Laura, Chapter 5


Laura, Chapter 5

(Chapter 3 introduced Richie, a schoolmate of Nikki’s with a giant-sized cock. In Chapter 4 both Richie and Nikki fuck Nikki’s under-age wife, Laura, Richie in her pussy while Nikki is in her asshole. This of course sends Laura into seventh heaven. In this chapter, the focus changes from Richie to Laura’s parents, who have a serious sex problem.)

Richie became a regular fixture around the house, and finally, we gave him a key so he could come in and out when we were not home. As far as I was concerned, he could fuck Laura anytime he wanted to, and he did. He fucked Laura alone, with me around watching, or both of us together, cunt and asshole, or one of us in her mouth. The arrangement got the pressure off Richie to look for dates, and he had excellent grades in school. And I was never wanting for sex. If Laura and Richie got together for a tripleheader and he completely wiped her out with cums, she was always ready for another with me, and more than that, tired or not, she always came when I did. She was really a terrific wife and I tried to be an equally terrific husband for her, and we loved each other more every day.

She was a good cook, and that attracted her folks a lot. They were around for supper once or twice a week. I always got a compliment on how well I treated her.

Both of us began to notice, after a while, that her mother was looking more and more under the weather. As it turned out, she had contracted cancer of the uterus, and the doctors were giving her chemotherapy at the start, but she needed more than that. The doctors had to do a full hysterectomy, pulling not only the uterus but her fallopian tubes. She got through the operation okay, but she took a long time to recover. Laura and I began visiting her regularly at home and helping out while she was recovering. Finally, she was up on her feet, and beginning to get around and resuming her household activities.

For months, we had them over for supper or went over to their house to make supper, to get the load off her mother. Slowly, she recovered and grew stronger. Then our schedules began to be more intermittent, and they got back to coming over for supper twice a week. But both Laura and I noticed that her dad looked and acted depressed. We were concerned, and finally we asked what was going on.

It wasn’t easy for him to explain it, but after the operation, my mother-in-law had lost all interest in sex, but that wasn’t all of it. She didn’t even like kissing. Laura’s dad knew she loved him, but it was hard to take. They had had an enjoyable sex life prior to the operation. It was just hard to take a life without kisses, hugs and sex.

Laura’s mother was fully sympathetic, but she explained that kissing and hugging practically repulsed her at the time.

As far as Laura was concerned, this made it a family matter. Item 1: how to get Dad the loving he needed. Item 2: how to get Mom past this stage. So Laura attacked the problem practically. She said, “Daddy, it’s time for you to get some loving and sex from your daughter, and it’s time for us to keep talking about how to get Mom back into being a touchy-feely person. He immediately rejected it, but thank goodness, they both kept coming back for supper, and Laura brought it up in the gentlest way she could each time. Finally, both her mother and father said they had talked it over and it would be okay for her father to get sex relief with Laura. And Laura said, “Not without Mom being around. I want her there caressing you while we are kissing and fucking, and when we are cumming. This is not going to be a sneaky thing that you hide from your wife and my mother.” What a wife I had! It brought me to tears.

Well, my mother-in-law and father-in-law discussed it openly then and there, and my mother-in-law had to admit that it would be hard for her to take, but she saw Laura’s point, and if it was okay with her husband she would be present. And my father-in-law agreed.

That started twice-a-week visits of Laura’s folks, with sex after supper, and I stayed out of it, watching TV, or making something like cocoa for the folks after they were finished. But then, Laura insisted that I come into the room and watch. I didn’t understand what that was all about. I didn’t think she wanted me there as a voyeur. She wanted me around because she needed my judgment about something.

It had been quite an adjustment to get Laura’s mother to agree to come in while she and her dad were fucking, but me? What was that all about? Laura said that it was things that she observed that she needed to talk to me about, in private, Sex hikayeleri after the folks were gone. They didn’t like it at all, but they agreed. That told me that Laura’s dad liked fucking her, and that made me happy. After weeks went by they realized that it didn’t matter if there was another person in the room, especially someone who liked his mother-in-law and father-in-law and wanted them to be happy. So I joined the crowd.

Well, I did get an eyeful. Laura and her father had developed a ritual of undressing each other that looked cute to me. And then he got on top of her and Laura had her own special way of always making any guy feel like an honored guest, and he had no problem sticking it in and starting to fuck. Also, by this time, Laura’s mother had gotten into a routine of caressing his back while he was fucking Laura, and kissing him on the face and rubbing him, especially while he was cumming in Laura. And Laura would always cum, and I could tell that her dad was waiting for it because he loved her losing control and biting him and squeezing him inside while she was cumming. You could see it on his face. And I told my father-in-law, “Dad, I hope you didn’t mind my observing, because the one thing that I did notice is that Laura seems to be handling her role properly.” His reply cracked me up. He said, “Stop talking doubletalk. I love fucking my daughter and I love how she cums.”

But the scene after they left was the most interesting. Laura and I both said, practically at the same time, “She kissed him.” She was supposed to hate kissing, but there she did it — my mother-in-law seemed to enjoy kissing her husband while he was fucking his daughter and cumming inside her. Maybe she was getting some of her hormones back.

