Elizabeth is at the peak of her career. At only 30 she was just recently promoted to branch manager of
one of Citibank’s busiest branches in Dallas. Everything is going well for her. She is financially independent,
healthy, young, and attractive. She just recently broke up with her boy- friend, she knew that dozens of men were more than willing to take his place. Her b-cup breasts did not attract that much attention, but the rest of her body did. She is 5’6″, with long blonde hair and petite with a nicely proportioned slender body. At the gym and at work people can’t take their eyes off her long shapely thighs and calves.

I sit on the board of directors of the bank and the CEO is a good friend of mine. Elizabeth’s promotion was because of my recommendation. The district manager and I went to the bank and I was introduced to Elizabeth. I congradulated her on the promotion, I asked her out to celebrate. I seemed different. I seemed . . .darker. I started normally, with my usual casual demeanor. When I picked her up, I was dressed immaculately. My black suit is professionally pressed, with a matching vest and a high spread collared white shirt and baby blue tie. My movements are smooth, almost practiced as I opened the car door, maneuvered it across town to the restaurant. My conversations begin casual, but increase in intensity. As they sat at the table, one across from the other, I would ask pointed questions, each one leading to the next.

It wasn’t until I’m paying the check that she notices the look that had taken over my face. It started with my eyes, growing a little darker and beginning to cloud over. The darkness begins to spread away from my eyes, moving over my face and covering my entire being. She is worried that my mood is going to get dangerous. She feels the innate urge to run. The instinctual response to danger, to flee and preserve life is something so deep within her psyche that she almost didn’t realize what it is until she feels it rise up within her. There, however is an unexplainable, albeit undeniable hesitance in her that she can’t overcome. Along with the sense of danger that is welling up within her, my darkening demeanor is also sending a surge of excitement through her. She has never seen this side of me. As she climbs into the car, she caught a glimpse of my eyes, deep wells that seemed to peer directly into her soul. It is then that she realized. It had just started.

When the car pulled up to my home, she made note of the fact that I’m obviously wealthy more than I had let on. The home is very expansive, every room seems to go one for longer than it should. I sat her on a stool and navigated my way around the bar, shedding the jacket, vest, and tie along the way. As I stood behind the bar, I begin pouring two shots of expensive whiskey. She hates whiskey, but for some reason she wants it more than anything. My shirt sleeves are pulled up, revealing a tattoo on my forearm that she has never noticed. My top buttons are unbuttoned, giving way to a hairy chest and tanned skin. She is deeply aroused at the transformation from chivalrous courter to mysterious bartender. She feels the electricity shoot through her as she downs the drink. Just as she put the glass to the bar, she watches in slow motion as I leap over the bar.

I grab her by the waist lifting her up unto the bar. My lips found hers with a need and intensity that she has never felt before. She let the feeling claw its way through her as she wraps her arms around my neck. She starts to grab for my shirt but I stop her. I slide the hem of her dress up to her stomach, revealing her flat stomach and the red lace of her panties. I slide them down past her knees and off of her ankles. She isn’t sure why, but her body is doing more than usual. She feels the moisture not just build, but it begins to drip down her leg. She feels my breath as I hover above her waiting clitoris. Just when she didn’t think she can wait any longer, I drop my mouth into her. She arches her back as my tongue probes around her clit. I start with slow circles around her, then probe in and out of her pussy, reaching farther than she thought possible. She runs her fingers through my hair as I slide one finger into her, and play my tongue across her clit again. Then two fingers. Three. Inside, out. I sped up, flicking my tongue and fucking her with my fingers. She feels it welling up inside her as I keep going faster, finally, she explodes.

