Happy and gay! – Part 2


Once he moved in with me for the next whole week we were exploring each other’s bodies and were fucking like mad rabbits. As a kinky fetish we did not throw away our used condoms for that whole week and on the weekend we counted and found out that we had used 70 condoms in 6 days! We were up at night almost every night that week. We used to sleep for hardly 3-4 hours a day but still I was not feeling exhausted a single bit because of the amazing sex I was getting.

I was so engrossed with my new found lover that I had almost forgotten to call Kamal (my secretary friend with benefit in Delhi). For which, later I had to plead her a lot ;). In that week we instantly became comfortable with each other. We talked about our past sexual history and shared our experiences and exchanged sexual techniques. Even though he was younger than me, I found out that he was a real seasoned lover and really knew the art of lovemaking whereas I was a little rough and raw in the bed. We both enjoyed each other’s traits really very much.

After two or three weeks of staying together, making love and being comfortable with each other we decided to take our adventure a step forward. We decided to try bareback. I found it risky but he assured me that he was clean. I decided to trust him. We decided to do this on Friday night as we would be getting weekend to enjoy our adventure.

On Friday night I took him for a dinner in a fancy Chinese restaurant in the town. It was a really pleasant evening. While coming back to my apartment from the restaurant I dropped by the drugstore to buy some lube but I resisted from buying condoms.

After coming to the apartment we decided to have a shower together. We undressed each other quickly and started their hot stream of water. We started kissing each other passionately. After kissing and caressing each other for some time I groped his cock and balls viciously making him groan in pain. I felt even hornier and I continued to pain him for some more time. As soon as I left him I went down to suck Sex hikayeleri his erection. He didn’t let me do that. Instead he said “wait…I have a surprise for you”. He had an exceptionally long and velvety soft foreskin. He pulled his foreskin back exposing his velvety purple knob. I had a healthy foreskin too as I am not circumcised. He pulled me towards himself and pulled my foreskin back. He then touched our knobs to each other and tried to hold them in that position. As our cocks were extremely hard and slippery due to the precum they were slipping a lot. He had a solution for that too! He then moved his foreskin forward covering not only his knob but my knob too! It was like a cockbridge!

He then started stroking that cockbridge in soft caressing motion. I had never felt so amazing. Within a few minutes we both were shooting our loads in the foreskin covering our cocks. We quickly cleaned ourselves up and rushed for the bedroom.

He quickly went down on me and started giving me a blowjob. His soft warm lips and tongue started working their magic on my cock and I regained erection within a few minutes. If he would have continued that for a few minutes more I would have again shot my load in his mouth but he didn’t allow me to. He wanted to fuck and so did I. we moved to couch. He sat on the couch and I returned the favour of the blowjob. His hot and hard cock felt so good in my mouth. I kept him sucking for till he shot in my mouth. I swallowed each and every drop. I kept him milking till his balls went dry. He was not at all happy to cum so early but I really wanted to make him cum in my mouth. I kissed him giving him a taste of his own cum off my lips.

My cock was now aching to get into his love hole. I took the bottle of lube from the side table and lubed my cock thoroughly. I took a load full of lube and put it on his rosebud. I inserted one lube drenched finger up his ass lubing him thoroughly. Once I was done with that I asked him to sit on my cock and get it in his ass. It slipped really Sikiş hikayeleri easily now. Within one stroke my pole was buried deep in his hole. I started sucking his lips and biting them. His hot hard cock was brushing my belly continuously. I was licking his face and neck and ears. I was nibbling his earlobe making him moan in pleasure and pain.

I started fucking him slowly and playing with his nipples. His nipples were hard and perky. I started stroking in and out in long smooth strokes. He hugged me tight with lust and our bodies started grinding each other in unison. I was enjoying his tightness around my shaft. After some time I started gathering some pace. Suddenly he made me stop. I was a little surprised and a disappointed a lot as I didn’t want to stop at all. He got up from my cock and I felt a sudden gush of disappointment of losing such a pleasure. But I found out that this was just momentary and he just wanted to try a new position. He again sat on my cock sliding my well lube cock effortlessly up his arse. Now he was sitting with his back towards me giving me excellent access to his chest and cock. I started stroking his cock furiously.

Our bodies were moving in unison. I couldn’t hold for long and started breeding him with my hot lovejuice. He still wasn’t ready to cum. I started pumping his cock viciously. Within a few moments he was jetting out his load all over my hand. We felt exhausted and stayed there to catch our breath. My first bareback experience proved to be out of this world. Our cocks were dripping with semen and instead of cleaning them with a paper napkin we decided to have a 69 on the couch itself. We took each other’s limp cum covered cocks in our mouths and serviced them till we regained our erection.

Now it was time for me to get my first bareback fuck. I was a little nervous but he calmed my nerves. He took me to the bed and asked me to get on all fours. After so much of experience I knew that his favourite lube was his saliva and strangely it worked really Erotik hikaye well. But I never dared to lick his asshole, I never felt like doing so. He was a real expert at annulingus. His tongue was working magic on my hole. He relaxed me quite quickly.

He then aligned himself to my rear entrance and slowly started pushing his way into me. It felt awesome beyond words. Skin to skin…the sensation was beyond words. The touch of his foreskin to my rim was amazing. Being lubed up so well he didn’t find any difficulty in going all the way in the first full stroke itself. I could feel the sensation of real cock for the first time. Then I understood what I was missing with the condom between me and my lover.
He was having nice and smooth strokes. Holding my hips for grip he was taking his sweet time to complete his strokes. I was in a mood for good fuck but he kept me teasing like that for some more time. He exactly knew how to tease his lover for maximum pleasure. I couldn’t take it more. I literally begged him to fuck me.

Finally he had some mercy on me. He hugged me tightly from behind and started stroking my cock with his free hand. Now he was fucking in short and fast strokes. I could feel the walls of my rectum clinching his cock. I was in pure bliss, moaning loudly with unprecedented pleasure. we were enjoying a long lovemaking as we had already cummed a couple of times.

We then switched positions. He lay down on his back and I sat on his erect flagpole. He started humping me from the down. I was enjoying each and every moment. But the ecstasy took better of me and I started feeling my balls boiling for a release. Without a moment’s notice I started ejaculating my load on his belly and chest. He milked me dry with his hand and kept fucking me till he was ready to shoot his load. He was approaching his boiling point like a bullet train and I could feel his cock swelling inside me. He started filling my bowels with his young cum. It felt out of this world.

I lay down beside him with our bodies nothing but mess of sweat and cum. He hugged and kissed me and rested his head on my hairy chest. We slept like that for the rest of the night.

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