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There she sat, a dirty little girl, lying naked on her bed legs spread wide apart fingers thrusting in and out of her sopping cunt. She reached for her vibrator and turned it on, a loud buzzing noise could be heard and she moved it deep inside her whilst she tickled her clit with her fingers. She knew she wasn’t allowed to do this, if he ever found out he would be so mad! But he had been away in London for days and she was just aching for relief. She was so close to climax now she was thrusting her pelvis on the bed imagining his cock deep inside her, imagining him spanking her bottom for being such a dirty girl. Her cum started to run down the insides of her thighs as she orgasmed, the first time in days.
She didn’t shower after, she was in a rush to get to work, and anyway she kind of liked the squishy feeling she got in her wet, black, lacy knickers as she walked out of their apartment building. She sat at work wishing she didn’t have to be there, imagining her bosses reaction if he realised shed slipped her fingers into her swollen cunt under the desk, the other hand working away with the mouse on the computer. It was the slowest day ever, she achieved nothing as she couldn’t focus her mind on anything other than sex.

When she got home she found an old tape she had bought a few years ago from a dark little shop in Islington when she too worked in the city. She put it into the dusty tape player and pressed play, watching intently as two girls were caught with dildos in an inspection of their rooms in the catholic Sex hikayeleri reformatory. She moved her hand down and pressed it against herself as she watched them being stripped and caned in front of the other girls. Punished for their dirty sins, exposing their anuses as their legs were spread far apart as they bend over the spanking bench on the school stage.

She heard the door click open and immediately flicked the TV off in a hurry. He walked straight into the front room to see her on the sofa, her legs still wide apart and her skirt hitched up high. She jumped and closed her legs quickly, trying to sit up straight and look like a lady. He demanded to know what she had been doing. Nothing she insisted, just resting.

“A definite lie, you lady. Stand up, NOW.”

She stood up biting her bottom lip… she had missed him!

“Since you have been doing nothing, you won’t mind if I inspect your panties then will you?”

She shook her head, knowing that he would soon find out what his dirty little girl had been doing. He made her pull up her skirt and hold it underneath her armpits, then lie down on the floor whilst spreading her legs open. He pulled her panties up towards her ankles and took them off her. He examined the filthy, gooey crotch of her beautiful black panties… “Disgusting”.

He pushed her legs wide open so her clit was exposed and her wetness was blatantly obvious. He stroked his fingers around her clitoris, never actually touching it, teasing her naughty pussy. He took the disgraced Sikiş hikayeleri panties and started to wipe her pussy with them, grazing them against her clit making her increasingly wet. When the panties were covered all over with her cum he pulled her up from the floor.

He pulled the coffee table closer to them and guided his naughty little girl over it, her tits hanging over one side, her pubic area pressed against the other. He smacked the insides of her thighs several times, indicating that he wanted her legs wide open. As she did so he rolled the panties up into a ball and pressed them against her lips, waiting only moments before she open her mouth to accept them, it would only hurt her bottom more if she didn’t! She tasted the saltiness of her juices in her mouth, her clitoris tingling and she waited for her punishment.

He went into the bedroom and reappeared with the riding crop she used to use for its proper purpose, some years ago. He came over to her exposed bottom and thighs and told her to spread them further. He could see her anus now, pert and waiting for punishment. He caressed her bottom with the end of the crop, just before bringing down a hard whack on the crease of her bottom. He continued to repeat this process over and over on her bottom and tops of her thighs, taking pleasure in her yelps and moans through her gagged mouth. She needed this punishment, she wanted it in fact. But that didn’t make it hurt any less. Her bottom and thighs burned with the sharp sting of the crop.

He Erotik hikaye stopped momentarily and came round to the other side of the table. He held her head up and removed the filthy panties from her mouth looked her in the eye before kissing her. He let go of her head and gave her naughty tits a few sharp smacks.

“Get up” he commanded.

She pushed herself up from the table hoping it was over. It wasn’t.

He lead her to the end of the table where he told her to wait. He went into the bathroom, returning with a cup of water and a toothbrush covered in liquid soap.

“Open up”

He brushed her filthy, lying mouth with the soap, his cock ready to burst as he took pleasure from the bubbles foaming and escaping from her mouth, running down her chin.

He told her to lay down on the table, still with the foul soap suds in her moth. He stretched her legs up to by her head, putting her in a deeply humiliating position, exposing everything she had. He picked up the crop and delivered a few sharp stings to her inner thighs. Her cunt was still glistening with her cum.

He took off his trousers and his boxers while she watched, aching for his hard cock inside her. He walked round to the back of her head and she felt him straddle her, sitting lightly on the backs of her sore thighs his bottom thrust in her face. He reached below with his hand to give a flurry of spanks to her dirty, wanton pussy. He rose from the table and walked around to the end of the table. She was on the brink of orgasm and so was he. He thrust his rock hard dick inside her over and over until he squirted his load inside her grateful cunt as she screamed and writhed in pleasure. A dirty little girl. His dirty little girl.

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