She relaxes on the bar, thinking I had just done more for her then her ex boyfriend. Then I lift her off the bar. I hold her in my arms then we walked up the stairs. The bedroom is even larger, but somehow she feels close to me. She turned and found me standing practically on top of her. I pulled her to me and started kissing her wildly. She stood there for several seconds and didn’t resist. I roughly push her thin shirt up over her breasts and in an instant I had unsnapped the front of her bra. As she feels my fingers brush her bare nipples she broke the kiss. ” No! Stop!” She whispered fiercely to me. I paid her no mind and simply start kissing her neck instead of her lips. My hands kneading her breasts and she feels her nipples stiffening at my touch. She reaches up with her hands and pushes me away. She had to push really hard. ” What is your problem?” I demanded. I seem pissed. ” I told you to stop.” She glares at me.

I roll my eyes. ” Hard to get, huh? I’m the reason you got promoted. I know you want it.” ” I’m leaving.” She told me. Elizabeth turned and started towards the door. I grab her from behind. I push her down onto the bed and grasped the hem of her skirt. I yank it off in an instant. She sees the look in my eyes and she feels the power in my arms. Elizabeth knows I’m going to fuck her and she is powerless to stop me. What the hell has she gotten into? Elizabeth is scared and thinking fast as I toss her skirt on the floor. I reach for the waistband of her panties. Elizabeth aims Sex hikayeleri a vicious kick at my head. I dodged her high heel with catlike reflexes, but as I did I lost my grip on her. She rolled to her right and off the bed. In a moment she is up and starts to move towards the door. I caught her again before she can get there and press her against a wall.

” Damn you’re feisty” I said, grinning at her. I forced her down onto the floor on her back, I look down at the beauty lying fearfully under me. My large hand covered her mouth to prevent the screams. Her green eyes are wide with fear. I lean forward licking at her tender pink nipples. Elizabeth shook her head from side to side, trying somehow to get away. Her nipples begin to harden under the constant sucking by me. I move my head down to the clean shaved vagina. My tongue went into her slit. Elizabeth squirms like crazy to get away from my exploring tongue. Her cunt begins to excrete some juice in reaction to the exploring tongue. I lick down the trim legs to her ankles. I then slip off her heels. I now have the opportunity to worship her sexy feet. I caress her feet, licking her tender soles and tiny manicured pink toes. Elizabeth struggles but there is no way loose, all the while pleading “ Please ……oh, please ……….please stop …..please……….don’t do this to me ……….please!”

Getting up, I then begin to strip off my clothes. Elizabeth can only stare at my huge body, her body shaking in fear and unable to scream. When I drop my pants and my giant cock sprang to life, Elizabeth’s eyes pop wide open as she struggles to get free. Wanting to worship at her feet, I kneel down grasping her tiny feet. I cup her tiny feet around my oozing cock. Elizabeth feels sick as slime begins to soil her toes and tender soles. I force her feet around my cock and begin to fuck between her soles. As I furiously fuck Elizabeth’s sexy feet, I can’t believe I’m doing it at last. When her feet is at the base of the cock, she feels the knot growing hard. My cock looks like snake staring at her ready to strike. Venom begins to seethe from the head to soil the clean feet. The slimy venom serving as a lubricant and the snake is fucking faster and faster between the soft feet. Finally the snake strikes. A stream of white venom arches from its head, striking as far as the tip of Elizabeth’s chin and down to the shaved area surrounding her pussy. I then cup her feet together to capture the remaining cupful of white venom. Finally the long snake begins to whither and shrink, leaving her feet whiter in color covered thickly by the slimy white goo it had spit out. My snake then slithers over her soles, pushing the white goo to cover and web the toes to each other.

