lost day part two


I couldn’t help but thinking about Danny’s cock. How big it was, how it tasted, and how he pumped my mouth full of his cum, my little cock was starting to get hard. I had to finish my shower; mom had told me that I needed to be ready when she and Aunt Jean arrived. I would think of Danny later. I stepped out of the shower, looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t help but see that changes had taken affect, my hips were rounder, my breast were bigger. Turning sideways I looked back in the mirror; my ass was sticking out further than normal. I had no body hair at all. What the hell had happen to me? I didn’t know. I wrapped the towel around my chest, and walked to my room.
I sat down at my at my vanity, that’s when it stuck, I looked around the room, it was a girls room! Something drew me back to mirror, as if I had been doing for ever; I picked up my brush and began to brush my hair. When I finished I went to dresser, opening the top drawer, I pulled out a pair of blue satin panties, and slipped them on, making sure my little cock was tucked between my legs, I grabbed a matching bra, and put it on, the cups pushed up my budding breast up, giving them a bigger look. I went to my closet, and picked out a pair of demi designer jeans, with little hearts on the back pockets, pulling them up, they fit so snugly. I picked a dark blue satin pull over shirt, and slipped it on. I went back to my vanity, and sat down, and began to apply my makeup, a soft light beige base, with a little powder, red lipstick, light blue eye liner, and massacre. I let my hair fall into place naturally. I looked so sweet, how in hell do I know all this, this was getting frustrating for me I knew how to do all these things but I don’t remember learning.
“Paulina, were here”, I heard moms voice.
I walked to the living room, “Hi Mom, Aunt Jean”, I said. My Aunt got up and walked over to me, grabbing me and giving me a hug she said, “my oh my, look how you have changed Paulina, such a pretty young girl you have become, you’re going to have the boy’s chasing you now”. I blushed, the thought of have boy’s chase me excited me. “Thank you Auntie”, I said.
She let go of me, Mom looked over at me, and said “come sit here next to me Paulina, I need to tell you something’s and I want you to listen very carefully”. I went and sat beside my mom, and she started telling me.
“Paulina you missed Sex hikayeleri more than a day, it’s been more like three months”, I looked at her in shock and stammered out “What”! Be quite and listen, let me finish. I sat muted. Mom continued on, “Danny has been staying here since I left, your Aunt Jean and I had to make some changes for you, with all the hassle’s that you had last year in school, we knew you needed help and your Aunt had the solution, and that’s where Danny came in, you may not remember but you have been watching hypo video’s that kept you under this long, but they also helped us, help you, you see both of us knew that life would be better if you were a girl. Danny had been giving hormone injections every night while you slept, the video’s instructed you on how walk, talk and act like a girl. He even fixed your room, while you were under. My Aunt Jean smiled, and said, how does your ass feel Paulina, a little sore”?
Before I could answer my Aunt she picked up where mom left off, “ Paulina, your little ass is sore because Danny has been having you every night, and from the looks of the video feed we have been getting you are doing so good, we keep you under because I know from experience that anal sex hurts at first, but we know now that you will not need to be under anymore, Paulina, you and your Mom will be coming to live in my house, I run a special school for girls like you, you will not be hassled any more. I ensured that all the paper work reflects your gender as female, even your birth certificate, now come show Auntie your room”, she said as she got up and grabbed my hand. I lead her to my bed room, I walked in and sat on my bed all the things I was told was spinning in my head, been out for three months, I’m a girl now, been having anal sex with Danny, and apparently like it. I just shook my head.
“Now, now Paulina, it’s all okay, I need to show you something”, she said as she rose from the side of my bed. Lifting her skirt, Auntie Jean showed me behind her black panties was a bulge, she smile and said, “we’re alike Paulina, I know what you’re going through your mom help me out when we were kids, she convinced our parents that it was okay, it took a while, but they accepted it, I began living full time as woman a year before you were born. “Come on now Danny will be over, shortly, lets watch some video’s sweetie”, she said as Sikiş hikayeleri she turned on my computer. Auntie typed in the address and clicked on it, the next thing I saw I was laying on my back; wearing, purple high cut satin panties, a garter belt, light purple nylons, a matching bra. Danny was standing over me, his hard cock in hand, he spread my legs, he pulled my panties aside, and pushed the head of his fat cock to my ass, I flinched a bit, you heard him say, “relax Paulina, just relax”, I moaned aloud as he entered my tender tight ass further. Auntie smiled and said, “My we have a moaner here”. I sat there not saying a word just watching.
you could see Danny picking up his pace, the expression on my face was that of pleasure, it must of felt good, I heard myself saying, “Oh god Danny, it feels soooooooo good!”. I sat transfixed watching me getting a fucking that I never knew that I had gotten. “Keep watching Paulina, I have something for you”, Auntie Jean as she left my room. Danny was fucking me with long strokes, calling me his cum queen, how he was going to fill my sweet young ass full of hot cum, apparently I was enjoying, cause I could see that I was meeting his every thrust with my ass and moaning in pleasure.
Auntie Jean came back in and switched the computer off, and told me to stand up and pull my jeans and panties down. Something about her voice made do it without question. “Turn around Paulina, and bend over, you’re going to need this Danny is coming over in a bit and tonight I want you at your fullest when he takes your sweet young ass again”. I felt pressure against my asshole, and with a quick shove Auntie Jean slipped my first butt in. “Good now pull your panties up, and jeans.” Auntie said. I sat back down at my desk and she turned the video back on. Danny was fucking hard now. “ I’m going to cum” I heard myself yell, the camera showed my panties getting wet with my own cum. Danny stiffed up, moaned, “I’m cummmmmming”.
Auntie jean smiled, ‘How’s the plug sweetie?” she said. I looked up at her, and said, “now that I think about it really isn’t bad at all, I fill kind a full thou”. She laughed, saying “good, that is good”.
My eyes were level with Auntie’s crotch; she stood there, with her hands on hips. I looked up at her, she smiled, and said “go ahead Paulina I would like that”. I reached under her skirt and felt Erotik hikaye her crotch; she had a bulge, as big as Danny’s. She reached around and unbuttoned her skirt it fail to the floor, I grabbed the rim of her panties, and out popped her cock, she was shaven clean, her smell was that of lavender, I took the head of her semi hard cock in my sweet young mouth, and slowly began sucking her.

