Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 1 – Warming Up – edited

Ana Dearmond

Just reuploading this old series with some edits.

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In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don’t agree with his choices, and you’re not supposed to either. We’re all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That’s the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.



-Gross and creepy sniffing / tasting (panties, ass, piss)



Chapter 1 – Warming Up

I’ve had their address for a while. A perfect little house in the suburbs. A perfect little family inside, asleep. Makes me sick.

Two years ago today. He was drunk and texting, but they called it an “accident”. His car was fine. His wife was shaken but fine. She helped convince the police that it was my fault, not his. I caught a glimpse of the wreck as they lifted my stretcher into the ambulance. My car totaled. My wife and kids with sheets over their bodies. Ambulance doors shut and my life went black.

That’s the last thing I remember until now, standing here in front of their house. Two years later, in the middle of the night. Snow on the ground, Christmas tree in the window. Their house is too beautiful.

Their life went on happily. Their daughter spoiled rotten. They manipulate everyone around them. My entire family dead. My wife. My kids. Everything taken from me. But they got off without even a slap on the wrist. Without guilt.

I know I can do things. I don’t know why, but I have power now. Power to enact vengeance. I don’t know how I got here, but I know exactly what I’ll do. It’s the only thing left to do. Then I can move on.

I glide over the yard, cloaked in the darkness of the night. Everything is cold. The front door is nothing to me.

Inside, their living room is beautiful. Expensive furniture, artwork, Christmas tree and decorations, mantle and fireplace, curving stairs off to the side leading up to where they sleep. I move silently up the stairs. Everything is wealth. Expensive decor on the walls. Pristine. Sickening. I need to desecrate it all.

Upstairs I pass a few doors, peeking in each as I go. Closet. Bathroom. The new baby’s room, little guy fast asleep inside. I’m not sure what his name is. He’s the one thing I don’t want to disturb tonight. Too annoying, too much hassle.

I continue on, seeing a kids room. She’s 18 years old, but her room is that of a child. She refused to grow up. Pampered and spoiled her whole life. Ella is her name.

Door wide open, I peek in. Pink, girly decor everywhere. A room for a princess. There she is. Bundled up in a sweet little cocoon of fluffy blue and green blankets. Fast asleep. Her pretty little face a gorgeous light almond color, a mix of her dad’s dark Turkish complexion and her mom’s pale German Irish. Her eyebrows dark and bold, strong for such a soft face. No makeup needed, pure beauty. Unfair beauty.

She looks extremely young for her age. Very small, very baby faced. Still holds onto girly little habits like stuffed animals. Innocent in every way. I leave her to sleep, for now.

I continue down the hall to the last door, left open a crack in case the baby needs them in the middle of the night. I enter without a sound. The room is bigger than it needs to be, showing off wealth like the rest of the house. Expensive curtains, dressers, a master bathroom off to the side. And a grand, king sized four-poster-bed, with curtains pulled back, hanging from horizontal beams above. And on the mattress lays two big bundled heaps.

There they are. Kadir and Grace. His face darker and harder to make out in the black of night. He’s sleek and cool, his modern haircut slick and perfect, even at night. And then Grace, just as attractive, but very different. Perfectly fair skin. Lighter hair, very well-done expensive brown and blonde highlights. A bit disheveled from bed but still a wealthy look to her. Both are in their mid 30s.

Everything is calm and peaceful. My coldness the only thing stirring the air. Kadir shifts a bit. I glide in quick before he can wake.

Suddenly everything feels so much better. I’ve never felt like this. The warmth is the best part right now, but the feeling of strength and sturdiness are so new to me. I’ve never been in this good of shape. I breathe a little easier too, my lungs a little stronger than my old body. I’m just overall healthier. Some of the aches and pains I always had, just never a part of his life. I mean, I was in good shape, I was strong in my own way, but damn. It’s not fair.

I enjoy the feeling for a minute. I’m in comfy shorts, a soft undershirt. The warm bed, fluffy expensive blankets and pillows and mattress. I breathe in. The air is so fresh and inviting. Everything about this place is so nice. I could stay here forever. But I notice a slight movement to my left that snaps me out of the moment. I remember where I am, and who’s lying here with me.

Grace faces away from me, laying on her side in a sort of fetal position, a fair amount of space between us in the bed. They sleep far apart. I shift the blankets Sex hikayeleri and slide quietly closer to her. I feel around, scooting closer. Lightly spooning her, feeling her warmth on my chest, my stomach, my groin. I’m so much firmer in this body, but she’s a perfect feminine softness. Her smell, my god. Her hair, her clothes, vanilla and cinnamon. My dick hardens. My dick, it’s… of course it’s bigger. His life is incredible.

