31 year old Marie stood in the anteroom looking at herself in the floor length mirror. She is standing there in her bra, panties and garter belt holding up her stockings. She reaches over and runs her hand lovingly over her dress. She had been dating Mitch Andrews for three years and she became his wife. She moved in together 6 months before but now she is still a virgin. He would hold her every night but she refused to consummate their marriage. She would struggle against him when he would play with her with his fingers and his lips but that was as far as it went. She looks in the mirror again and smiles. She has always been proud of her body, at 5’6″ and maybe 110 lbs. Her tits are pert and stuck out away from her body perfectly with no sag to them. She loves to have her 32 B tits sucked. She cups her bra encased tits moaning as her nipples hardened. She sighs softly staring at her reflection in the mirror.

She looks at the clock and sighs, she has a half hour to finish getting ready for her first counseling session. She was sent to the farm for sexual training.She reaches over and picks up her dress and holds it gently in her hands. She is about to put it on when she hears the door open. She turns stunned wondering who it could be and gasps. I stood there staring at her with a smirk on my face. I’m in my mid to late 50’s with salt and pepper hair that hung down to my collar and a muscular build. My green eyes move over her body in a way that makes her very uncomfortable. She grabs her dress holding it in front of her like a shield. ” M…Mr. Malone,” She gasps looking at me. “W…what do you want?”

I smiled as I clicked the lock on the door. She gasps as she hears it click shivering in fear. ” M…Mr. Malone, I am here for sexual counseling in a little over a half hour. You shouldn’t be in here.” I smile evilly at her walking towards her slowly. ” You are beautiful Marie. I’m here to counsel you sexually” I said softly my voice husky. She holds the dress tight against her as she watches me. She backs up as far as she can until she feels the wall behind her. ” T…thank you.” She stammers watching me with wide eyes. I continue stalking towards her then stop right in front of her. I place my hands on either side of her body leaning against her making her feel very uncomfortable. ” W…what do you…?” Her words are cut off as I press my lips to hers, kissing her hard, my tongue forcing its way between her lips and into her mouth. She gasps against my mouth placing her hands on my chest to push me away as the dress fell from her fingers. I press my body against hers as I deepened the kiss. Marie whimpers against my mouth pushing against my chest but it is like pushing against a wall. She can’t budge me.

She tore her mouth away from me gasping breathlessly. ” M…Mr. Malone, please.” She begs pushing against my chest again.
I brought one hand up to her breast pushing the bra down exposing the flesh to my eyes. ” You have a beautiful body my dear.” I sigh cupping her breast and gently squeezing it. She stares at me wide eyed as I caress her breast grinding my crotch against hers. She starts breathing heavier and her hands aren’t having much success pushing me away. ” M…Mr. Malone?” She gasps softly. I continue caressing her breast as I take my other hand slipping it down inside her panties. She cries out as I cup her pussy with my fingers then slip my finger between her pussy lips flicking my finger tip against her clit. ” M…Mr. Malone….” She gasps in surprise as I slowly finger her clit. I smile continuing up the slow torturous assault. ” So you have not allowed your husband to fuck you and consummate your marriage?” I asked huskily pushing further down her panties until I’m able to slide a finger inside her slowly start sawing it in and out.

Marie’s eyes went wide and she whimpers then grabs at my wrist trying to pull my hands away. ” P…please.” She begs pulling at my hand. I pull my hand out grabbing her panties, pulling ripping them from her body. She whimpers and stared at me with scared eyes. She tries closing her legs tight but I just push them apart shoving my hand between her legs once more, this time pushing two fingers inside her working them in and out as I mashed her clit with my thumb. ” Ugh, w…what are you doing to me?” She breathes softly pulling at my hand once more even as her pussy lit up with desire and she pushes her hips towards my hand. I chuckle and leaned my head forward nibbling at her neck as I paw at her breast and continue slowly fingering her hot cunt. Marie can’t stop the movement of her hips and try as she might she can’t hold back the moan that escapes her lips as my fingers start moving faster inside her. ” Oh yeah, you like that don’t you little one?” I growl biting gently at her ear. Her breathing starts coming out labored as Sex hikayeleri I push her hard towards release. She grips my wrist to pull me away but instead just held onto it as she humps against my hand. ” P…please.” She begs looking at me through half closed eyes.

