First Foursome


As always, a completely and utterly true story.

Our next escapade is a perfect example of how (a) some couples should never even consider swapping partners, (b) how communication is the key to a happy sex life, and (c) how some people who have fairly dull sex lives are just waiting for something unusual to show their true colours. It all worked out really well for me & Francis, but proved almost disastrous for our friends Joey & Kim.

It was on New Years Eve, and we headed over to their house for a party. We’d been friends with them for about a year having met them through a mutual acquaintance, and had become pretty close because we had a lot in common, particularly the guys who loved sports. Despite having spent a lot of time with them, we’d never really talked about sex very much. They were in their early twenties, 7 years younger than us, had not been together as long as us, and certainly didn’t have as many experiences as us. Sex had come up in conversation a few times but I remember them being stunned that we had a box of sex toys and not only was Francis okay with me using them, but we actually used them together.

This particular night however, we did start having a really in depth chat, because not only were we all quite drunk, but the rest of the party had all left shortly after midnight to go to a club downtown, so the four of us were left together with a lot of alcohol, and the intention of staying up for a good 2 or 3 more hours.

It began innocently enough with talk of our fantasies. Kim gave the predictable scenario of making love in the rain on a private beach. Joey was even more unrealistic with the dream of one day having sex with Anna Kournikova and Kim. I shocked them and Francis by confessing I’d like to have a threesome with a bisexual man so we could share my husband together. And he in turn surprised them by admitting he’d like to see another man come in my mouth.

This was an immediate segue way into what the four of us didn’t like about our own sex lives, because Kim wouldn’t let Joey come in her mouth.

“It bugs me a bit” said Joey. “All my ex’s didn’t have a problem with it.”

“I just can’t do it ,” confessed Kim. “I hate the taste and just think the whole idea is disgusting.”

She then went onto say that Joey wouldn’t go down on her and seeing as she didn’t have orgasms through intercourse, the only way she could come would be by masturbating. I tried to make her feel better by saying that I also didn’t have orgasms through sex, but it backfired when I admitted not only did Francis go down on me all the time, but there really wasn’t much I didn’t like about our sex life. Francis nodded in agreement, saying he too was as satisfied as a married man could be.

Joey couldn’t get past the fact that I always let Francis come in my mouth and I swallowed it, and the more he quizzed me the more I knew he was getting turned on. I was just being honest, and certainly didn’t want Kim to think I was putting her down in anyway; I just told them how I enjoyed the feel of the penis slowly growing inside my mouth until it was rock hard, and eventually feeling it explode in my mouth, knowing I’d made this climax just with my tongue and lips. I didn’t pretend I thoroughly enjoyed the taste – I really don’t think anyone does, but it’s not that bad and is a small price to pay for the enormous sense of satisfaction both parties receive.

We then played the drinking game “I never” where someone makes a false statement claiming that they’d never performed a certain act, and anyone else who genuinely hasn’t, must take a drink.

I began by purposely making them all drink, by saying “I never have swallowed come.” Obviously they all took a drink, because neither Kim nor the 2 boys had.

Joey then made us all drink by saying, “I never jerked off at work.”

Kim forced the boys to drink by claiming “I’ve never been tit-fucked.” And so the game continued for a few rounds, in which it was revealed our hosts had never watched porn together, mardin escort never played with sex toys, never had anal sex, or had sex in a vehicle.

Francis then turned the game – and the evening – on its head by saying, “I’ve never given a girl oral sex.” The boys obviously didn’t drink. I couldn’t drink because of our threesome with Tamara. But to everyone’s shock, including Joey’s, Kim didn’t drink either.

“I believe it’s storytime!” Joey said, and his girlfriend began to divulge an erotic account of her early teenage years.

Apparently her and her friend Kelly were developing physically and becoming very curious sexually, but as neither were popular with the boys (Kelly having the curse of glasses, and Kim having to wear braces), were forced to experiment with each other. Kelly’s brother had a stash of porno mags, which they would take to Kelly’s room after school, and what started off as just looking at the pictures gradually turned into looking at the pictures naked, kissing each other, touching each other, fingering each other, and eventually licking each other.

Kim insisted it wasn’t a lesbian phase and involved no romantic feelings whatsoever, it was just two young teens discovering their sexuality with each other. They lived nearby and frequently had sleepover parties with each other; their parents under the misapprehension that their innocent daughters would simply watch movies and talk about boys. They did, but ended the night by bringing each other to orgasm. It went on for about a year until they finally got boyfriends, evidence that it was just experimentation, and discovering their bodies.

