The Manse Ch. 03


I woke up on my second full day at the manse with an extreme need to pee. I walked out of my bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. I was just remembering the open layout of the bathroom, wondering exactly how this was going to work when I walked in. Across the back wall where the shower heads were lined up, I saw a woman lathering herself with soap. It was Simone who had served Jones to Aunt Lynda at dinner the night before. She saw me standing there staring and blew me a kiss with a few bubbles in her hand and then went back to soaping her breasts. I really wanted to stand there and watch, but my bladder reminded me of why I was here to begin with.

I took a right toward the toilets. On the far toilet sat the maid who had served Cliff the night before, this time completely naked. No french maid uniform to be seen.

“Hi, there!” she greeted me with a smile.

“I…I need to pee…” I stammered.

“Ooo, good. I’d like to see that! Come over here next to me!” She gestured at the toilet next to her.

I really did need to go, so I didn’t really stop to think about any alternatives. I walked over to the toilet and as I did, I heard her sigh and a small splash from her toilet. It was clear she was having her morning bowel movement. My cock started to stiffen as I took hold of it to aim at the toilet bowl.

“You have a beautiful cock,” she said matter-of-factly. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

I closed my eyes to concentrate on the task at hand.

“Oh, come on! Relax!” she said, but as she did so, she reached out and gave my cock a playful slap.

“That’s not helping,” I said, still trying to concentrate with my eyes closed.

She laughed, “Sorry. OK. I promise to be good. Come one, I want to see you piss.”

My bladder was ready to explode. I took a deep breath and the flood gates opened. I pissed for what seemed like an eternity. The whole world faded away.

My bladder almost empty, I opened my eyes to see myself still pissing in the wall of mirrors in front of me. The maid was kneeling now just to my side watching my cock intently. My flow finally ebbed and ended.

“Wow,” she said, “that…was…amazing.” She grinned and looked up at me. “Let me help you clean up.” And with that, she reached out and took my cock from me and leaned forward to take the tip into her mouth. She sucked on me like a straw and then ran her tongue around the slit, cleaning me. Needless to say, this was also making me harden in her mouth and she had to rise up on her knees as she sucked, following its rise.

Someone cleared their throat behind me.

“Don’t you think that’s enough, Sheila?” It was Heloise.

Sheila (now I knew her name) came off my cock with a popping sound and smiled.

“Yes, Heloise. You’re right. At least he is clean!”

“OK, Sheila. Above and beyond, right?” I think Heloise almost winked at her.

I turned to see Heloise standing in front of me fully naked. Seeing yalova escort her finally without her uniform on made me aware of how hard I was. She had a towel over one shoulder and seemed to be headed for the shower. The other server who had been showering before was just behind her. I think she had been watching too.

Just then, Cliff walked in. “What’s this?” he said. “A pissing contest? I’m in!” And he walked over to one of the toilets, took his half erect cock into his hand and pointed it skyward. He looked back over his shoulder at all of us and began to piss in a high arc into the toilet. All four of us just stood there and watched him. I’d never watched another man piss this blatantly. You just don’t do that in your normal men’s room.

I felt a nudge. “Come one. You need a shower.” It was Heloise.

Cliff finished pissing and bowed with a flourish. “Ta-da!” he said and walked back out of the bathroom.

Heloise led me toward to showers. “Sheila and Simone really like you,” she said. “I knew they would.”

I didn’t know what to say. Heloise turned on one of the showers and felt the water till the temperature satisfied her. She walked into the stream of water and then reached out for my hand. She pulled me into the water. It felt good on my body and I stood there letting it stream over me. Then I felt hands on me. I looked around to see Heloise and Sheila both with handfuls of suds washing me.

If my cock wasn’t hard before, it certainly was now. They both began to soap my hairless cock, taking turns on my shaft and balls. I was close to exploding, but they both seemed to sense that and backed off, their hands moving to my chest and shoulders.

“Isn’t it my turn?” asked Sheila.

“OK. You can go first, but then you have to do me too,” said Heloise.

Heloise began to soap Sheila and then looked at me, “Aren’t you going to help?”

Yes. Yes, I am. I thought to myself and took a bar of soap from her.

I ran my hands all over Sheila’s body. I paid special attention to her breasts. She had beautiful nipples the size of half dollar coins. I could feel them getting erect as I passed my hands over them. That kept me hard. She reached up and took my hand and pushed it down to her bald pussy. (No body hair in this house!) I soaped her there, gently parting the folds of her lips while Heloise seemed to be vigorously washing her ass. Sheila moaned slightly.

“Now its my turn!” Heloise announced. Sheila seemed a bit disappointed. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but it seemed like the dilemma was an all right place to be…wash this beautiful woman or that one…not a wrong answer there. So I turned to Heloise and Sheila sighed and joined me.

I started with her neck. Then her shoulders and I moved into wash under her arms, thinking I was moving toward her gorgeous breasts and pert nipples.

