Staycation With Max Part 3


Max and I had been together for a couple months. Not only did I like hanging out with him, I loved having sex with him and I wanted to try everything! Except for our shower party fun, we felt quite limited to explore since we both had roommates. Also we worked all week long and lived an hour apart from each other, so we only got to spend weekends together.When we both ended up with time off from work, we decided we should go on vacation. That would surely allow for lots of adventures! But once we looked into it, we realized we couldn’t really afford it. I was so bummed until my roommate offered to stay at her boyfriend’s, which meant we would have my place all to ourselves for the whole week. A staycation!!!! I was totally down with that. Immediately my mind was racing with fun ideas of things we could finally try out. Max had a book of positions, but we hadn’t managed to check off very many. Yet!Max arrived at my place with his bag Friday after work, and when I opened the door for him I wanted to fuck him right then and there! Sex hikayeleri He always looked so damn sexy with his impish smirk, tanned skin and dark mesmerizing eyes. It took everything in me not to jump him in the doorway.Instead we went right out and bought lots of food and drinks for the week. Everything was fun with Max because he was the perfect mix of well behaved and naughty. Like when he surprised me by pressing his body against mine so I was up against the pasta shelves as he gave me a passionate kiss. After a few seconds of our tongues exploring, he backed away from me when he saw an older couple walking down the aisle.”She’s very passionate about her pasta,” Max jokingly said to the couple. The woman kept scowling and the man looked completely amused. I giggled because I loved how he handled any situation with ease.After we loaded up, we came home and he took care of putting everything away in the kitchen. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to. He smiled at me and my heart completely Sikiş hikayeleri melted. I watched him patiently but couldn’t hold back any longer, so I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him deep and long. I felt that familiar fire start in my chest and then make its way down to my pussy. I was tingling. I needed him. Now. Apparently he felt the same urgency.”Right here baby?” he requested and I answered by taking his shirt off. He took my shirt off too, and his fingers lightly grazed my nipples. I sucked in my breath. He looked in my eyes and rolled my nipples in his fingers making them so hard. I gasped. I pulled his shorts down because I needed to touch him. He let me take his shorts off but he took my shorts off and backed up before I had a chance to touch him. His cock stood at attention as he moved closer to kiss me again.We sank down to the kitchen floor; his body on top of mine. His breath quickened as his hands caressed me and his eyes looked down over every inch of my body.”Look at me,” I joked Erotik hikaye since he always asked me to look at him during our intimate times. Sometimes it was difficult to only look into someone’s eyes when you wanted to take in every part of them.Max laughed and said, “I love your body.””Oh, I love yours too, baby,” I said, lightly running my fingers over his chest.”I need you now,” he said, “Please can I…” He held his hard cock in his hand slowly stroking as I watched the precum forming at the tip.”Yes,” I moaned, signaling permission for him to slide his cock into me.”Yes,” he echoed, kissing me as he began pumping in and out. Slowly at first and then quicker. I watched the excitement growing in his eyes.He continued his thrusts until I felt his cock stiffen and throb with his release. “Oh baby! Yes!” he screamed and I realized we would not have to be quiet this week. I couldn’t wait to be loud for him.”Yes baby,” I coaxed as I held his ass while he continued his thrusting.”Oh yes,” he said as he slowed his thrusts. I kissed his shoulder as he finally stopped moving.”What’s next?” I challenged him.”Well, we’ve conquered the kitchen…” he said and then his eyes lit up. “Oh yea, I forgot I bought you something!” He stood up. I stood up too, starting to pick up my clothes.

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