Her cock pulse as I took more into my mouth. “Good girl, make your Auntie cum”, she said as she put her hands on the back of my head, and started pushing further on her hot cock. I felt her getting hard, I tried pulling back but she wouldn’t let me. “Let it get hard, taste me, sweet Paulina”, she moaned.
Her cock got harder and harder starching my mouth open, she let my head go, I pulled off the shaft, and gasp for air. Auntie looked down at me and smiled, saying, “Good little slut, now finish, get your reward”. I opened my mouth and took the head of her now rock hard and sucked on it. My ass started to tingle, I jumped. Auntie Jean laugh, “You like that”? I looked up at her; in her hand was what appeared to small remote control. “Don’t take my sweet cock out of your mouth Paulina, the butt plug is a vibrator, and I have the remote, so if you want to cum you really need to please now!”
She kept the vibrator turned on, my little ass tingled with pleasure, it stopped all a sudden, “You want more?” My eye’s told her all, “Good now keep sucking Auntie wants to cum’, She said.
I ran my tongue in circles around the head of her sweet tasting cock, I pulled my mouth off, and ran my tongue down the bottom of her shaft, and back up again, taste her per-cum, which caused me to work harder. I wanted her cum more than ever, my ass started tingling again, I looked up Auntie Jean her head was thrown back, and her long blonde hair flowed down. She looked so beautiful. I engulfed her again, and sucked softer, gently caressing her balls. The vibration in my ass felt sooooo good, I felt my little cock tingle.
Her balls tightened up, she moaned, “I’m cummming”, her first squirts filled my mouth, I swallowed what I could I keep moving my mouth up and down her shaft. Her cum tasted different from Danny’s, she tasted sweeter, not as tangy as Danny’s, either way it was sooooo good. I felt the first throngs of my orgasm coming on, my panties filled up with my cum. “Good girl, Paulina you’re going to do just fine in my school, clean me up, and then change, but leave that butt in, Danny will here soon”, she said as licked the last bit of her cum off my fingers, and smiled at her.

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