Breakfast in Bed


Disclaimer: All characters and events are purely fictional. All characters are at least 18 years of age.


It’s 05:34 exactly and the sun has barely risen on this clear, crisp morning in early May. I’m gingerly making my way up the stairs, holding a breakfast tray in front of me, being careful not to spill its meticulously prepared contents.

Eggs, scrambled to just the right consistency, sit on top of a thick piece of toast, cut from a home made loaf. Rich, creamy Greek yoghurt in a small bowl and strawberries, sliced just so. A small white teapot filled with tea, made from a blend of the finest Darjeeling and Assam leaves, direct from India. A little jar of New Zealand Manuka honey, purely an optional extra. Silver cutlery, wrapped in a clean and pressed linen napkin. A single rose, snipped from the garden, completes the presentation. A morning meal fit for a princess, prepared for my princess.

With the toe of my slippered foot, I open the bedroom door. You are sleeping, quietly, peacefully. I stand in the doorway for a few brief moments and gaze upon you. Your astonishingly beautiful, angelic visage is so serene and still, it seems a criminal act to wake you, but wake you I must.

I place the tray down silently on the bedside table and draw open the curtains. The room fills with morning sunlight. It causes you to stir and frown grumpily, but does not rouse you completely.

Standing bent over beside the bed, my nose hovers above your face. Just for an instant, long enough to register the sweet and spicy scent of Madagascar vanilla. My lips press against the apple of your cheek. I allow the smooch to linger, long and lovingly. Your eyelids begin to flicker. Another kiss. This time my mouth meets yours. Your full, plump lips respond to mine and reciprocate my affection. A mouth made for kissing.

You look up at me, blurry eyed, but with a contented smile.

“Good morning, Daddy,” you say in a croaky half whisper.

“Good morning, Angel,” I reply. “I’ve made you breakfast.”

The life and blood return to your stiff, weary, muscles as you stretch out your limbs and arch you back. You slowly rise into a sitting position and I place the food on your lap. When you see what I have made for you, your face lights up to rival the early morning sun.

“For me, Daddy?”

“Eat up, Baby girl, you’ve got a busy day ahead of you.”

I make myself comfortable on the bed and watch you tuck in heartily. You sip your tea and devour the protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy and fruit. I keep your feet warm in my lap and tickle your tiny tootsies under the duvet. You seem joyously happy, sitting there, propped up on a pillow, munching away.

For me, fatigue is beginning to set in. I didn’t wake up to cook for you, I haven’t slept. My chronic insomnia often keeps me up round the clock. This morning, as the hour hand mockingly landed on five, I decided to say, “sod it” to sleep and got up to see what the new day had brought. I made myself some coffee and turned on the television, but the forced cheeriness of the news readers irritated me. I felt like doing something productive. Upon opening the fridge, I discovered all the ingredients necessary for a nutritious breakfast. Just the thing to set you up for the day and I knew you’d appreciate it.

Seeing you clean your plate of every morsel makes the whole sleepless night worth it. I am so pleased you enjoyed it. However, now my eyes are droopy, my body is languid and my head feels heavy. I’m not going to be able to keep myself up for much longer. It’s typical, the whole night through I’m wide awake and alert, then somnolence drops like a hammer. Seeing someone else start their day is always a great soporific. I send you off to the shower before I pass out cold.

As I lie in bed, listening to the pump whirring and the water rushing, I imagine you standing there naked. I picture the spray hitting you and flowing down your body. I see you lathering the shower gel and soaping your young supple skin, from your face down to your toes. My erection is conspicuous by its presence. There is no way I’ll be able to sleep with this thing stretching my underwear. I think I’m getting my second wind.

Discreetly I let myself into the bathroom. You have already finished showering and are teasing your luxuriantly soft hair in front of the mirror. The air is warm and humid. Without a word, I come up behind you and plant a kiss on the back of your neck. You sigh. I follow it up with a chain of little kisses across both you shoulders. You giggle, inaudibly.

My hands reach for your body and sink into the plush Egyptian cotton towel wrapped around your torso. They creep slowly up the damp terrycloth to where it’s tied loosely just above your bust. A gentle tug and the makeshift garment lies in a heap around your feet, exposing your charms to me.