” Please what little one?” I growl against her ear. ” Please more, gladly.” I slid a third finger into her tight pussy forcefully working them in and out as I pummeled her clit with my thumb. Marie’s breathing became more ragged and moans are filling the room between her closed lips as she humps forcefully against me. I lower my lips to her tit taking her nipple into my mouth sucking gently on it. Marie whimpers wrapping her hand around my head holding me tight against her. Her pussy is on fire and I’m the only one who can put it out. She closes her eyes trying to picture her husband’s face, but all she sees is mine and my fingers. ” Ugh, oh god I’m cummminnnnnggggg…” She cries clinging to me as she shakes with release. ” Oh yes, cling to those fingers.” I growl against her tit as I fingered her harder and faster than before. My fingers are coated in her juices and I smile as I lick at her nipple once more, and then bit down on it gently.

Marie moans hotly and holds tightly to my head holding me against her. She feels her orgasm rising once more and moans hotly humping wildly against my hand. ” Yes, make me cum again.” She begs closing her eyes tight and pretending it is her husband who is driving her crazy with lust. My fingers thrusting inside her and my thumb mashing her clit, then I dig my nail into her clit and she squeals as she coats my fingers once more. I pull away from her smiling as she slides down the wall her legs giving out on her. Her breathing is ragged and she looks up at me with passion filled eyes. I pull my pants open reaching in grasping my 9 inch cock pulling it out. She looks up at me wide eyed. ” WH…what are you planning on doing?” She asks softly

I grab her arm pulling until she is on her knees in front of me. I tangle my fingers in her hair rubbing my cock against her mouth, ” Open up little girl.” I growl softly.” Marie whimpers slowly opening her lips. When I push my cock into her mouth her eyes got wide as I slowly start working it in and out. ” Suck on that hot cock little one.” I sigh loving the feeling of her tongue moving over me. She wraps her hand around the base of my cock pulling her mouth back until only the head is inside her mouth. She tries to pull off completely but I pull on her hair forcing my cock back into her mouth. “Suck it,” I growl. She sighs closing her eyes as she starts sucking on me, gently at first, her tongue moving over me seductively, then harder as I start fucking her face. I push into her mouth until I feel it pressing against her throat then pull back only to push my cock inside her mouth once more. My hands are tight in her hair as she sucks on me and she keeps her eyes closed even as her breathing became ragged once more and her pussy starts leaking like a faucet.

I close my eyes as I fuck her face moaning. ” Oh yes little one, you have a hot little mouth.” I moan louder when her tongue brushes against the tip of my cock and she sucks on the head. I pull my cock out of her mouth smiling down at her. She looks up at me through passion filled eyes. ” Ready for the next step little one?” I grin. ” N…next step?” She asks softly. I push on her shoulders until she is on her hands and knees before me. I kick off my pants and shoes then move up behind her pushing her legs apart. She shivers as she feels my hand caressing her ass. ” W…what are you going to do?” She asks shakily looking over her shoulder at me. I smile rubbing my cock up and down against her hot pussy. Marie moans lowering her head then looks back at me once more. ” I’m going to fuck you little one.” I growl softly rubbing my cock against her entrance.

” Noooooooooo…” She cries trying to pull away from me. ” I…I’m saving that for my husband.” I grab her hips holding her tight against me as I line my cock up at her entrance. ” It’s time for you to have a cock inside you.” I said with a chuckle. I line my cock up then slam forward with my hips burying myself inside her and tearing through her hymen. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh…” She cries digging her nails into the carpet as she feels her insides torn apart. I hold myself buried inside her looking at her in shock. ” I love a virgin.” I chuckle as I rub her ass. Marie hangs her head towards the floor. ” P…Please, it hurts.” She cries as I slowly thrust in and out of her. I rub her ass as I pull out to the head then slowly penetrate her once more. ” Relax little one, you are going to love this.” I push in until she has all of me then pull out once more slowly fucking her with long, deep strokes.

