My bully is my girlfriend


my name is Mark and I love my bully. this may sound weird but ever since I was little I’ve had feelings for this girl named Samantha.

she was a rough brunette tomboy and we used to play in the park together and wrestle. we had grown up though and then she started treating me harshly.

she would bully me, she spread rumors and had me beat up all throughout the years we knew each other and I would fear her.

her family was rich and mine wasn’t. eventually we both grew to be 18 and I devopled into a tall slim guy with abs. Sam however had a nice heart shaped ass and decided to wear her hair long.

it was our last year of highschool when the bullying got worse. this was where she started to do weird things. things that even her friends thought was weird.

One time we were in the gym and I was talking to this pretty girl and Sam waltz right over came up and kissed me. the girl lookes weird and grossed out and walked away. When I asked her why she just kissed me she turned around and sighed.

“Because I felt like it nerd” She said rolling her eyes. her two irritating friends look confused but backed her up.

weird right? Sam did anything she wanted and nobody questioned it because they were all afraid of her mother who was the richest in town. the reason me and Sam had to hang out was because our mothers were friends. her dad had died and mine had left a year prior.

which means that my mom has to work for her friend to make ends met. Sex hikayeleri because of this I let Sam bully me not to mention for some odd reason I thought I had a chance with her.

Sam was also a weirdo. She was super popular but also a gross person. she picked her nose in public, farted, her armpits smelled after lacrosse practice. just overall a gross individual.

but her mom and my mom was friends so it was bound to happen that Sam would come over for dinner. and later tonight I was dreading that happening.


I was sitting on the couch when I heard the door bell ring. I opened it for our guests and there stood. Ms.Love which is the nickname I had for Sam’s mom. she was a knock out milf dressed head to toe in designer and next to her was Sam who was loudly popping her gum dressed in a hoodie and shorts.

I welcolmed them in like the perfect gentleman. as Sam passed by she pulled my face over and kissed me using her tongue to move her gum into my mouth.

“here I don’t want that”. she smirked and turned to her mom who was giggling at me. My mom had her eyes wide and confused.

“a little joke, don’t worry to much about it”. Ms.Love stated to my mom’s shocked face.

my mom giggled nervously and awkwardly as she set the table. minutes later we were digging in.

my mom and Ms.Love started a conversation on what it was like to rich and how people treated you.

“when you’re rich you can do anything you want I mean anything. society Sikiş hikayeleri as whole ignores whatever we do” Ms.Love continued explaining to my mom how rich people live.

“look one of these days I’m going show you how to live it up and what it feels like when your actions have no consequences” she said smiling wide.

under the table Sam had unzipped my pants and was currently jacking me off. I looked at her in disbelief and fear. what if my or worse her mom found out?

just as I was getting close she stopped and left me hanging on the verge. her mom looked at her and winked.

“you know I actually brought something for this occasion. you don’t have to drink it but thus will still give you a taste of what its like to be wealthy”.

my mom watches as Ms.Love pulles a big canister of white liquid and put it on the kitchen table.

“this is high class seman and when your rich you could drink this every day”. Ms.Love said smirking pouring herself a glass and gulping it down.

my mom face was still digusted but with a slight hint of wonder and amazement. as the dinner continued my mom grew more and more amazed at the way these rich people lived.

eventually we finished our food and me and Sam ran upstairs to play some video games. since we weren’t friends this is all we had to do when one of us was forced to stay at the others house.

we played a little bit and I provoked her into a little bet whoever losses has to give the other a message. Erotik hikaye I lost badly and on purpose, I wanted to see just how far this rich girl would let me go.

“give me a message my back is hurting”. She said in a dull tone she laid on her back and still played the game.

I started on her neck and slowly went down to her back then I got bold and used my finger to push her shorts into her ass crack. still no response.

I messaged her cheeks and leaned down and took a sniff smelling her ass sweat and filth. she still just kept her focus on the game. now I was irritated.

I pulled off her pants and her underwear and looked at her pussy. she didn’t even flinch. I knew she was toying with me. I pulled down my pants and whipped my dick out masterbating till I came and I let my load off in her underwear. I put those back on her and to my amazement she yawned. she was mocking me!

I smelled her shorts and tasted the sweat from her ass.

“dang your pants stink what have you been eating”. I asked smirking. I saw a small blush.

“none of your business nerd, you’re the pervert for smelling them” She shot back.

I threw her tomboy shorts at her head. and she couldn’t see and lost the level.

“damn it, I was close to beating it” she wirled on me and a with a look of anger before putting on her shorts and leaving the room.

“I’ll get you back for this.” she said whispered as she and her mom were leaving. her mom waved goodbye and my mom waves happily thinking of the fact we had such rich friends.

as they walked away Sam couldn’t resist teasing me as she waved her hips a little.

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