We stand, gazing at the reflection of your naked body. You are unashamed before me. My eyes take in every detail of your young figure. My fingertips glide over your silken epidermis. gaziantep escort Neither of us speaks, the silence is heavy, our eyes locked together in the bathroom mirror.

I reach for the coconut scented body milk. You like to keep yourself moisturised and I want to help. The click of the plastic bottle top and the squelch of the lotion are soft sounds, but ring out clearly in the deathly quiet. I slather liberal squirts of the the opaque white liquid all over you. Your arms, shoulders, neck, Décolletage, pert tits, tummy, back and round buttocks. You remain passive, fixed to the spot. I slip my hand between your legs to coat your vulva, before crouching and applying the moisturiser to your thighs and calves.

I straighten up to admire my handy work. Your skin glistens under the incandescent bulbs. You look pensive, expectant, even hopeful.

Slight pressure on your nape bends you over the sink, giving me clear access to your most intimate parts. My well oiled fingers pass effortlessly over your delicate, velvet pussy lips and the swollen nub of your clitoris. You look back at me with trust in your eyes and I gently part your labia, revealing your delicious pink slit. A single digit enters your hot wetness. It’s just one finger, but you grip it tight as I push all the way in. You can’t hold back a faint whimper as I slide back and forth, steadily in and out of your snug, little twat.

Another squirt of the greasy Arecaceae nut lotion and I move slightly northwards to your impeccable, puckered arsehole. You are very relaxed, two fingers stretch you open and inch inside with surprising ease. Without effort, I push into you until I reach my knuckles and can go no further. You moan softly and your sphincter muscles contract as I twist.

Here is where I have another surprise for you. Apparently out of nowhere, I produce a small, rubber anal plug. Not too small though. It’s maybe, somewhat bigger around than my penis, but nowhere near as long. I want you to feel it and know it’s there, but I don’t want it to be too much for you. I was careful to select one that’s the ideal size.

I meet some resistance as I push the toy home. You’re not used to taking something quite so wide, but you are is willing and it sits in your rectum as comfortably as can be expected. You shake your arse from side to side with the pleasure of this new sensation. Then present yourself to me, legs apart, bum pushed upwards and your hungry pussy slightly gaping.

Tentatively, I press the tip of my engorged member against your quim. I don’t penetrate, simply rub myself against you, up and down mingling my oozing precum with your abundant juices. I come to a rest, right at the entrance to your cunt. A little pressure, you can feel I’m about to thrust myself forward and fill you with what you want, what you crave.

But no, I do not enter you.

Instead, I take a step back and say, “Okay, Baby girl, enough playing for now. Time to get dressed or you’ll be late.”

“But, Daddy, please!” you say imploring me. “I need it!”

“No arguments! Get ready now and leave the butt plug in. I want you to wear it all day.”

You’re not pleased, but you accept it with a simple, meek, “Yes, sir.”

It’s not that I don’t want to make love to you. I do! My cock is hard and aching for you, but I want you to wait. I will show restraint and temporarily deny myself pleasure, in order to withhold it from you. I need to show you I have an iron will. Even though you are irresistible, I can resist you. Without any violence at all, by doing nothing, I’m demonstrating how powerful I am.

I also want to tease you. I want you to spend to whole day with the plug in your anus. Every time you move it will remind you of how you didn’t get fucked. It will remind you of how close you came, but you were deprived. Hopefully this will make you crave me even more, make you think about all the things you want me to do to you when you return home this afternoon.

You get dressed in silence. The discomfort is evident on your face as you pull your cute, little panties up your legs and over your bum. You’ve never had anything so big in your anus before and you’re thinking about how it’ll feel as the day goes on. An hour or so is one thing, but the whole day? I can tell you’re worried, but you say nothing.

The thought of you spending the day squirming, being secretly and constantly stretched out, turns me on more than you could imagine. When you leave, the aroma of coconut lingers and I take care of my painful erection. It doesn’t take long.


My day passes in sleep and dreams. Visions flash continuously through my mind. Your youthful body, flawless skin and fresh, blossoming pussy. By the time you arrive home, I am well rested.

You come in walking awkwardly. The plug has been doing its job. You’re not happy though, an entire day of sexual frustration has put you in a bad mood. Your irritation is clear when I greet you at the door.