Elizabeth is devastated in shame and humiliation. This defiling act has stripped her of all her dignity. She feels as if the end of the world has arrived and nothing worst can happen. But the worst is to come. I rest a bit to regain my strength on top of the stunned beauty. Looking at my prize beauty, stripped naked in front of me, it is no time at all that my long thick snake came back to life. Now to fuck this delicate beauty. My snake twitching with the thought of laying my venom in this beauty’s tummy. I crouch down to taste this sweet jewel. My wet tongue is like a little snake exploring the way. My long snake is so gooey from my last adventure that I grab Elizabeth’s torn panties to wipe the slime off a bit. I’m looking forward to stretching this beauty’s treasured tightness and ‘ruin’ her. As Elizabeth attempted to scream, the torn slimy panties are stuffed in her mouth, stifling any noise. Her eyes widen in horror as she got her first dose of my cum. Now I’m all set to fill Elizabeth with my seed. I force her legs apart climbing between then settle on top of her. I feel a big rush when my hot cock first touches those soft cool legs. Better than scotch. I had to fight to keep from spurting right then. She clamps her thighs tight as soon as she feels my hungry snake, eager to penetrate. She isn’t making anything easy, “ Whats the matter, Elizabeth? Don’t want my seed inside you? Too good for it?,” I growled at her. I run my hands down between her thighs and tried to pull them apart. For some seconds we fought, as I work on prying her young shapely thighs apart. Finally I force an opening and insert my snake. It feels great being between those thighs, even if they are still resisting me. I push hard but she squirms a few inches and so I miss my target. We did this several times as I gradually inched her thighs apart. Finally, I’m at her gate.

Elizabeth thrashes and squeals, but knew better than to scream. I’m savoring seeing her young body twist on the floor, her long blonde hair spread out in a fan behind her. Then I discover what I had hoped: she is very tight. She has probably been fucked by guys with small dicks and those guys have not penetrated her completely. Elizabeth is really very tight, but I keep pushing harder. “ God no, no, no!,” she pants. Our bodies twisted and turned as she tries to get out from underneath me, while I hold on and push again and again, harder and harder, in a breeding frenzy. Her eyes stared into mine, her mouth mouthing the word, as she sees the animal lust in my face. She is disgusted with me, I knew, but that is just tough shit. I’m going to be the one that stretches her, that buries my cock completely inside her, no matter what she might have hoped. With one vicious thrust, I open her. She gives this funny girlish squeal, that special sound of a young woman being forcibly stretched and filled. I’d heard it a number of times, but never got tired of hearing it again. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tries to heave me off. I’m having none of it. I push her back into the floor and thrust harder. I force my way deeper inside her twisting hips, stretching her tight tunnel. “ Oh Jesus, help me!” she squeals as I drive my shaft home.

Inch by inch I force Sikiş hikayeleri it into her young body, gradually impaling her on my huge manhood. She struggles and thrashes, as I slowly force it in. In a couple seconds my cock has completely disappeared between her thighs. Shit, she is so very tight, but still I’m able to get the whole thing in. Even now she continues to fight, but it no longer matters. I’m in and her resistance just make things better. Her legs are still kicking. Her little feet fluttering around me. She twists and turns desperate to escape her fate, an innocent attractive woman twisting on the business end of my cock. What a fighter! Most women give up at this point, but this one just keeps struggling. But now it is too late for her, no matter how much she fought. My big long thick snake is safely tucked between her young hips, doing what it is designed to do, fucking her into the floor. I begin thrusting in-and-out. Her pretty green eyes looking desperate, as she realizes that now it is happening: she is getting raped by a older man. With each thrust she twists, moans and squeals. It is something, seeing that young beauty squirming on the floor, getting forcibly fucked for the first time, as my cock pumps in and out of her. I try to take my time, but there is no way I can keep my load inside. So I increase the pace slamming hard and deep in her. After five minutes, I feel the surge grow in my balls and then travel down my long shaft. I can tell that she feels it too, she gasps, kicks and struggles harder. She knows what is going to happen next and is trying to fight off that ultimate conquest. The slap of my balls and her panting fill our world, and then I explode inside her. Like an animal in heat, I forcibly plant my seed in her.

