep in the hot tub.

I prepared to walk out back to talk to her. While I was grabbing my cell phone I glanced at the monitor again, she had moved from my hot tub to the tree just a few feet away. She was squatting. I walked over to the door, activated my camera on it and started recording her as I walked out. She was peeing next to my tree!

“Rosalina! I thought I talked to you about this. This is the third time you’ve broke into my back yard with your friends since I got the hot tub.” I said walking up to her. She finished peeing and looked up at me, her face was red. She stood up, not trying to hide her body this time before I shut off the camera on my phone.

“So, what’s gonna happen now?” She asked.

“Come on.” I said rolling my eyes. I turned around and walked back to my door and after grabbing her clothing I ushered her inside. I closed the door behind us and locked it and pointed for her to sit on my red couch.

“So what’s gonna happen?” She asked. I sat down in front of her on the video game storage bin, with her clothing still in my hands.

“I haven’t decided yet. I can’t just have naked kids masturbating and peeing in my back yard.” I said.

“I’m not a kid.” She said softly.

“What?” I asked.

“I’M EIGHTEEN! I’M NOT A KID!” She yelled at me.

“ROSALIA, I’M THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD! TO ME, YOU ARE A FUCKING CHILD!” I yelled back, my voice echoing so that my two little dogs barked in my room. I took a deep breath and sighed. “Regardless of your age, you shouldn’t be breaking into your neighbors’ back yards, using their pools and hot tubs, none the less pissing in my back yard. What on earth has gotten into you?” I asked. She was certainly right about not being a kid anymore. Her body was magnificent, and with her sitting there Sikiş hikayeleri like that, letting me see her most private areas without concern I had to admit that to myself.

“I don’t know. My parents have always pushed me to be a good person. I’m a devout Christian but then we found some beers one night and found our way into your back yard. You had just gotten the hot tub, and well, after a couple I wasn’t caring.” Rosalina said. “Please don’t call my parents or the cops.” It occurred to me that her parents must be the suppressive type.

“Rosalina, I tried being the nice guy, but I have this on video several times over and if I don’t do something to stop it, I can be arrested too.” I said.

“Please, Joshua!” She said with tears welling up in her eyes. I couldn’t just let this pass, could I. But it was starting off like a bad porno and I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. I set her clothing down next to me as she started bawling like a little girl would when her favorite toy was snatched away. I moved over next to her on the couch and took her into my arms and comfort her.

“Rosalina, there’s gotta be more to this than just being suppressed. Is it a guy?” I asked.

“No. I don’t date. My father is way too overprotective for that.” She said trying to fight crying.

“Did something change at home recently?” I asked.

“No, but something changed with me…” She said, trying to stop herself from crying.

“What changed?” I asked.

“Well, after the first night I swore off alcohol, we all did. I talked to the others, but then we got sick, and we weren’t sure how to deal with it.” She said. Sounded like the flu to me. Nights in Vegas can be cold, even with a hot tub.

“I bet it’s just the flu. You get dressed and we’ll head up to the quick care together. I’ll pay the co-pay for the visit.” I said.

“Really?” She asked, sniffling. “You’d do that?”

“Hey, would I be a cool adult if I didn’t?” I said. She looked into my eyes with her big brown eyes. She threw her arms around my neck pressing her naked body to mine.

“Thank you so much.” She whispered. “I hope I find a husband like you out Erotik hikaye there when I’m looking.” She said.

“Now, let’s get dressed and go for a walk. The doctor can even write you a note for school.” I said. She pulled back and blushed.

“How are you so comfortable with me being naked?” She asked grabbing her clothing.

“Oh my wife and I walk around naked all the time.” I said openly before standing up and heading to the dryer to grab a clean shirt. I came back to the living room after pulling it back on to see she had quickly dressed herself.

“So you’re not gonna tell my parents?” She asked.

“I’m not gonna call the police. I might have a talk with your parents, but only if everything doesn’t go well at the doctors.” I said. “One way or another we’re gonna get you the help you need, that I promise you.”

“Okay. I think I can live with that.” She said. I walked over to my desk and grabbed my wallet and the two of us headed out, locking up my house behind us. The street was barren and I checked the time on my phone. It was ½ past 7 in the morning. We walked down the street in silence until we got to the corner. “You know, no guy has ever been this nice to me. Walking me somewhere, paying for me, it’s all a bit much to take in.” She said as we crossed the street.

“You’re an attractive young lady. I’m sure if you find the right guy, he’ll treat you like a goddess and you’ll know he worships you, and loves you.” I said.

“What about making love? Will I know doing that when I find him?” She asked. I had to blush at this comment.

“It’ll be more intense than anything you’ve experienced so far, especially when he takes you for your first time. My wife swears she lost her virginity twice.” I told her.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I said. “When I first met Andrea, she pretty much planned on not having sex with me, and I didn’t expect to, especially after eating some airport food that made me sick, but that first night, we made love like rabbits, and for the five days we were together afterwards. It was like nothing we had ever done before.”

“Did you get her pregnant?” She asked.

“No, we used protection.” I said. “Now that we’re married we’re trying but so far no luck.” I said.

“Wow, I hope I can find a man that’s so devout.” She said.

“You will.” I said as we walked into the building.

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