Raunchy and Aggressive


Morgan stood in front of the window, staring out into the darkness, her arms around her abdomen. Her gaze wasn’t directed anywhere in particular, just looking. She watched the traffic from my penthouse, perfectly naked. Her mind wandered, never settling on anything specific, just thinking. I woke up in my bed, naked and alone. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Where was she? I scanned the bedroom and saw her naked, by the window. A slow smile spread across my face. I got up silently and walked over to her. I kissed her neck and set my hands on her shoulders. She sighed and leaned back into me. I smoothed my hands down her arms, pushing them down to rest by her sides. My hands then came up to cup her hips. Slowly I dragged my hands up her body, never touching her sensitive areas. She moans slightly and begins to turn to me. I caught her by the shoulders to prevent her from turning, a delicious idea just dropped into my head. My fingers trailed down her arms to catch her hands in mine. I brought her arms up straight above her head. I took her arms and directed them forward to lean on the window and causing her to lean forward slightly. ” Don’t move honey. I won’t hurt you.” ” I know,” she murmured. Wondering what was to come next, she closed her eyes. She feels my hands roam her body, sensually sending electric shocks through her entire body. She shivers and a grin played at my lips. I put my foot between hers and kicked her legs open. I spread her legs shoulder width apart with tiny little kicks. I slide my hands down her back to rest on her buttocks. I squeezed the flesh there and licked her lower spine. She jerks and moans at this unexpected feeling. I took my thumb into my mouth and wet it with my tongue. Replacing my hand on her ass I applied gentle pressure to her tight little ring. She held perfectly still not wanting it to hurt.

Slowly, gently I let her take the first digit of my thumb into her asshole. Moving very slightly as not to hurt her. Slowly she begins to relax and move back against me, taking my thumb farther into her. I held it there for several seconds before withdrawing. At her whimper of protest as she smiled and thought to herself how many more times she will make that sound again tonight. She dropped to her knees and begins to stroke her inner folds gently with her fingers. She moans and moves against me. I gently move my fingers so they are poised at her moist entrance. She moves so that I would enter her more and I held back. Smiling at her whimpering. As I push my tongue into her asshole I thrust my fingers into her gently. She moans louder and rocking against me. ” Tease.” I smile to myself. ” What was that dear?” She moans again and rocks back against me even harder. ” I said you’re a tease.” I chuckled quietly and responded ” I know.” She whimpers as my tongue found her asshole again. Very slowly I brought her to a fever pitch, then quickly withdrew. She is panting and mumbling in frustration. Will she never have an orgasm? Why am I doing this to her? I made quick work of standing up behind her. She feels my hairy thighs against her sensitive ones and my cock poking at her gently. She feels me position myself to enter her and then nothing. She wiggles her hips and every time she did I would move away. ” Don’t tease.” I smiled and push the tip into her. She tries to take me in and I wouldn’t allow it. I would only allow the tip to tantalize her. Once again I brought her to fever pitch and withdrew. She shudders and whines, causing a grin to twist my lips.

She feels my hands come up underneath her very sensitive breasts. I cup them and massage them, leaving her weak in the knees. When she almost collapsed I held her up and then let her go to drag ,y tongue down her spine. She begins to whimper and moan. I again poise myself at Sex hikayeleri her entrance. This time I made quick work of entering her fully. Her head came back and I nibbled her throat which is exposed to me. She begins to move against me and I let her. It took almost no time at all for her to reach her orgasm. She shudders and nearly collapses, I held her steady and continue to thrust myself into her repeatedly. Coming down off her climax she found herself almost at another one, and so she quickly went over the edge. Sweat beaded on her body and mine. Her breathing is uncontrollable and mine is heavy with the physical exertion of it. Still I wouldn’t let her go. I brought her arms down and slide out of her. Morgan raised her knees to her chest and wiggled her cunt as if to say, ” Give it to me.” Nevertheless, I took the initiative and positioned myself with my cock pointed at her pussy lips. I suddenly thrust my massive meat into her unaccommodating pussy. ” UGHHH, fucking shit!” Morgan screams. She had worried my girth would cause her pain and she is right. My carnal instincts overtook me as I proceeded to thrust in and out of her. Morgan’s face is red with discomfort but she tries to endure for the pleasure of me. A thin layer of sweat perspired on her uneasy face. I’m using almost no finesse, it is almost like a caveman is taking her. ” UGH UGH UGH GOD DAMN!” Morgan grunted painfully. This continued for 20 agonizing minutes for Morgan. I didn’t care, my cock is buried so deep in her pussy for it to matter to me. Then suddenly, I reared back and begin thrusting my full length into her. My gigantic cock destroying everything in its path. Unknowingly, I’m thrusting so deep that I’m smashing my cock against her cervix.

