Tess and Uncle John part 1


Tess & Uncle John Ch. 01

Tess had just turned 20. As a sophomore at the local university she planned on getting her masters in elementary education. Tess has long honey blonde hair, big flashing blue eyes and a set of 36C’s that sit high on her chest. She is 5’9, with a tiny waist, and long sexy legs. Tess is a beauty in any man’s eyes. With her tight little ass tucked inside her jeans, Tess is the type of girl who can make any man’s head turn. Tess likes that. Oh yes. Sweet little Tess loves attention.

John Edwards is 38 years old. His sister Jean is the mother of his sexy niece Tess. So when his cell phone rang that afternoon, and Jean asked him if he could pick Tess up from school because Tess was afraid to drive the 50 miles home that weekend because of the approaching winter storm, he just chuckled to himself and told his sister, of course Jean. I would be delighted to pick Tess up for you.

Tess was pacing back and forth in the dormitory hall. She kept glancing outside through the light snow falling to see if her Uncle had pulled up yet. She sighed, then took a deep breath. She was excited to get home for the weekend to see her boyfriend Eric. She couldn’t imagine what was taking her Uncle John so long to get there. Pulling out her cell phone she dialed her mother. After hearing the first ring, Tess looked outside just in time to see Uncle John pulling into the campus parking lot. She quickly hung her cell phone up and picked up her overnight bag. With a huge smile on her face Tess walked outside and waved her uncle over to the curb.

Pulling up beside her John braked the car and jumped out. Sorry I’m so late Tess. The roads are getting pretty dangerous. He grabbed her overnight bag, threw it in the back seat, and opened her door. Get in here before you freeze to death he told her. Then he slammed her door shut and slid back in the drivers seat behind the wheel.

Tess was brushing the snow off her coat when John jumped back inside. Thanks Uncle John. You don’t know how much I appreciate you coming here to get me. Mom said Dad was working late and there was no way she was coming out in this storm. If you hadn’t come to get me, I would have been stuck here all weekend. Sex hikayeleri This weekend Eric and I are going to a Valentine Party. I would have been very pissed if I had to miss it.

John looked at Tess and just nodded. To be honest Tess, it was pure luck your Mom caught me at all. Your Aunt Pauline is gone this week you know. I was just about ready to head out for a few drinks with some of my buddies. If I would have had a couple of beers down me, I would have never driven this far to pick you up. So count your blessing young lady. “Oh shit, this weather stinks. These roads are getting pretty slick. It’s like a fucking blizzard out here now.” Sorry about the language Tess. I just hate driving in this kind of weather.

Tess shivered and then pulled her coat tighter around her. It’s okay. Just concentrate on your driving Uncle John. Don’t worry about your language. Besides, I have heard that word on occasion. Then Tess giggled.

John could barely hear what Tess was saying. He was concentrating on the road before him. Huh? What Tess? What are you talking about?

Tess looked sideways at her Uncle and snickered. Oh yea. Right Uncle John. Like you didn’t know you said it’s like a fucking blizzard out here. You know Uncle John? Fucking? The word fucking? I have heard it before you know.

John laughed. Oh yes. I just bet you have Tess. So, now that the subject of fucking has raised it’s evil head Tess. Why don’t you tell your favorite uncle just how many of those young college jocks have had the pleasure of fucking your brains out?

Tess gasped. What? Oh My God. I don’t, um, uh, Uncle John. I’m still a virgin. Well, technically speaking I am anyway.

Technically speaking huh Tess? Now just what does technically speaking mean young lady?

Well, that is kind of personal don’t you think Uncle John? I mean, well you know. If Mom and Dad ever found out they would be so disappointed in me because I keep them totally in the dark when it comes to my, um, so called sex life.

John looked sideawys at his niece. Tess please. I have known you since the day you were born. Have I ever given you reason to not trust me with anything you tell me? You should know by Sikiş hikayeleri now that anything you say to me is just between you and me.

I know Uncle John. I know. I know. It’s just that I never expected you to ask me a question like that. You have to promise not to tell Mom or Dad anything I say?

Tess! You know I won’t say a word. “Oh fuck. Hold on. There’s a cop waving us to slow down.” Skidding to a stop, John rolled his window down and waited for the officer to walk over.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the officer said, but the interstate is closed until at least tomorrow afternoon. If this blizzard stops, and the road department can get the road plowed out, you may be able to continue sometime tomorrow. But the way it looks right now it will probably be two or three days before they get this part of the interstate back open. You’ll need to turn off at this exit. There are two hotels right off the exit ramp. You should be able to get a room for the night at one of them.

Okay Officer. Thank you. John rolled his window up. Then he looked across the seat at Tess. Well pumpkin. It looks like you and I will be staying in that hotel right across the street for the time being.

Well piss, Tess spat out. What about my Party? Eric will be so pissed at me. There are so many fucking girls going to be at that party too. This really fucking sucks you know. I don’t even have clothes to sleep in. This really bites.

It’s okay Tess. Calm down okay? We’ll just have to make the best of a bad situation. Just calm down and give your Mom and Eric a call and I will run the hotel inside and see about rooms for us. I just hope they still have rooms available. I’ll be right back.

Tess sulked like a little baby. Then she took out her cell phone and dialed her Mom while I headed inside to hopefully book us a couple of rooms. The desk clerk just shrugged his shoulders when I asked for two rooms. I am sorry sir. But with this storm outside we have one room left on the top floor. The Honeymoon Suite. One king size bed and a huge sofa. It’s an awfully nice room sir. Just $260 dollars a night.

Slamming his credit card on the counter, John grinned. Honeymoon Suite Erotik hikaye huh? Make it for two nights please.

On the way back to the car John was whistling to himself. Tess was just finishing up her conversation with her boyfriend Eric when John popped back inside the car.

Tess was laughing hysterically when she folded her cell phone closed. Guess what Uncle John? You are not going to believe this one. Eric is snowed in with his parents and the party has been cancelled. Mom wants me to give her a call once we got to our rooms.

Oh yes. John looked across the seat at his niece. Well, about those rooms Tess. There is only one room. It’s on the top floor. The clerk called it the Honeymoon Suite. Can you believe it? Here I am, stranded with my niece, and the only room available in the hotel is the Honeymoon Suite. How ironic is that Tess? We may as well make the best of it young lady. Drinks are on me. What would you like delivered to our room?

Tess couldn’t stop laughing as she followed her uncle inside. Stomping the snow off her shoes, and lifting her eyes to meet his, she whispered. I love Rum and Coke. How about you Uncle John?

As they walked past the front desk, John yelled back over his shoulder. Could you have a couple of large pizzas, a couple bottles of your best rum, and some cokes delivered to our room young man?

Inside the elevator John leaned over and whispered in Tess’s ear. Maybe you can tell me why you think that technically your still a virgin? I think we should discuss a little bit more where and how you’ve used the word fucking. Don’t you think we should do that Tess?

Tess shivered when she heard her uncle say those words to her. She glanced up and looked in his eyes. Then she looked down at the huge bulge in his pants. Stepping right in front of him, Tess moved her hand to his thick bulge and squeezed it hard. Then she dragged her fingernail slowly down the rigid thickness of her Uncle Johns long, very thick cock. Raising up on her tiptoes Tess gazed in her uncles eyes. You know what Uncle John? I just may show you why all the boys like me and why I get straight A’s from my professors at school. Then she gave his fat, meaty cock another hard squeeze, and giggled. I’ve never had one of these big boys inside my tight little pussy Uncle John. But, I guarantee you, I am the best little cocksucker you will ever know.

end of part one

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