Well, Laura thought about it and the next time her folks were over, she asked her mother if while all this was going on, I could put a hand on her (i.e. her mother’s) shoulder. It seemed to be a strange request, but Laura made up some silly excuse that seemed to explain it scientifically. And her mother allowed it, and the usual fucking scene went on, with her mother kissing Dad on the face while I gently kept my hand on her shoulder. As usual, Dad blew his wad into Laura and she came and came and came as she usually did. But, holding Mom’s shoulder, I noticed something.

When the folks were gone I told Laura, “I think she is getting turned on. No. I take that back. I’m sure she is getting turned on. Her breathing speeds up. She starts moving up and down with him. Those aren’t pecks on his cheek. It feels practically as if she wants to bite him.” And Laura looked into my eyes and said, “That’s exactly what I thought. I have to figure out how to get them back to fucking again.”

The next time they were back, Laura said, “Mom, I need you to help me out. I need to have Nikki checking your heartbeat while Dad is fucking me. Mom, you have to do this for me.” And my mother-in-law answered with a resounding no, that’s ridiculous. So Dad stepped up to the plate. “Rita, this kid has forgotten more about sex then we will ever learn in a lifetime. If she says do it, it’s for a good reason. So quit your palavering and let Nikki do what he is supposed to do.” And she let me.

In order to feel Mom’s heartbeat I had to put my fingertips on the lower part of her left breast, over her clothing, of course. I tried to be as polite about it as I could. The same scene, Dad cumming, Laura cumming, and all the while I was politely “feeling her heartbeat”.

When they left that night, I said, “Her nipple popped. It was flat, and it stuck out once he started getting hot while she was kissing him. Whatever is going on, she’s got some hormones.”

And Laura said, “That’s what I wanted to know,” and I answered, “Let me take over. I think I know how to deal with this.”

When the folks were over the next time, after supper I said, “Mom and Dad, I think I know how to get you back to enjoying each other, but it won’t take a day. What I need is the right to move my hands over Mom’s skin while you are having sex with Laura. And then I need to have the two of you stay over for a while.”

It seemed to be almost a routine, Mom objecting while Dad agreed. In this case he was attributing knowledge to me that he and she did not have. He was correct. I had had a year of sexual dysfunction lab while I was in psychology. And, with gentle patience, she agreed.

This time, as Dad was fucking Laura while Mom was caressing him, I began slowly running the tips of my fingers around her face and ears and arms, and down her back. And when Dad and Laura Sikiş hikayeleri finished their always-mutually-satisfying fucking, I asked Mom to stay in the bedroom with Dad, undress, and let him do to her entire body what I was doing to her. I showed him what to do. I told him not to do that kind of gentle massage directly over her pussy, and to stay away from the tips of her nipples. This was not to be a sexual exercise. It was meant to just give her a chance to feel loved and cared for. And Dad was to take his time. Mom was to turn over once in a while so that he could go up and down her back and back of her arms.

And she objected and he of course overcame her objection and they both stayed in the bedroom while Laura and I stayed outside in the living room, talking. After about a half hour, Dad came out of the bedroom in the nude, saying, “She came,” with a look of sheer triumph on his face. And two seconds later, Mom walked out into the living room in the nude, but holding her dress up in front of her body to hide the vital parts, and said, “I did not!”

“Good start. Dad, what do you mean by saying she came?” I needed to know what he perceived to be cumming.

“She started breathing faster.” Mom’s head nodded yes. “Her nipples jumped up.” Mom’s face assumed a wry expression, as if she didn’t realize that had happened. “Her belly started going up and down.” Mom’s head nodded yes, but her face was questioning. “Then she jerked, not much, but she jerked for a little while.”

“Jack, I wasn’t jerking. I just had some feelings in my chest.”

“Mom, do you mean you chest or inside your breast?”

“When I think about it, yes, it was in my breasts.” Wow! It was more than I hoped for. Things were moving along. I said, “Did it feel good?”

“Yeh, in fact, it’s the most fun I’ve had since the operation, getting my whole body rubbed that way.”

I said, “Dad, I think you guys should go home and spend an hour or two doing in your own bed what you just did in this bed.”

My mother-in-law had a look of a mixture of joy and relief on her face. “Yeah, Jack, do it to me. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.”

When they came back the next time, Mom had to admit that these “rubdowns” caused her to involuntarily spasm in her belly and have feeling in her breasts, and Dad picked up on it and began sucking on her breasts while this was happening, and she could swear that she was having feelings around her vagina while he was doing that. A few more weeks of this, and she allowed Dad to actually fuck her and come inside her. But she had no feeling inside. There was some feeling on the lips of her vagina, but none inside.

So I broached the subject from a different angle. I asked Mom, “Would you be willing to cheat on Dad while he was watching you cheat on him?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“I’m simply saying that I know a way to check out to see if you have any feelings inside whatever, but it would involve having sex with another man, and since you’re not trying to pull a fast one on Dad, he would of course have to be watching.”