I move my hand up around her side and waist, slowly exploring but trying not to wake her. She seems to be wearing a white tank top. Pretty snug fitting, expensive material, incredibly soft and thin, hugging her curves.

I continue down, over her hips, her round ass and thighs. She’s a bit thick, in a motherly way. Not fat, she stays fit. She clearly played sports earlier in life, and she has a petite frame overall. But a slight thickness in the right places. No doubt something she tries to get rid of, struggling to stay skinny after child birth. She had the new baby not long ago. Having Ella was one thing, but a second birth has had more lasting effect.

She wears very short little gray shorts, sweatpant material, fitting a bit loosely, comfy for bed, but accentuating the shape of her ass by riding up her crack a bit and showing off her entire thighs. I feel around and gently squeeze her ass cheeks. They’re not very firm at all, perfectly soft and squishy, more than a handful but just shy of too much.

She stirs a bit from my touch, not waking, but instinctively pushing her ass back into me slightly. Against my growing cock underneath my shorts.

I grind my dick forward into her a bit, now raging hard, god this dick is bigger than I’m used to by far. It slides up in between her cheeks a bit. I lean my face in and breathe in more of her scent, nuzzling into her hair, feeling my way to her neck with my nose. Damn she couldn’t smell any better. I kiss her neck gently, her skin so smooth and sweet.

I feel around more with my hand, moving up her side, back, and shoulder. She’s a mix of athletic firmness and thick mother. She has a bit of a squish to her hips and waist, love-handles. Her back and arms tone and lean, her stomach slightly plump with the tiniest of fat she couldn’t get rid of. I move my hand around her stomach, feeling this warm place where that child just came from. I hug her closer with my whole arm around her now. Any other time I would just stay like this all night, holding her, living here in her smell and warmth. This beautiful wife, this mother.

But I must keep exploring, my cock pulsating, pushing me on. I move my hand toward her breasts. I notice immediately she only wears this very thin tank top. Almost silk, hugging closely, gently cupping bare breasts beneath, no bra. Her tits are on the bigger side, full, more than a handful. Slightly bigger than her frame would suggest. Perky, if not exactly firm. Motherly, womanly, but young, not sagging. Her nipples slightly hard, poking out against the fabric.

I grab a handful and squeeze, careful to not wake her. So much give, so squishy, I fondle her like this for a few minutes, breathing her in the whole time, cock slowly grinding against her ass.

I slowly reach my finger up under her shirt, it’s so thin it barely counts as clothing, the delicate white fabric probably not even hiding her nipples. I run my hand up under, along smooth skin, warm belly, and grab her tit again, this time feeling bare skin. Even warmer than before, perfect, full and heavy. I run my hand in between her cleavage, letting her warm breasts fully envelope my forearm. I hug her deeply, inhaling more of her sweet scent, licking her neck.

I move my hand back to her breast, this time pinching her hard little nipple. Damn, just so thick and heavy.. of course, she had a baby. I pinch some more, kneading. Wetness. I bring my hand out and smell my fingers. Milk! I suck on it, tasting her sweet breast milk. Really, sweet, like sugar or honey. My dick is a rock against her ass.

I breathe in deep again, kissing more, down the back and side of her neck, to the sweet tender spot between neck and shoulder. I cant get over her smell. Shampoos and lotions and everything women do to make themselves as sweet as dessert. Like she wants to be eaten. So I feast with gentle kisses. My cock rages. I grind slowly front to back, sliding slightly up against the gap of ass crack and thighs. Even with shorts in the way, I’m in heaven.

She stirs a bit more, making a slight whimpering sound in her sleep, grinding her hips back against my motion. My cock is wet with precum already. I kiss and gently nibble at the side of her neck, lifting my head a bit to reach earlobe and cheek, everything smells clean and sweet. Not just freshly showered, but pampered, perfect. Her face is so pretty, with natural good looks even after taking off makeup for bed. She stirs some more and I nuzzle behind her ear, kissing and breathing it all in.

I reach my hand down and quietly pull my shorts down and off, slowly, still trying to keep her from waking too much. I unleash my raging dick, struggling to keep it from jabbing her as I shift around.

I hook my thumb under the waistband of her shorts. I pull down slowly, feeling warm, smooth skin underneath. I pull down more and feel her ass cheeks brushing against my naked flesh. No panties. Her shorts all the way to her thighs, I let go and feel around for what was revealed. Her round ass perfectly smooth and warm, I squeeze and my cock twitches out of control, patting against Sikiş hikayeleri her ass lightly.