“Welcome home, konya escort Angel. Did you have a good day? Give daddy a kiss.” You give me a cursory peck as you walk past. “Is that all I get?”

You brush me off with a surly, “I need to pee.”

I grab hold of your wrist, preventing you from marching straight into the lavatory.

“Wait a minute, young lady. You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing! I’m fine. I just have to pee. Let me go!” you say as you struggle to get yourself free.

“You will pee when I say you can pee, not before. Now, are you going to tell me why you are behaving like such a brat?”

Still, you continue to fight me and refuse to cooperate. Evidently, you need much more severe treatment. Your behaviour requires physical correction.

I drag you into my study. You know what this means. I only bring you in here for one reason and one reason alone.

Your top and bottoms come off in an instant. Your attempts to be combative don’t hinder me in the slightest. I have torn the clothes off you many times before. Once I have you in nothing but your panties, it’s corner time. I stand you there, hands on head, with two very basic commands.

“You are not to move, or even make the slightest sound, until I say so.”

“But, I really need to go to the loo.” you respond in that petulant tone of voice. The one you know I cannot stand.

It makes my blood boil, but I control myself well. I fight back the overwhelming instinct to thrash you to within an inch of your life on the spot. Instead I look down at your rear end and see the flange of the anal plug protruding from your arse cheeks, under the soft cotton of your panties. I give it a hard flick, sending a jolt through your colon and into your full bladder. I enjoy how it makes you wince.

“I will give you permission to piss when I am ready. Until then you will stand in the corner and think about you attitude. Is that clear?”

“Fine,” is your terse, unrepentant reply.

Patience is what’s needed from me now. I sit in my chair and wait, staring at you from behind. The second hand ticks round the clock face and the minute hand moves forward. The opulent curtain of hair on top of your head. The elegant line of your neck into your oval shoulders and graceful spine. The skin I was covering in lotion just this morning. You are a vision of perfection. My manhood is stiff and throbbing for you already, but I hold myself back. I must be strong! You need time to reflect upon your demeanour towards your daddy.

I allow the second had to pass around it’s course fifteen times. With each elapsing minute, you get increasingly more antsy. You squeeze your thighs together, shift your weight from foot to foot and wiggle your arse. Your desperate need to pee is becoming unbearable, every moment is torturous for you.

“How are you feeling, Baby?” I ask.

“Sorry, Daddy. Very sorry!” you sound remorseful.

“Are you ready for your spanking now? Or do you need to stand in the corner a little longer?”

“Please let me go and pee first, Daddy! Please!”

“No, Sweetness. I will tell you when you can pee.”

With your legs crossed together, you reluctantly agree. I guide you back over to my chair, pull your panties down to the floor and bend you over my knee. I leave the plug in place, knowing it will add extra severity to the beating and reinforce the lesson in your mind. You brace yourself for the assault on your bare behind.

I strike you forcefully and rapidly, on alternate bum cheeks. My sharp slaps sting and send shock waves, via the plug, from your anus and through your stomach. You squeal in pain with each vicious blow. Before long my hand is buzzing, but I continue the onslaught regardless. My eyes have glazed over. I am lost in the moment, turning your bottom a deep hue of cherry red.

I hear it first, the unmistakeable sound of a stream of liquid hitting the floor. Then I feel it, warm and wet on my thigh. You couldn’t hold it in any longer. You are pissing yourself, right here, as you lie across my knee, receiving a well deserved discipline spanking.

I stop, stunned. You stare back at me, wide eyed. Time seems to stand still as the the steaming urine flows, soaking my trouser leg and splashing onto the carpet beneath us. Neither of us knows quite what to say.

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I couldn’t help it. It just came out,” you blurt in a panic.

“You know what this means, don’t you, little one?”

“Yes, Daddy,” you hang your head in shame and acceptance.

You stand, bent over, your legs wide apart, palms resting flat on my chair. I position myself behind you and tenderly run the tips of my fingers across your sore, crimson and hot backside.

You hear the distinctive and familiar clinking of my belt buckle and the sound of leather on fabric as I pull the strap through the loops. I fold the thick strip of cow hide in half and smack it against the heel of my hand. The loud cracks kayseri escort fill you with dread for the coming whipping.

You squeeze your eyes shut tight as I raise my arm above my shoulder. I slam the belt down across your arse with a tremendous thwack. You cry out in anguish as it bites into your flesh.