Marie Sikiş hikayeleri whimpering digging her nails across the carpet, as she holds her body still. Her pussy is burning but I didn’t care, she is humiliated and knew that her husband wouldn’t want her now. She lowers her body to the carpet and starts crying as she feels me moving inside her. ” God you are so tight.” I growl gripping her hips pulling her back against me as I thrust faster inside her. Marie whimpering in pain and I smile, I reach under her body flicking my finger repeatedly over her clit as I start fucking her harder, deeper and faster. ” Ugh, w…what are you doing to me?” Marie panting as her pussy starts heating up and the pain fades to be replaced with burning pleasure.

I chuckle as I flick my finger faster over her clit and she pants with need and starts pushing back against me pulling me deeper inside her. ” You feel good little girl.” I growl fucking her harder as her breathing becomes more labored. ” Cum for me little one, cum all over that hot cock.” Marie tosses her head back and forth slamming her body back against me as I slam into her. ” Ugh, oh…oh god fuck me. I’m cummminnnnnggggg…” She cries as her body shook with release. I growl hotly as I feel her pussy tighten around me. ” Oh yes, that’s it little one. Cum all over that hot cock.” I fuck her faster and harder, drilling deep inside her hearing her cries as I push her forcefully towards release once more. ” God I love your hot little pussy, your husband is a lucky guy.”

Marie has her eyes closed as pleasure courses through her body. She slams her pussy back against me repeatedly pulling me deeper inside her with each stroke. She is on the verge of cumming again. ” Oh god no.” She cries trying to pull away from my powerful thrusts. I grab her hips holding her tight against me as I suddenly cry out, bottoming out inside her as my cock spills my hot cum inside her. ” Oh fuck yessssssssssss….” I growl holding myself buried inside her. I pull out of her and leave. Two hours later I return to her room. Just as she steps past me, he spring into action. A quick hand against her mouth and I easily dragd her down to the carpet. She fought swinging her arms but she is no match for me. I had her down on the bedroom floor covering her with my weight. I look down at the beauty lying fearfully under me again. My hand covering her mouth to prevent the screams. Her dark eyes are wide with fear.

My hand went to the ‘V’ neckline of her dress. One strong yank and the entire front is gone. Marie is only left with her lacy white bra, matching panties, and low heels. Another grab and the bra is gone. I lean forward licking at her tender pink nipples. Marie shook her head from side to side, trying somehow to get away. Her nipples begin to harden under the constant sucking by me. Next her tiny panties are rolled down the trim legs and over her heels. I move my head down to her pussy. My tongue slides into her slit. Marie squirms like crazy to get away from my exploring tongue. Her cunt begins to excrete some juice in reaction to my exploring tongue. I lick down the trim legs to her ankles. I then slip off her heels. I now have the opportunity to worship her sexy small feet. I caress her feet, licks her tender soles and tiny manicured pink toes. Marie struggles but there is no way to stop me, while pleading “Please ……oh, please ……….please stop …..please……….don’t do this to me ……….please, Not again!”

Getting up, I strip off my clothes. Marie again stares at my huge body, her body shaking in fear and unable to scream. I drop my pants and my giant cock springs to life, Marie’s eyes wide as she struggles to get free. Wanting to worship at her feet, I kneel down and grasp her tiny feet. I cup her tiny feet around my oozing cock. Marie feels sick as slime begins to soil her toes and tender soles. I force her feet around my cock and begin to fuck between her soles. As I furiously fuck Marie’s sexy feet, women with small delicate feet are very sexy. When her feet are at the base of my cock, an additional 8″ of the monster cock stood out, starring at her, like a snake ready to strike. Venom begins to seethe from the snake’s head to soil her feet. The slimy venom serves as a lubricant and the snake is fucked faster and faster between the soft feet. Finally the snake struck, a stream of white venom arches from its head, striking as far as the tip of her chin and down to pussy. I then cup her feet together to capture the remaining cupful of white venom.

