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It’s 1987, I’m thirteen and I’m naked and kneeling between my dad’s legs sucking his cock. It’s not the first time. He has his fingers tangled in my hair and he’s guiding my head, telling me how to take his cock in my mouth. Once in awhile, he lets one of his hands drop down to one of my naked tits, pinching and twisting the nipples. It hurts, but then it feels good too.

“Oh, baby girl, you suck so fucking good!” he moans and begins to thrust his hips up to my mouth, putting more cock down my throat. I let go of his cock and begin to play with his balls, causing him to moan more loudly and writhe more wildly. This little girl knows what her dad likes. I take hold of his cock again and force as much of it into my mouth as I can. My dad’s whole body tenses, then a geyser of jizz shoots into my mouth, filling my throat and mouth so fast some of it dribbles past my lips and onto my ripe little tits.

Swallowing my dad’s hot cum, I lay back on the carpet with my legs spread and start playing with my pussy. My dad watches for awhile, then gets up to find the video camera and a dildo for my hungry little cunt. I’m ramming two fingers up my snatch, when he comes back into the room. It feels so good, I almost forget he’s videotaping me. I get up on my knees and he gets down behind me to get a better shot of my fingers sliding up my pussy and asshole at the same time.

“Fuck yes. The guys at work are going to love this tape.” He hands me the dildo and tells me to fuck myself with it. I lean forward, my chin on the carpet and work the dildo into my sopping wet cunt. It’s about eight inches long and four inches around, bigger than my dad’s dick, but not more than I can take. I work it in an inch at a time, enjoying every bit of it going up my steaming pussy.

I fuck myself hard with the dildo and tease my clit with my thumb at the same time. I hear my dad breathing faster and harder, and know he’s got another hard-on. After banging my pussy until it’s all sloppy and wet, I take the dildo out and start to work it up my tight butthole. I have the tip in and slowly let the rest slide up. It’s not too difficult since my cunt juice has lubricated it really well.

“Baby, I’m going to have to jump in here because my dick’s about to pop watching you fuck yourself.” He puts the video camera on the sofa and gets on his knees behind me. He pulls the dildo out of my asshole and replaces it with his prick. He’s not gentle either. As soon as he tugs the dildo out of my ass, he rams his cock up me. My chin hits the carpet as he grabs my ass and shoves my butt cheeks together, getting a tight hold on his cock up my ass. This is his favorite way to fuck me.

“You are the sweetest fucking piece of meat.” He tells me as he gets into a rhythm. His pole fills up my shit chute. He grinds into me, getting his dick in as far as he can. He drapes his body over me and takes a tit in each hand. I feel fully fucked. He shudders with every thrust, making me feel the full length of Porno hikayeleri his cock. I can’t wait until he cums in my ass. I love the feeling of spunk filling up my butthole.

I forget about the camera that’s taping us and lose myself in the way my dad fucks me. We’ve only been doing it a couple of months, since the day after I turned thirteen. The first few times, all my dad did was make me suck him and jerk off in my face. Then, one night he came into my room and ate me out, making me cum over and over again and finished off by popping my cherry and fucking my pussy almost raw. Now, we fuck most days before my mom gets home from work. Sometimes, he likes to videotape what we do and show it to his friends at work.

I can feel his dick throbbing in my asshole. It’s going to feel so creamy good when he cums, but he pulls out and brings his cock around to my face and tells me to suck it. It’s slick from being up my ass and more than a little juicy, but I don’t care. I open my mouth and let him slide it in. I immediately taste the strong ass juices on my tongue. He’s fucking my mouth hard, letting his balls bounce off my chin. He makes me lift my head up so my tits jiggle more, telling me the guys like to see my tits.

“I don’t think I’m going to keep you all to myself any longer. I know the guys at work would love to fuck your sweet little mouth the way I am right now.” He sighs and thrusts hard down my throat. I’m ready for him to cum, but he pulls out and aims at my tits. A big splash of sperm lands on my tits and drips down between them and down further between my legs. When I look up, he shoots another creamy load right in my face. I lick it off my lips and smile at him through the cum bath he’s given me.

He turns off the camera and tells me, “You are one nasty little slut.” He smiles, then tells me to get dressed. He tells me there’s no time like the present and he’s going to pass me around while I’m hot. I find something to wear, deciding on a pair of silky blue thong panties, a black mini skirt that’s so tight you can see the outline of my thong and a white baby tee with a pink heart right between my tits. My dad loves the outfit when he sees it. He tells me I look just like what I am, a little girl who craves cock.

He gets on the phone and dials up a friend of his. He’s one of the few friends who doesn’t have to worry about a wife or a girlfriend walking in on the party. We get on the freeway and drive to the other side of the valley. I can feel my pussy getting creamy just thinking about all the dicks it’s going to have in it. While he’s driving, my dad slides his hand between my legs and slips a finger under the elastic of my panties and right into my juicy cunt. I let him finger fuck me until I cum, humping his whole hand.

We pull into the driveway of one of the larger houses on the block. Walking up to the door, my dad tells me he’s got a hard-on thinking about all the dicks I’m going to have in me. He rings the bell Sex hikayeleri and a man comes to the door. His name is Ken and he’s really good looking. He smiles and shows us in. The living room is huge. There are two white couches in front of a fireplace and a large oak coffee table between them. He gets my dad a drink and a me a coke. We sit down to wait for the other guys. We don’t have to wait long.