“ No, no, no,” she softly whispers. Her eyes got big and a creamy look filled them. I knew she feels my sperm gushing into her, like an army invading a defeated city. She realizes that it is all over. She is defeated, defiled and there is no longer any reason to fight..I fire my seed again and again, planting it deep inside her. I thought it would never stop, as I triumphantly mated with that attractive bank manager. She moans and sinks back onto the floor, her body shuddering as she is forcibly converted from an attractive woman to a fucked woman, owned by me. Finally she went limp and submitted to her fate. Her sweet body lay there on the floor, legs spread, allowing me to do what I pleased. I took advantage of the situation. I continue to thrust between her soft thighs as fast as I can, enjoying the sensation, and occasionally squirting a bit of sperm between them. I dismounted. She just lay there, whimpering on the floor. I decide to do a couple more things to her. Give this woman a good breaking-in. I grab her by the hair and forcing her on her knees. I always like having a woman blow me, and now I figure my new slut would be happy to oblige. After all, she is already filled with my sperm where it counts. She seems to know what is coming, she made no effort to escape or resist. My long cock is hard again. I shove it into her face. “ You know what to do, Elizabeth,” I laugh. She hesitates, so I grab my cock pushing it against her lips. For a moment she clamps her lips shut but then she sees my warning look. Her mouth opens. “ Yes, Elizabeth,” I gloated. It is good. I shove my organ past her soft tongue, rows of milky teeth and then down her throat. She gags a bit but made no effort to get away. “ Suck!,” I ordered. “ You’d better swallow at the end!.”

I feel her mouth close around my organ and then the gentle pull of suction, the rasping movement of her tongue. I grab her head and begin to move her face in the correct manner. It is a big turn on, my big ugly prick thrusting into that pretty face. My hairy balls slapping against cheeks with each thrust. I told her to keep her eyes open, so she can see all my huge parts in action. I love watching her big eyes staring at my hairy balls as they slap her cheeks. I run my hands through her long silky hair. Her long hair is around my cock. All I can see is my cock punching through the hair into her face. There is no sound beyond the warm sucking and chewing noises Elizabeth made as she blew me. In a moment I feel another surge of semen well up inside me. I grab her head tight and press it down on my cock. She knew what is about to happen, but bowed her head submissively anyway. Then I fired my load into her mouth. She gasps and gags but did as she is ordered. She sucks and swallows fast as she can. But she can’t quite keep up with the flow, and a thin trickle of my sperm flows down her chin. It looks great, my cock filling her cheeks, my seed dripping out of her sweet little mouth.

I pull out and she sinks back to the floor, coughing and gagging. It is great seeing those leggy thighs and that pretty face, and knowing my sperm is busy swimming inside her, exploring her womb. Majority of men would have been finished long ago, but I still have juice left. And my juice will stay inside her until an egg is found. That is always the best part. “ Time to put my baby in your belly,” I laugh. She just looks at me with big green eyes. There is still sperm dripping down her chin, and her thighs are still spread. She had that submissive look; the best look in the world. I knew I could do anything I wanted now. I push her down on all fours and mountd her doggy- style. My new girlfriend is now completely submissive and made no effort to fight. I guess that blowjob had broken her spirit. I position my throbbing cock penetrating her. This turns out to be the best fuck I’d had recently. I took my time fucking her. I tell you, the sight of this beautiful 32 year old blonde getting fucked by my cock is just too good. Her long blonde hair hanging around her, she gives a little yelp with each thrust. My long cock now fit in her, as I keep firing my load deep inside her. With each firing she moans and her little hips twist, and then I start again. Erotik hikaye It took me more thrusts before I’m done, but finally I loose a final injection of seed.

I pull out. Elizabeth is now on her stomach, softly crying. I put my victorious cock back in the cage. I
feel great, but now it is time to go. She woke up a little disoriented the next morning. She had a little hangover and the whole thing seems like some kind of crazy dream. Elizabeth could almost deny that it had happened until she reached down and touched her pussy. It is covered with dried semen. She lay there thinking it over. She took solace in the fact that she could never have stopped me. What had happened had been out of her control for the most part. What made her burn with shame is how she had reacted. She cannot deny feeling a rush of arousal when she thought about what had happened. Elizabeth has never been so aroused and she has never climaxed so hard before. This shameful thing will forever have to be her secret. But she also knew that she will in time think back to that night and feel the heat of her arousal again and again. So she headed into the bathroom dropping her robe and got the shower running to warm it up. She heard me come up the stairs, but she didn’t realize that I’m outside the open door watching her, Elizabeth thought I had to go into the home office and check my e-mail or read some business reports.