Again, a fierce lash whooshes through the air and finds its mark across your jiggling bum. Another screech as it shoots through you like an electric shock.

Your high pitched screams ring in my ears as I land four more brutal whacks on your sensitive seat. You drop to your knees crying, pleading with me, tears streaming from your eyes and down your cheeks.

“Enough, Daddy. Please!”

I’m out of breath. Thick, dark stripes are coming up on your pretty derrière. I feel the corporal punishment has been sufficient and you are suitably chastened. Perhaps I was even a little too harsh with you. I do feel a somewhat guilty for going so far.

I take you up into my arms and sit you on my lap. You lie, sobbing into my chest, carefully angling yourself to avoid putting weight on your hypersensitive and excruciatingly painful posterior. I hold you close to me and whisper soothing sounds into your ear.

“Shh, precious one. It’s all over now.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to be bad,” you snivel.

“You’re not bad, Angel. You just need to behave properly, the spanking helps you to learn. It’s for your own good, I hope you understand.”

“I understand. I’ll try to be good from now on.”

“I love you, Baby girl,” I say with a kiss.

“Love you too, Daddy,” you kiss me back.

We are still sodden from your piss, yet we stay in that position for some time as you cry yourself out. The strong smell of ammonia overpowers the faint whiff of coconut from this morning. I hold your cuddlesome body close to me, gently stroking you, calming you with every pass over your exquisite skin. My touch follows a trail up the inside of your arm and over your breast, idling slightly on your perky nipple, then snaking across your tummy to your hips and thighs. I touch your flogged and welted buttocks. I am as delicate as can be, but your flinch tells me it still smarts. It will do for sometime and will serve as an important reminder to you.

My fingers discover the plug. I play with it lazily, twisting from side to side, before applying a firm grip and gradually easing it out of you. You groan as the item you had almost grown accustomed to is removed. It hurts more coming out than it did going in, but once it’s out, you begin to miss it. The thing was a considerable burden to you as you tried to go about your day and it made the belting I gave you significantly more punitive. However, now it’s gone, you feel empty, incomplete. You won’t feel that way for long.

I bring the object up to my nose and inhale the pungent odour as deeply as I can. So deep, I can taste it. Then I place it to your lips, which open without hesitation and accept it into your mouth. You greedily suckle on the bulbous device, like some kind of perverse baby’s dummy, relishing the tangy, piquant flavour of your own arsehole.

“How is it, Sweetie,” I ask as I take it from you again.

“Delicious, Daddy. Thank you,” you tell me with a big smile.

My erection has been getting increasingly troublesome. I need relief. I need to have you. I need to take you. I need to be inside you.

Laying you face down on the study floor, I unbutton and pull down the zip on my trousers. I release my angry cock from its cotton and elastic prison. Without lubrication I push the head into your well stretched back passage. You may be somewhat loosened, but some form of lubricant would definitely have been appreciated. Despite being thinner, my dry prick entering your raw anus is far more painful than the plug going in or coming out. You try desperately to suppress an agonised yelp. I hold you fast as your entire body tenses up beneath me.

Once I am all the way inside you, deep inside you, much deeper than the plug, you begin to relax. The worst of the pain is over. I stay there, not moving, just revelling in the heat, your alimentary canal gripping me. I press my lips to your neck and hush you with comforting and reassuring tones.

I thrust. Cautiously at first, but becoming steadier and more assertive. Soon I’m pumping my powerful shaft into you, solidly, rhythmically. You grimace with gritted teeth, but bear the ravaging well. Finally, with a few vigorous jerks, a bull like snort and animalistic grunts, the blessed relief of climax. I come, delivering my copious load of scalding spunk into your grateful hole.

I don’t know how long it takes for the post orgasmic fog in my brain to clear, but eventually it lifts. Partially, at least, enough for me to become aware of my surroundings once again. I notice your hand thrust between your legs, furiously masturbating. Frantically frigging your clit, bringing yourself to your own critical orgasm.

“No, Baby. I didn’t say you could come yet.” I move your hand away from your pussy.

“But…But…I need to!” the look in your eyes is desperation, even terror.

I can see you really do need it. However, I remain firm. I will decide when and if you climax, not you. You must learn that I am in control of all things, including your body and especially your orgasms.

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