” AH FUCK! OH DEAR GOD! TOO DEEP!” Morgan screeches in pain. ” OW, TOO FUCKING DEEP!” I continue growling, ” UGH UGH UGH.” “STOP, GOD PLEASE, STOP!” she begs as I batter her womb. I know what I’m doing to her. Morgan finally managed to dislodge me and forcefully move my body off of her. My cock exited her womb with a loud audible slurp, almost sucking out her interior walls with it. Morgan’s body immediately crumbled in pain as I stood looking on with my massive cock jutting from my loins. ” Ah. John you… can’t… do that to me,” Morgan whimpers. ” That’s.. incredibly painful.. ugh…” Walking is impossible at the moment. She looks down to see her gaping cunt had been abused and now splayed open. Morgan continues to writhe in pain as I looked on. I understood the ramifications of what I had done. I attempted to help her, but she pushed me away. Morgan shut the door and begins to delicately examine her exhausted pussy. Luckily, there are no tears or bleeding present due to my assault. ” Wow…” She thought. ” He is the only man to have ever been this deep inside me.” The sharpness of the pain is wearing down, although Morgan feels as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon now. Morgan whimpering like a beaten dog as she sat on the toilet to catch her breath. A rush of emotions hit her. She leans back deliberately and begins to cry. Tears streaming down her face and into her hands. Even her deceased husband, he never made her feel this…owned. The pain and sobbing is being replaced with a feeling of pride for how I had dominated her pussy. Morgan begins to reason that her body now belonged to me now.

She is my lover, and now my slut. She relishes the idea of belonging to such a monster penis, as she remembers her deceased husband. I’m very horny as I wait in the bedroom for her return, it had been 35 minutes since she locked herself in the bathroom. I replayed the last few moments in bed, trying to think of what I did. Suddenly, it hit me! I recalled my other lovers and ex-wives reactions when I had smashed into their cervix. I had Sikiş hikayeleri again journeyed deep into the place of conception. The depraved thought excited me, Morgan had finally composed herself and exited the bathroom, breaking my concentration. Her mind is whirling; she had wondered all night about this very moment, how it would come about and what she would find. Morgan slowly climbed on the bed and laid down on her back. I leaned forward, reaching down and begin rubbing her breasts, pulling and squeezing roughly on the ends until her tender nipples are again so inflamed that they stood out like beacons. I pull her body up and then spread her legs until I can reach one of my hands between them. My thick forefinger quickly found her distended clit, rubbing it so hard she wanted to scream for me to stop. But her mouth is filled to capacity, filled with my huge cock, and I just keep rubbing her bud, up, down and sideways, until her sore pussy is again soaking wet and very sensitive to any touching. Even in her altered state, she is again surprised how forceful I am compared to her deceased husband, who was always tender and loving.

Magarshi pushed and pulled her this way and that at his whim; he was always in charge, doing exactly what he wanted, when he wanted. A distant part of her consciousness still couldn’t believe she was allowing him to explore her so shamelessly, but the rest of her seemed to be on sexual auto-pilot and her arousal kept building. Giving in to her feelings, she began to enjoy this roughness and loss of control, reveling in the feeling of being forcefully used. She was almost limp when he pulled her onto the bed and rolled her onto her back. As he pushed he thighs apart she tried to resist, but it was a token response, a foolish gesture neither took seriously. Moving between her spread legs, he grasped his rigid cock by the base and placed its bloated head against her vaginal opening. forcing the folds of wet flesh apart. She panted and gasped, fingers frantically rubbing her clit, as she felt the inside of her pussy being slowly pulled apart as it grasped the huge mass being forced into it. She screamed in pleasure-pain as she felt her womanhood being violated, stretched and opened in a way she had never imagined as he continued to slide himself ever deeper into her. Her long legs were wrapped around him and she was sweating heavily under him, grinding her hips and grunting shamelessly as she worked to accommodate him. She felt stuffed, her body impaled, as his cock moved further into her tight, grasping channel. He was slowly opening her, reaching places deep inside her, places she had never known existed, creating an intense sensation of pleasurable fullness. By the time his cock finally bottomed out, June was overwhelmed, gasping and squealing, clawing at his back, screaming at him to please fuck her faster. But he kept moving slowly, tormenting her until she couldn’t bear it. She knew, on some far away level, that she was behaving like a total slut, but that didn’t stop her as she took control, thrusting her hips forward so fast she almost lifted him off the bed. When her orgasm hit the feeling was like nothing she had had ever experienced.

