Branded by the Sun


The males had been bound and were being led to their fate by their female captors.

Matthew and Stephen were in their final year of university, where they had been enslaved by first year students Darreen and Shaylah respectively. The girls had no interest in academia, and had only enrolled with the intention of hunting boys with high quality genes. Once they had made up their minds, their targets’ fates were sealed.

The slaves were naked apart from restraints. Their hands were shackled behind them in metal cuffs. The cuffs were attached by short chains to tight leather collars around their necks, pulling their hands high up their backs. There were similar metal cuffs on their ankles, with chains just long enough to allow them to walk with short stuttering steps. Big red ballgags were stuffed in their mouths and strapped tightly around their heads. Completing the ensembles were short hard plastic chastity devices locked tightly to their penises. Their complexions were both very fair, of the kind which burn easily in a hot sun.

The girls, for their part, were dressed in almost matching summer outfits consisting of tight denim shorts, tank tops, white tennis shoes and white socks. With their similarly long sandy-coloured hair they could have almost been twins. The only major difference was that Darreen’s top was blue and Shaylah’s was pink.

They led the way out of the house and into the backyard, holding leashes attached to the collars, while the slaves trotted obediently behind. In Darreen’s free hand was a large shopping bag.

They were at Darreen’s parents’ bush retreat, a modestly appointed dwelling in the Great Dividing Range more than two kilometers from the nearest neighbour. Darreen’s parents weren’t using it, so had allowed the girls to ‘entertain’ their ‘boyfriends’ there for the weekend. The backyard was a patch of lawn surrounded by tall trees and thick shrubs. The lawn was mostly a summery brown.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The forecast was for temperatures in the mid thirties Celsius, and it was already past thirty five.

There urfa escort were four sturdy stakes in the ground, in two pairs. The stakes of each pair were about three metres apart and the gap between the pairs was about two metres. They had been hammered into the ground about an hour earlier by Matthew and Stephen, under directions from their owners, but with no explanation as to what they were for.

Today would be a big day, although the boys didn’t know it yet.

For weeks, the girls had considered having the boys branded or tattooed, as a mark of their enslavement. The idea turned them both on, but their sensible sides understood that such a mark might be a bit too extreme and too permanent.

Then Shaylah had had an idea. And Darreen had acknowledged it was brilliant.

And today it would be put into effect.

The boys were led between the stakes and ordered to lie face down with their heads towards one of a pair of stakes and their feet towards the other. When they obeyed, the girls tied each leash to a stake, then produced lengths of stout rope from the shopping bag. The rope was wound around and between the captives’ ankles, then fastened to the opposite stakes. The girls tightened the ropes so the bodies of the captives were pulled straight. The ropes weren’t pulled too tight because the girls weren’t stupid and didn’t want too much pressure on their slaves’ necks, but they made sure there would be no twisting and rolling over and certainly no escape.

The girls paused a moment to admire their handiwork so far. Their prisoners moaned and squirmed slightly against their bonds. Having two young virile males at their mercy was making Darreen and Shaylah hot in a way which had nothing to do with the ambient temperature, but they held these feelings in check and concentrated on the job in hand.

Back to the shopping bag, and out came some stickers in the shape of numbers and letters, like the kind schoolchildren use to put their names on pencil cases. In this instance, the girls balıkesir escort used them to spell their names on the left arse cheeks of their slaves. They did it meticulously, making sure each letter was perfectly aligned and spaced.

The last items from the bag were a couple of bottles of the highest factor sunscreen the girls had been able to find. They sloshed it all over their slaves, from head to toe. Soon the bodies of the slaves were covered in a thick layer of protection against the sun, everywhere including their feet and legs, their backs, arms, shoulders, and faces. And of course, their backsides.

The boys wriggled and writhed during the application of the sunscreen, in ways which suggested their owners had been right to put them in chastity devices. Without the devices, enough wriggling against the grass might have caused an orgasm, which would have been wasteful. A captive male must only be allowed to cum in the course of pleasuring his mistress.

For the final step of the plan, the girls very carefully used the tip of a fingernail to gently remove each of the stickers. This, of course, meant that a section of each slave’s skin was now exposed to the sun’s merciless rays, and that exposed skin was in the shape of his owner’s name.

All was now in readiness.

Five minutes later, the girls were lounging on deck chairs in the shade of the trees, sipping chardonnay, chatting, and watching their captives endure their fate. Every now and then, one of the boys would moan and squirm a little in his bonds, but mostly they remained fairly still and quiet.

The sun continued to beat down. The bodies of the prisoners soon became slick with perspiration.

After half an hour or so, the girls decided to check the progress of their endeavours. They wandered over to the stake-out and observed the now pinkish marks where the stickers had been. Not red enough yet, but a start.

While they were there, Shaylah decided it would be fun to inflict some torment. She removed one of her shoes trabzon escort and shoved her socked foot into Stephen’s face. He tried to recoil, but the bonds held him tight as she wiggled her toes all around his nose. She giggled at the effect it had on him, bearing in mind it was a hot and sweaty day.

Darreen, observing her friend, decided this was a fine idea, and decided to try something similar herself. But her version was a little more brutal. After removing her shoe, she took off her sock as well, then folded it into a wad in her hand and without warning clamped it over Matthew’s face so he could barely breath. He bucked and thrashed around like a fish out of water, which did him no good at all against the implacable cuffs. Darreen guessed – correctly – that his manhood was straining against its cage and driving him mad,

The torment continued for a while longer, before the girls decided to head back to the shade and finish their wine.

Eventually, after the boys had been staked in the sun for well over an hour, their owners decided their aim had been achieved. Bright red marks in the shape of their names adorned the bodies of their slaves, just as planned.

Ropes and leashes were removed from the stakes and the captives were marched indoors, still in cuffs, collars, and gags. They were led to the bathroom and ordered to stand in front of the mirror. The girls positioned handheld mirrors to the boys’ rear, so they could see what had been done to them. Up to that point, the slaves had not really understood what was going on – they hadn’t been informed, and could not see the stickers as they were applied – and had only been able guess. But now they knew. They were unmistakably marked as their owners’ property.

The sunburn marks were starting to become painful and would become more so in the next little while.

The girls took out keys and removed the chastity cages. Two penises sprang to rigid attention. The males might have been imprisoned, humiliated, and subjected to painful branding, but their equipment betrayed the fact that for them it had been an exciting experience.

The girls observed the helpless and aroused male bodies with hunger in their eyes.

With their sunburn becoming ever more painful, the slaves wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight. But with the mood their mistresses were in, sleep probably wasn’t on the agenda anyway.

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