The water feels delicious as it cascades over her naked skin. The heat of a warm shower is one of the most sensual and relaxing things in her world – even more relaxing to her than a hot tub. Elizabeth lathered up and scrubbed every inch clean before she started on her hair. She did a thorough shampoo and then she poured on the conditioner. She is surprised that my bathroom has a full assortment of women personal care products, including a favorite with a raspberry scent that she adored. It always made her skin so smooth and fragrant that she would always use so much that she could rub it all over like a skin treatment. Elizabeth has just finished rubbing the lotion-like cream into her crotch when the shower door slides open. I spun her around mashing my lips against hers. I took her by surprise that she can barely draw a breath. I’m naked…and obviously ready for her although she isn’t ready for me. She pushes me back against the tile. ” What the hell is this about?” ” Shut up, Elizabeth!” I said it with an almost growl as I came back at her and took her by the waist lifting me up onto the soap-ledge.

The thought occurs to her right at that moment that I have done this before. I push myself between her legs and she immediately feels my hardened cock rubbing in her conditioner-lubricated pubes. ” Oh, John, no…I’m not ready for th..” I slam my slick cock all the way into her in one push. It hurt more than when I’d taken her last night as my shaft plows into her unprepared body. ” Ahhnnnghhh!!! John….stop!!!!” Elizabeth screams with pain and feebly tries to fight me off. The way I had her pinned against the shower wall, there is very little that she can do. ” You owe me Elizabeth, I got you a big promotion and now you got me so just shut the FUCK UP!!!!” Now she is more scared than in pain and she just wraps her arms around me as I slam myself into her. Elizabeth can’t believe the fury and passion I’m pouring into her with each stroke. Her back slams into the tile with each thrust…a wet slapping sound came from the tile each time her skin squeezed against it. Her hips are soon sore after just a few minutes of her legs dangling in the air so she wraps them around my body locking her ankles just to make herself more comfortable.

” Oh, you want it, Elizabeth?” I whisper in her ear as more of a statement than a question. Elizabeth starts to think that she just wants it to be over when she hears my breath get ragged and my strokes into her become slow and deliberate. ” You want my baby, don’t you, Elizabeth?” I whisper…it is almost malevolent, like I have something in mind. ” Ye..yes, John, I d-d-do” I slow down as she feels my body tense and she feels my cock swelling inside of her as I got ready to come. ” Unnhhhh, then here it is!!!” At just the right moment I pull her off the soap-ledge and let the full weight of her body cram her cervix onto my cock. It is the most painful thing she has ever experienced in her life up to that point and she screams like she has never screamed before! That bastard knew what he was doing! Elizabeth feels the stream of my sperm fill her with a sensation she has never felt before or since as my cock blew straight against her cervix and into her womb! I shot off and then slammed her again as I blew another stream of sperm into her ravished body. My strokes slacken off as my cock softened in her. Out of breath from this ordeal, she just held onto me and tried to gather her senses. ” If you don’t get pregnant now, you never will.”

I pull my cock out of her and let her to the floor. Weakly, she stood there as I turn around and let myself out of the shower before closing the door behind me. When she hears the bathroom door close she let herself slip to the floor and lay there, the warm water coursing over her. Had I been raped, I wondered, or was this what I had really wanted for along time? She ponders this and feels her sore pussy throbbing from the powerful invasion of my demanding cock. She lost track of time and didn’t bother to get up until the warm water turns cold on her and shook her from the trance she was in. When She stood up fully expecting to feel a stream of come trickle down her thigh and it never came. Maybe it had already been washed away. Maybe it is too deep inside her to come out. Whatever. she found that I had left the house when she got out of the shower and, feeling safe enough, she took a nap after being so worn out from what had happened. She awoke to the scent of roses and found two dozen red roses by the bedside and two velvet boxes. Opening the boxes, she found a diamond bracelet and a pair of long dangling diamond ear rings. There also is a very simple note that just said, ” See you for dinner.” on it.

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