From its epicenter deep inside her it quickly blossomed out in such intense pleasurable waves that she feared she might be having a seizure. She gave herself over to her orgasm completely, remaining in its throes, making no attempt to control her writhing body or stifle the curses and animal-like shrieks that pour from some primitive place inside her. I’m pleased with myself as I look down at her disheveled, sweat drenched body. Then I thrust back into her hard and deep, she feels my cock swelling and jerking wildly. Then I explode sending wave after wave of semen inside her.

After Erotik hikaye coming in her, her deceased husband would pull out of her and they would go to sleep. I pull my still hard cock out of her and I begin to work her clitoris and nipples again, though a bit more gently this time. When she looked, she noticed I’m still erect, my cock as large and hard as if I had never come. Morgan feels hyper aroused and begins to mewl and squirm at the same time she reached for my cock and begins to stroke it. Grabbing her, I flip her over onto her hands and knees. She responded immediately, spreading her legs, arching her back and tilting her pelvis, exposing her moist, open slit. I knee walked forward until I’m close enough to slide the huge purple head of my cock up and down the furrow of her soaking labia. At this light contact, she makes a noise between a pant and a groan. I grab a fistful of her beautiful blonde hair, now matted with sweat, and jerking her head back. ” What do you want, bitch?” I asked gruffly. ” Please, oh, please….” she whimpers, hoping I will stop her humiliation, but knowing otherwise. I tightened my grip, pulling her head back more sharply. I found her clit with my thumb and begin a gentle massage, causing her body to shudder. ” It’s easy, bitch. Just tell me what you want, what you need, what all bitches need.”

She is beaten and knew it. ” Goddamn you, fuck me…just put your cock in me and fuck me,” she panted in a rasping voice, her tone showing true desperation. Unable to take anymore myself, I slipped the head of my swollen cock inside her cunt and begin to push. She grunted louder as once again she feels the heaviness of my massive cock burrowing inside her, spreading her pussy walls gently apart as it once again opened her tight channel. For just a moment she feels the familiar pain-pleasure from before, although it is quickly replaced by pure pleasure as I grab her hips and increased my motion, trusting my thick shaft into her faster. Morgan is coming completely unraveled, shaking her head from side to side and beating her fists against the mattress, all the while delivering an unbroken babble of screams, groans and curses. She wouldn’t have thought it possible, but it feels even better this time. I seem to have wedged my cock in even deeper, or maybe I had just hit some new, more sensitive spots inside her. Suddenly, there is a new sensation as I push one of my thick fingers deep into her anus. Earlier, she might have panicked, but now she just groans in pleasure as she feels both my cock and my finger working inside her, separated by only a thin membrane of skin. This seems to take her to another level of arousal, sending another orgasm through her overheated body. She is dripping sweat and panting as she looks at me over her shoulder, telling me in a ragged, gasping voice that she is so close and please fuck her faster.

After several more minutes of slamming into her, I knew she was close, for I feel the twitching, and tightening contractions of her anus around my finger. When Morgan finally went over the edge she lost all control; her pale, sultry body begins to shake and convulse and she lets out a series of high pitched screams and squeals that echoed off the walls of the room. As she continues to orgasm, I ram my cock in deep, finally hitting her cervix, then held myself still as I erupted with an orgasm as violent as hers. My heavy balls contracted and I begin to shoot hot thick streams of seed deep into her womb. Moments later, we both collapsed on the bed, utterly exhausted. After awakening from a brief sleep, she snuggled against me. Her inner thighs are trembling and a stream of semen trickled from her, forming a damp circle on the sheet. She looks at me lovingly and said she’d never been fucked like that. I smiled and pulled her close, feeling the softness and warmth of her lush body. ” Women need to have a older lover to teach you what real sex is like,” I laughed. ” And now, you are my lover.”

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