Still breathing in the scent of her hair and neck, I lift her perfect ass cheek and feel around underneath. Short, soft bristles of pube. Tastefully trimmed but not completely bare. But farther in, I feel the clean shaven wet folds of her pussy, still kind of smushed by the weight of her thighs pressing together. Moist and sticky. Is she always like this or is it from the attention I’ve given her in her sleep?

I continue feeling and find a perfectly clean-shaven, textured little asshole. Careful not to tickle her too badly, I rub this area a bit, feeling around the little wrinkles and folds. It’s a bit sticky, almost hot to the touch. I bring my fingers to my nose. Bleh, I wrench my fingers away in slight disgust. Not the worst, definitely clean from showering, but this will have to get cleaner before long.

I take those same fingers and reach back down to her slick pussy, slowly pressing on her entrance and swirling around to get my fingers nice and wet. She seems to be getting wetter as I do this, and I continue, swirling and pressing more little by little, sliding my cock forward and back against her slick folds at the same time. One finger finally gains easy access and penetrates deeper. I waste no time and enter a second and begin slowly pumping in and out for a few minutes. She moans deeply in her sleep, a guttural, unintentional sound she’d probably be a bit embarrassed about.

I pull my fingers out and use her lubrication and my own precum to wet my cock. Her thighs still pressed together, I push my hand against her ass cheek, rolling her a bit so her butt faces the ceiling, spreading her cheeks and pussy open, just enough.

I guide my raging cock toward her opening and press. Jesus, this dick is too big to be discreet. But I press on. I have to force it much more than I expected, but the tip of my dick pops inside her pussy finally. The feeling is incredible but it only makes me want to thrust all the way as hard as I can.

Grace wakes a bit, frowning, mean, mad. “Babe! What the fuck?” I press in a bit more, slowly grinding, kissing at her neck, my arm reaching up to hold her again. “Babe, not tonight.” I pin her as she starts to struggle lightly, trying to throw my arm off her and scoot away from my intruding cock. She’s half awake and not happy, and I’m not even halfway in yet. This won’t work. No matter.

“Fine,” I sigh, letting her slide away a bit and pull up her shorts. I give it a few minutes and she starts to breathe deeply again, already back to sleep. What’s a wife for, if not to spread open and use in the middle of the night?

I leave the bed, my cock raging for a while as I stumble around putting on any clothes I find in the dark room. I find both Grace and Kadir’s phones and take them into the hall. I snap them in half as I search around for their Wi-Fi router. Downstairs, after a few minutes, I find the router and break it too. Satisfied that there’s nothing else in the house I need to worry about, I find some car keys and a wallet. I stop at the kitchen sink and drink as much water as I can. Then I go to the garage, get in Kadir’s expensive Audi and go for a little joy ride.

I return from the store a little while later. A few stores. I had quite a list. I got some weird looks but whatever. I stash the stuff in a closet and then walk back outside the house. And I keep walking. And walking. After probably a few full miles, I leave Kadir with no phone and no idea how he got there. This should keep him out of the way for a while. It takes me minutes to fly back to the house.

I check to make sure no one woke. The house is still nice and sleepy. Excitement starts to grow within me.

I float up to Ella’s door and enter silently. Like a monster from under her bed, I peer down at the sleeping little angel. She lays on her stomach facing away from me, her mess of long straight black hair the only thing showing from under her nest of blankets.

I pounce in and suddenly my eyes shoot open and I feel the warmth of lying in her little bed. Even cozier than her parents’ bed. And I’m so light, I feel like nothing, hardly any weight pressing down on the mattress under me.

I roll over effortlessly and look around, enjoying the odd feeling of being this little girl. So strange. She’s 18, but you wouldn’t know it, older than she looks. She’s so tiny and girly, such a late bloomer. I kick off the comforters and sheets and little stuffed animals and look down at the body I’m inside lying there.

She wears a soft thin long sleeve pajama shirt and matching long pajama pants, both a pale pink with Christmassy snowflakes all over, contrasting adorably with her dusky skin. I wiggle my legs. Panties. I squeeze my legs together. No penis, what a strange feeling, just thigh against thigh. I want to leave most of the exploring for later. I guess I’d like to unwrap the Christmas gift, not be the Christmas gift.

But I can’t exactly help myself. I feel myself up and down, over top of clothing. Her little pajamas couldn’t be any softer. Expensive, silky, and so thin I can feel my skin right through them. I feel across my chest, the slightest little bumps of her nipples. Mostly flat-chested, she’s such a late bloomer. I continue down until I reach her groin. Almost nothing there. Just a slightly puffy little mound. It’s so different than being a man, reaching down and feeling a cock and balls right there. She’s just all sleek and smooth.

I Erotik hikaye can’t stop, I reach under her pants and feel around more. Little cotton panties cover everything nice and tight. I slide under these too, and feel immaculately smooth skin, soft as a baby, not a hair or blemish or flaw.