We were all stunned, but Joey in particular just could not believe his ears.

“I can’t believe you never told me,” he said.

“You never asked!” she replied. “And I can’t believe you guys have had a threesome!” she said, changing the topic to us.

“You never offered!” I joked.

“And if I did?” she asked with a wry grin.

“Take your top off and find out!” Francis declared.

I think he said it just to be funny, and didn’t expect her to really go for it. She looked at Joey however, who said nothing, his eyebrows still raised from the previous conversation, and after a brief pause, flung her arms in the air, removed her sweater, unveiling a very sexy white bra. She looked at me, waiting. I looked at the boys, as if I need encouragement. They said nothing, just stared, drooling. So I decided to take the bull by the horns, got up, took my sweater off, walked over to Kim who was sitting on the couch, unhooked my bra, straddled her and planted a huge open-mouth kiss on her.

I was going to break off, turn around and say something to the boys, but she held onto my face. She kissed me back, our inhibitions removed, and true desires surfacing, her tongue gently exploring my mouth, as I moved my hands from her cheeks, down to her boobs. What started out as nothing more than a sort of drunken dare was now turning me on, and I felt myself wanting it to progress.

I traced her nipples outside her bra, then reached around, unhooked her, and threw the bra back at the boys, cupping each boob in my hands. I broke our kiss momentarily, we looked into each others eyes, and smiled.

“I can’t believe we’re fucking doing this!” I said.

“Shut up and kiss my tits!” she answered, as I leaned my head down, flicked my tongue over her nipple, and slowly sucked her breast.

She pushed me onto the sofa so I was lying down on my back, climbed on top of me, and took my breasts into her mouth, joking, “It’s been almost ten years since I last did this!” I’m not normally turned on too much by my boobs, but seeing Kim – who is a petite blonde, and is extremely attractive – kissing me all over, had me getting very wet, very quickly.

“Shall we go into the bedroom?” Joey asked, which was music to my ears, but ultimately proved to be his undoing. The thing is, me & Francis had discussed and van escort fantasized over the events that were about to unfold many times. We knew what we would do with another couple, and what was forbidden. Our hosts on the other hand had never had such communication and so jealous boundaries were about to be crossed several times over.

The two of us continued our show for the boys, removing each others’ belts, unbuttoning our jeans, and then seductively slipping them off, kissing each others legs as we removed them. We kissed a little more, now wearing just our underwear, but I soon had my hands down through the elastic, feeling her bum, and slowly pulled them down past her ankles. She did the same to me, stopping to kiss my boobs, my tummy, and then my small patch of pubic hair on her way down.

Naked, wearing only our nervous smiles, we turned to our fully clothed partners, erections blatantly poking through their dress pants.

“Let’s start with Joey,” I suggested. He was sitting upright on the bed, taking his shirt and T-shirt off, as the two of us crawled up to him and fumbled with his belt. He leaned back, hands behind his head, and let us open up his pants.

Francis excused himself and returned a minute later with the camera, in time to capture Kim peeling down the elastic of Joey’s shorts, unleashing his penis. Joey was a fairly hairy guy, and didn’t trim his pubic hair, so his penis looked fairly short, but was much thicker than Francis’. Kim took her boyfriend into her mouth and licked all over the head before pointing his penis to me and I did the same.

I turned to look at Francis who clicked away approvingly as I sucked another man’s penis for the 2nd time in our relationship. Me and Kim went back and forth a few times, occasionally using our tongues on him at the same time, and kissing each other as we did so. Francis passed the camera to Joey so he could get a better angle, and after a few more shots were taken, announced he was feeling left out, and needed some attention.

We stripped Francis of his clothes, leaving just his boxers on, but when Kim pulled them down, exposing my husband’s erection I couldn’t believe her reaction. Francis trims and shaves himself in the shower every second day, so his pubic hair is extremely well maintained. He is fit – certainly no musclebound stud – but has a decent body, and tans regularly, so looks pretty good naked. But Kim reacted as if she was a groupie in the presence of her favourite rock star.

“My God! What a beautiful cock!” she gasped. “I’ve never seen anything so perfect! The hair, the size…….it’s absolutely gorgeous! Lisa, do you have any idea how lucky you are??!” and with that she thrust it in her mouth and just went to town on it.

She moaned and groaned like she was on the brink of an orgasm, as she pretty much made love to his penis with her mouth. I couldn’t even butt in and have some time for myself. She clearly was in no mood to share this time around as she ravenously licked, sucked and drooled all over him.