Finally the long snake begin to leave her feet covered thick slimy white goo it had spit out. The snake then slithers over her soles, pushing the white goo to cover and web the toes to each other. Marie is again devastated in shame and humiliation. This defiling act has stripped her Erotik hikaye of her dignity. Marie feels nothing worst can happen. But the worst is to come again. I rest my body on top of the stunned beauty. Looking at her beauty, stripped naked in front of me, it is time for my long snake to again slip inside her tight pussy. Now to again deflower this delicate beauty. My snake twitches with the thought of laying another load in this beauty’s womb. I crouch down to taste her wet pussy. My wet tongue is like a little snake exploring her again. My long snake is so gooey from my last adventure that I grab her torn panties to wipe the slime off a bit. I’m looking forward to stretching this beauty’s tight narrow canal again. Marie attempts to scream, the torn slimy panties are stuffed in her mouth, stifling any noise. Marie’s eyes widened as she got her first taste of cum. Now I;m set to again to fill her with my snake and cum.

Grabbing her by the ankles, her cum drenched feet pointing to the ceiling, I shuffle between her trim thighs. The slimy 9″ cock is hard as an iron bar, dripping slime at its tip. I greased her sore slit to make the plunge easier. Marie squirms to get free but to no avail. She wants desperately to save herself for her husband. Not to be taken by me again. What if she got pregnant by me. My cockhead pushes in, her muffled screams can not be heard by anyone outside of the room. Her muffled screams excites me. I had to take her now, I rear back lunging forward with all my might. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……….………..noooooooooooooo…………………..…….aarrrrggggh!” She screams louder than before. Only 4″ has gone in and the head had met the resistance of her tight pussy. Rearing back, my full force and weight is again hurtling forward, to stretch her tight narrow channel. ” Noooooooooo ……………….no …………………..nooo …………………………..……aieeeeeeeeeeee!” came a muffled scream.

The full 9″ has driven through the tight channel. My cock soaked in oozing juice and blood as I whisper in Marie’s ear ” You are now ready for your husband. No more excuse for you to be fridged.” Marie begins to sob in shame tears running down her face, feeling my cock twitching in her ruptured cunt again. I begin to fuck her hard. In and out, in and out, for 15 minutes while Marie pleads with me to stop. I look down smiling at my newest conquest, withdrawing my cock to the tip eyeing my long thick cock covered in cherry red blood. Marie’s thighs are again streaked with her bright red blood, the remnants of her busted cherry. A puddle of blood has formed on the carpet again as a result of non-stop flow of juice and blood.

I continue to hammer her delicate body. Her body can not help but to respond. The continuous rubbing of her clit, by the thrusting cock, has involuntarily aroused her sexual responses. Slowly the trim legs begin to rise up higher and tighten around the massive body, with the cum soaked feet locking around each other. Marie feels an overpowering wave of pleasure overtaking her. She begins to convulse in an orgasm, her third or fourth orgasm. Trying not to give in to feeling pleasure from the sexual mating, Marie moans ” Oh, nooooooooo.……………..…..oh, God ………………….….oh, oh …………..…….oh, what’s happening?” her body betrays her again. She convulses in a huge orgasm, around the massive muscle inside her destroying her innocence. I smile at my accomplishment and can’t hold back much longer. I want to humiliate this beauty before I exploded. As Marie gradually drifts down from the heights of her climax, my cock begins to jerk and pulsate in her bloody cavern. I’m use extreme self-control to keep from exploding. Marie’s mind is coming back to reality. She looks at me on top of her groaning in shame, realizing she has reached orgasms from me who has ripped her cherry apart.

To add the final insult, my cock pulsating and fully embedded in her I look into her eyes and snickered ” Now I’m going to my shoot my dirty seed in your womb and make you a baby!” Marie shook her head moaning through the slimy panty gag, ” Nooooo, please, please don’t ………………..please, I don’t want a baby. Please pull it out, please, please!” With that plea, I hold back no more and unleashed my snake to do its deed. The head expanded and exploded directly into Marie’s womb. Stream after stream of seed is injected into her. Marie continues to twist about, head twisting, tears flowing. ” Ahhhhhhhhhh …………here it is!” I moan as I emptied my cock deep in her womb. Pulling the now dormant 6″ shrinking snake out, I observe it now streaked in a pink slime, a mixture of cum and cherry juice. The slime coated panties are pulled out of her mouth. Marie breathes a sigh of relief.

Resting, I watch the delicate beauty, curled up on her side. What a beautiful sight she made. I whispered ” Your husband will be here to pick you tomorrow. He arranged and paid for these sessions.”

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