Further down I feel it finally. This little girl’s pussy. Inner lips completely contained in puffy mounds, a sweet little ‘innie’. Everything is tight and petite. Like any other woman’s pussy, just smaller and more compact.

I play around with the little crease, her little opening. Everything is soft and smooth, so well-contained compared to most women. I try to spread it open, touch at the hole. Just so tiny and perfect and untouched. By the feel of it, she might have never even masturbated or stuck anything inside. So innocent. I rub gently, lightly fingering the rim of the hole, seeing what she feels. Some tickling, a slight stickiness.

I start to notice how her body smells. Fruit. Mango I think. Not the same as her mom, but just as clean, just as sweet and pampered. But simpler, more like regular soaps and shampoos. Just pure. Not trying to impress anyone with womanly smells.

I press one finger a tiny bit inside her hole. Discomfort, it hurts a bit, but stretches. Maybe the first time anything has tried to do this. I stop trying. We’ll let her daddy try instead. Well, me… as her daddy.

I bring the fingers to my nose. Mmm a bit sour, maybe piss. But mostly sweet and clean smelling, freshly showered. I suck them in my tiny mouth. Salty, a bit sour.

I roll onto my stomach and reach back, entering under her pants and panties from the back, feeling straight down her little ass crack. Her cheeks are so soft and squishy. Hopefully she’s not done growing at her age. She’d definitely take after her mother eventually, already showing signs of nice curves and a plumpness in the right areas.

And then I find it, the tiny little button asshole. I rub around, feeling the surprisingly smooth texture. Not as worn, not as gross, not sticky or sweaty. Not as adult. So pure and pampered.

I rub more. A tingling finally. I press a finger against the minuscule opening. I wiggle and push to try to force my way in. Not painful, just difficult. Tingling again, in her pussy. It’s slight but it’s something. I check the pussy with my other hand, a little wet. I press more into the tight sphincter. And I pop a tiny knuckle in. The tingling increases a bit.

I wiggle the finger around inside her asshole, and with my other hand I start lightly rubbing her pussy, where a tiny clit is hiding under there somewhere. The feeling of having to pee starts to creep up. I know it as arousal, not pee, but the feeling seems foreign to this body.

I prod a bit deeper into her ass, and then pull it free. It pops out and I get more tingling from the feeling of asshole shrinking back up quickly. I smell the finger that came from her ass, and it, well it’s not pleasant. But mild, only a bit of a gross musk.

I shiver and laugh at the ridiculousness of this. I’m inside a girl’s body, forcing her little fingers into her butthole, then smelling them. But I find it interesting how well her body seems to react to the ‘butt stuff’.

But I’m getting carried away. I need to save a lot of this.

I walk as Ella out into the hall. It’s very easy to be quiet and not wake mommy in this little body. I first go to the bathroom and drink as much water as I can. Then I find the closet where I had stashed the supplies from the stores, and silently pull out zip ties. An easy way to tie myself up.

I return to Ella’s room, open up some drawers until I find her little panties. I have to stop to admire them, many bright colors and cute patterns, all so tiny and innocent, full coverage, not meant to be sexy.

Now quite satisfied with what I find, I look around and find a hamper of dirty clothes in the corner of the room. I sift through this and find even more exciting panties. I grab some light green ones with snowmen on them. God she’s such a little girl isn’t she, acting so much younger than she is. I find the inside of the crotch and put them to my nose and mouth, breathing in the scent and sucking in the flavor. The slight dirtiness, worn and rubbed on her pussy and ass for a full day, sour and bitter. Yet mild, she has such good hygiene.

I shove them in my mouth in a big wad. A saltiness soaks into my mouth. Between my legs, a tingle. I cant help but moan, a beautiful higher pitch sound comes out of my mouth. I leave the panties in my mouth, knowing that soon Ella herself will have to taste this.

Then I find some little shirts and start ripping them into strips, one for Ella, and some extras for later. I tie one tight over my mouth, forcing the mouth open pretty wide. Pinching my cheeks inward a bit, secure around the back of the neck, lips puckered and wrapped tightly around fabric. Then I find zip ties and start binding my wrists together. Then another tie connected to her bed post. I test it all out, struggling and making a bit of noise with my mouth. Seems secure and quiet enough.

I leave her body, and she immediately jolts into confused motion with her back to me. She looks around, still half asleep. So cute and flustered. I leave the room as she starts to tug on her restraints a bit. I fly down the hall and enter the master bedroom. I can hear Ella’s voice, muffled and faint, but still noticeable. As I reach Grace’s bed, she is stirring and lifting her head from hearing Ella. But just in time, I enter her and take over.


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