I felt pretty bad for Joey who looked on like a lost sheep, as his girlfriend blew another guy for all she was worth. I went over to him, removed his pants, took him back into my mouth and sucked him for a while, but as I looked up noticed he was just staring at Kim licking away. Not to be outdone by her, as she was clearly stealing the show, I moved up Joey’s body and sat up, as if I was riding him, except I was an inch or so behind his penis. I grasped hold of him with one hand and rubbed him between my legs so he could feel how wet I was.

Finally he moved his eyes away from Kim and focused on me. I continued to pump away with my hand as I leaned in close to his ear, licked it, and whispered, I want you to come in my mouth.

I moved back down to his erection, and no sooner had I taken it back into my mouth as he spasmed, let out a shriek, and orgasmed. He filled my mouth but despite being shocked by such a sudden ankara escort climax, I swallowed as promised, looking over at Francis to make sure he’d witnessed the act. He smiled lovingly as I licked my lips, moved over to him, and kissed him deeply so he could taste the other man. Every sexual first is a very erotic experience, but this was a particular turn on because I knew we’d both fantasized about it a lot.

Joey moved off the bed, onto a chair and looked on as the three of us continued. Kim was still blowing Francis, and wasn’t budging, so I kneeled next to her, ran my hand down her back, over her bum, and between her legs. As she felt my fingers rubbing against her she began to rock back and forth, and gradually I slid two fingers inside her. She was now rocking aggressively, fucking herself with my fingers, and at last she moved onto her side and opened her legs so I could properly join in.

I kissed her thighs and her pubic patch, which was all but bare, and then dove right in, working on her clitoris. She was extremely wet which at first I found a bit unpleasant, but as I started to get really into it, and my chin got wetter and stickier, I began to get extremely turned on. She came quite quickly, but as I pulled away, she said, “Please don’t stop now Lisa! You know I don’t get this very often!” So back I went, tasting my second female again. She was now on her back and Francis was fucking her face, but he moved behind me and entered me, exactly re-enacting our first threesome with Tamara.

I looked over at Joey who was busy beating himself in the chair trying to get his erection back. It was such a pitiful sight as he pumped away at his limp penis, watching another woman do to his girlfriend what he never did. He may have well just had the word “loser” tattooed across his chest, as Kim climaxed again.

Francis was doing very well to control himself, so I decided I was next to have an orgasm. I laid on my back and opened my legs, inviting my husband to go down on me. However, it was Kim who again shocked us by coming up to me, kissing me on the lips and saying, “Let your husband fuck me and I’ll go down on you.” Well that was it. I wasn’t completely convinced by the idea of my husband having full intercourse with another woman, but having someone as beautiful as Kim perform lesbian sex on me was likely never to happen again, so I snapped my fingers and like a flash Francis was doing her doggy-style.

Kim had a very systematic method of giving oral sex, but as I got used to the rhythm, it drove me wild. She gently licked my clit and put a finger inside me. Then she replaced her finger with her tongue, and as she licked me, moved her fingertip to my bum. Then after a couple of minutes of that, she’d go back to my clit while fingering my bum. This went on, as she continually moved down from clit to my bum, each time inserting her finger and tongue a bit further in.

On about the fourth cycle, she had her forefinger fully inserted into me, and that was all I could take. I received my first ever lesbian orgasm and pulled her up the bed to kiss her. She lay on her back next to me, and commanded Francis to “fuck your wife and come in her mouth.” I looked over at Joey who had now given up all attempts to get hard again, and sat pathetically with his limp penis. Kim nestled her cheek against mine as we watched Francis fuck me. Knowing he no longer had to last, he began to pump into me faster and harder, and as he was on the brink, he quickly moved up towards my face.

Kim, however was to shock us for a final time. She grabbed hold of Francis, took his penis in her hand and just as he was coming, thrust it into her mouth. He emptied in her mouth and she swallowed come for the first time, to the complete annoyance of her boyfriend.

Joey stormed out of the room, yelling “I can’t believe you just did that!!” Kim just grinned, gave Francis one more lick, gave me a passionate kiss, and left us lying there rather embarrassed for them.

Kim & Joey did stay together, but drifted away from us after that night. Apparently Kim was quite ashamed about how rude she’d been to Joey, and he was nothing short of humiliated. We on the other hand had thoroughly enjoyed it, plus had some rather incriminating photos on the camera, which we’ve since enjoyed together many times.

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