Two other men show up about fifteen minutes after us, Jack and Dan. Jack is tall with dark hair. Dan is shorter, stockier and blonde. They start teasing me immediately. I feel special, getting so much attention. Ken gets things started by asking me to strip for them. He has me get on the coffee table. I don’t know what to do, so I start to sway from side to side. I feel very sexy with all these men looking at me. I slowly take my top off and begin to play with my tits, bouncing them in my hands and pinching the nipples.

“Come on baby, show the guys some pussy,” My dad says. I lift up my skirt and move the crotch of my panties to one side and show them my baby-smooth pussy. My dad keeps me shaved. Ken smiles and licks his lips. I slide a finger in, pull it out and suck on it. Dan kneels on the table, lifts up my skirt and starts sucking on my pussy. I almost lose my balance, but he grabs my ass cheeks and buries his face between my legs while the other guys laugh. His tongue feels incredible, sliding up between my cunt lips and into my snatch.

I hear my dad say, “Time to share.” I feel hands on my body, laying me down on the table. Dan takes his mouth away from my pussy. Ken gets between my legs, his fat cock in his hand. He puts the head up to my cunt lips and rubs it around in the wetness that’s there. He finds my clit and bangs against it. Then he shoves his prick up me, hard and fast. The guys all cheer him on and he starts fucking me, his thrusts so fast and tight that he lifts my ass off the table. It feels fantastic.

I close my eyes and enjoy Ken’s cock. I feel a pair of hands on my tits and then a cockhead on one of my nipples. I open my eyes and watch Dan rub his dick on my tits. He smiles down at me. “You want to suck me off baby?” I nod and he moves up to my mouth, putting his cock on my lips. “Are you a good little cocksucker?” I nod again and smile. He slips his dickhead past my lips and onto my tongue. I lick and bite at his cock. He moans and leans into my mouth. It feels so good to have a cock in my mouth and my pussy at the same time. I lay back and let them fuck me.

“You look good baby. You look so good getting fucked.” My dad is watching everything. I feel Ken moving faster, in and out of my totally drenched cunt. He pushes his cock all the way in, his balls crushed against my ass cheeks. I know he’s going to cum. I clench my cunt muscles, he thrusts and he shoots a load. I feel it running out of my cunt and down between my ass cheeks. He thrusts again and shoots another load. My dad tells me I’m going to be drowning in Sikiş hikayeleri cum tonight.

Ken pulls out and Dan climbs on the table to get a better angle on my mouth. Jack takes Ken’s place in my squishy pussy. Jack slides in easily. He fucks me slowly, his hands holding my thighs apart. Dan is fucking my throat at full throttle. I gag a little as he hits the back of my throat. I can’t wait to eat his creamy spunk. I want to taste everyone’s cum. Dan starts moving faster. His balls slapping against my chin. I run my hands along the inside of his thighs, carefully take hold of his balls and send him over the edge. I’m choking on what seems like a gallon of cum. He’s right at the opening of my throat, so it all goes straight down, every drop.

Dan climbs off my face and Jack really starts banging away at me. He lowers his mouth to one of my tits and takes the nipple into his mouth. I start cumming. It feels that good. He pulls out after I cum and tells me to get on my knees. He enters my cunt from behind and fucks me more slowly. I feel one of his fingers going up my ass. He asks me if I like it up the ass. I tell him yes and feel him pull out of my pussy and rub his dickhead against my butthole. I exhale and he starts buttfucking me.

I push my hips back against him, taking his prick in my ass. I feel so slutty when I’m taking it up the ass. I have my head down, but my dad raises my face to his cock. “Ready for daddy, baby?” I nod and open my mouth wide. My body is tugged back and forth between my dad and Jack while Ken and Dan watch. Jack tells me how silky and tight my asshole is. My dad pulls his cock out of my mouth and hits me with it, letting the precum smear across my lips. Jack’s cock completely fills my shit chute. My dad works his meat back down my throat, telling me to suck harder.

I push two fingers up inside my pussy and begin finger banging myself, wanting to cum again while I’m being double fucked. Jack’s fingers find mine and I let him practically fist fuck me while he reams me out. I cum hard, skewering my pussy on Jack’s hand. Jack moves his hand from my juicy fuckhole to hold my hips while he fucks my butt. He moans loudly and I feel it, a big gush of spunk filling up my butthole, running out and down my legs. That’s when my dad cums in my face, spraying me with his cream.

I lay down on my back on the table and let Ken and Dan jerk off on me. Watching all the fuck action got them both hard again. I reach up and help stroke the two dicks pointed at me. I think about how I’m going to get some boys I know at school to gangbang me. I bet boys cum loads and loads. While I’m thinking about all my future fucks and stroking their cocks, Ken and Dan spurt all over my face, tits, belly and pussy. I’m drenched.

My dad tells me to take a shower before we go. When I get out of the shower, I hear him telling the guys how they can fuck me whenever they want. Dan says something about getting his daughter in on it. I think about how hot it would be to eat all their cum out of another girl’s pussy or even her asshole. I want to do everything. I can’t wait. Between then and now, I’ve fucked a lot of men. This is just how I got started.

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