I could swear, my mother-in-law had a built-in No every time you mentioned anything new, but my father-in-law, at least for the most part, had a built-in Yes when you mentioned anything new. And even though he would have to loan out his wife to another man, it was okay because he would be watching. And, although it was scary, she agreed.

So Laura and I approached Richie and told him the whole story, and I said I thought that this would be a one-time occasion, but if if Richie fucked Mom, we would find out fast enough if her nerves were completely destroyed by the operation, or if that giant cock would cause her pain, which would give us information. And Richie was happy to be part of this scientific experiment. And by golly, it ended up happening in our apartment on our bed. Laura and I stayed out the room while it all happened, but the thing that cracked us up was hearing Mom say, “My God, is that for real?” And the upshot of that session was that Mom and Dad made a new friend, Richie, and Mom learned that when a supergiant stuffed his cock inside her, it hurt. She wasn’t devoid of sensation. Dad’s cock just wasn’t long enough to press against those pain nerves, and they ended up thinking that this was a good thing. So we ended up with a sexually functioning Mom and Dad, and Dad no longer had his fucking sessions with Laura after supper.

But what happened next was enough to make me practically drop through the floor. A couple of months later, after an enjoyable supper together with Erotik hikaye the folks, Mom said, “You know, you kids gave us back our life. But I can tell, Jack really liked stuffing it into Laura. I don’t have the feelings inside so I can’t give him what you, Laurie, give him. So I wonder if you kids would mind if Jack went back to having sex with Laura once a week?”

Laura absolutely lit up. I had no objection. In fact, one look at Laura’s face and I was 100% for it. But what Mom said next practically made me fall out of my seat. She said, “He doesn’t need me licking his face and rubbing his back while he is sticking his, you know, his thing inside you Laura. Nikki, why don’t we use the time to do our own thing together. You are such a gentle boy that I think I would have a wonderful time with you.” And Dad did not even bat an eyelash! Those two had already talked this over together!

Rita Davis was an entirely different person from her daughter Laura. Laura knew exactly what she wanted, and she went out and got it. Laura’s body was built for sex any time of the day, with just about any man. Her mother was reticent and always expected the man to make the first move.

I had already picked up on this in the years of having my in-laws over for supper. I was the one who undressed her. It was a ginger operation, in which I asked for permission to do anything ahead of time, but at times she led the way, such as the time she lifted her arms up for me to slip her blouse over her head and off, or the time she turned her back to me to unbuckle her bra. And when we were both nude, I held her hands gently and caressed her arms. We spoke little. When I began to caress her body, she lay down automatically, on the couch, and began to do the same to me. Taking her in my arms and kissing her, she felt much more fragile than Laura. But her feelings slowly built up. The kiss that started out with lips barely brushing ended up with great passion, tongues intertwined, while she began to dig her fingertips into my ribs and reached down for my cock.

I knew that I was dealing with a person with a dead zone where Laura was intensely alive, the inside of her pussy. So I caressed and rubbed her everywhere, and gently caressing breasts, gently rubbing the inside of her thighs, gently biting her earlobes and kissing her neck, and then suckling on a nipple while a finger literally went into her pussy while my thumb on the outside rubbed around the clitoris. She began breathing very intensely and very fast, and then began shivering. That was a good sign.

Then she did the unexpected. She began jerking around and losing control, digging fingernails into my back. I immediately kissed her on the lips and jammed my tongue inside her mouth. She bit my tongue. She had no control. As she was finishing her cum, she grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her pussy. I got the hint real quick. In a flash I was on top of her, between her legs, and stuffed it in. That alone caused more jerking and more spasming. There was no way I could hold back. I was hard as a rock and throbbing. I felt as if I was spewing a barrel of cum inside her, as she bit my cheek and dug fingernails into my back. She whispered into my ear, “It doesn’t feel this way with Jack. You turn me on twice as hard. Don’t tell him.” And she began rubbing my back after I came and kissing me all over my face. And then we gently lay there caressing backs and arms and faces. And she said, “Make me cum again. I’m close to ready now.”

In a flash I was off the couch, on the floor, my mouth on her right breast, my right middle finger sliding into her pussy, and my thumb on her clit. I barely got myself in place and she began shivering. And then she simply came. Fingernails digging into my back. Lips searching for mine. I immediately placed my lips on hers and put my already bruised tongue into her mouth and she bit it again. Uncontrollable spasms as her arms and legs jerked around. And then more quiet. This time I wondered, multi-orgasmic? And as she was quieting down I again placed my mouth on her breast and simply started rubbing some more. She began quivering and breathing quickly, and soon began jerking around, and I put my mouth on hers while continuing to rub her clitoris as that finger inside moved in and out. And when she quieted down, my mouth went back to her breast, suckling, and she again began quivering and shaking and finally again went into full orgasm. She seemed to be losing control of her movements, so I stopped and lay down with her and held her close to me, caressing her back and her neck.

She simply looked into my eyes in wonder. Then she placed her face against my chest and wept. There were no words to express what each of us was feeling, and so we remained silent as we held each other gently.

(There will be more)

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