“I think you need to wash my feet, Mark,” said Heloise.

“Oh…ok,” edirne escort was all I could get out and knelt down in front of her.

My face was now at the level of her shaved pussy. She lifted a foot from the floor and offered it to me. I began to wash it, arch, heel, toes, carefully moving in between each toe and massaging her foot through it all.

I heard them both giggle and looked up. The water was cascading around Heloise and Sheila. Sheila had her arms around Heloise, one hand slowly circling Heloise’s left breast.

“I think I forgot to pee before my shower!” exclaimed Heloise in mock excitement.

I still held her right foot. She splayed her right knee outward, away from her body. I looked directly into her spread pussy. My mouth watered with the thought of how she would taste. And then, without me knowing what was happening, she started to piss. She pushed hard and pissed right into my face. I gasped, which only opened my mouth and so she pissed into my mouth. Both women were laughing hysterically now. I was both mortified and amazingly turned on. I wanted both to run and to glue my mouth on Heloise’s pissing pussy and drink from her.

As it was, she finished with one last burst into my face. Her laugher subsided. She saw I was sitting there under her, dejected.

“Oh, come on. You’re fine. We’re just playing with you. Let’s wash you off again.”

Their laughter was gone. Heloise and Sheila washed my entire body again. They both took me right to the edge of ejaculation at least three times before they declared me clean. They turned off the shower and all of us helped to towel each other down. By that time, I was smiling again. Damn, two beautiful naked woman washing me and drying me…yeah, so one of them pissed on me…I was already thinking about that…it kinda turned me on…will have to see how I might get that to happen again…

The day passed pretty quietly around the manse. It seemed that Ms Lawrence had taken Nicole out shopping so there was no need for my service. I explored a bit more around the grounds. It was still strange to be sauntering around a strange house, passing people I didn’t know…maids, gardeners…naked as the day I was born. More than once, I caught staff blatantly staring at me, usually followed by a big grin on their part or even a blush. They were all accommodating though and did everything they could for me. Meals, snacks, the morning paper. All I had to do was ask and someone would provide.

My cock stayed at three-quarter mast all day. I’m sure the vitamins had something to do with it, but being looked at by so many people…and they were all very good looking, women and men alike…being so physically close to them while I was naked. Half the day, I spent fantasizing about what an all-house orgy would look like.

Heloise checked on me a couple of times. She was back in her maid’s uniform. She erzurum escort wasn’t being over-bearing, just making sure I was finding my way. Each time though, she made sure to give my cock a few deft tugs to bring me to full erection.

“Need to keep you primed in case Miss Nicole gets back and wants a snack!”

Finally, the dinner hour was here. I knew that we’d be doing another service soon. I’d been in my room for the last half an hour resting when I heard a knock on the door frame and Heloise walked in with her sly grin.

“Good evening, handsome!” she said.

“Hi, Heloise! Is it time?”

“Down, big boy! Soon. I need you to help me finish getting ready before we head down to the dining room.” Again, she flashed a sly grin and it felt like she almost winked at me.

My cock reacted, stiffening. I wasn’t sure what she was getting at but the way she was looking at me…

“I need your help with my jewelry,” she said, lifting up the jeweled princess plug she’d had on the night before. “Can you do that for me?”

I’m sure I was grinning too at this point.

“Yes, I think I can do that.”

“Thanks, you are a real pal!” she said, walking over to my bed. She crawled up on the bed with her knees on the edge and leaned over toward the middle, pushing her ass in the air. She adjusted her knees, spreading them slightly further apart and then arched her back down toward the mattress. She reached back with one hand and waved the butt plug in my direction.

I stepped forward and took it from her. Her pussy was pink and spread while her brown pucker of an asshole winked slightly at me. I could smell her and it made my mouth water. Damn, I wanted to fuck her.

“Not now., Mark We have work to do. Now are you going to help me or not?”

I realized I still had the butt plug in my hand. I laid the tip of it against her ass.

“Rub it on my pussy a little to get it wet,” she instructed.

I watched in fascination as her lips parted to accommodate the plug. I moved it slowly up and down her folds, realizing that she was actually quite wet. I pushed it slight more into her and gave it a couple of back and forth swishes. Her juices coated the steel plug.

“That feels good. Now, put it in my ass, Mark.” She used her no-nonsense voice that made my cock twitch.

I placed the plug against her asshole. She flexed to make it open and close. I slowly started to push, and I heard Heloise sigh.

I took my time, slowly pushing the plug through her sphincter, savoring the sight of her asshole opening up to accommodate the plug. And then, the thickest part was in and she closed up around it leaving just the pink jewel showing.

“Mmmm, that feels good. Thank you Mark! If you’re good, I might let you take it back out later,” she said sitting up with a smile.

My cock strained, the head reddish-purple from all the blood forcing itself into it.

Heloise reached out and barely grazed my cock with her finger tips.

“You’ll have to do it with your mouth though,” she said with a wink. Then she grabbed me by my balls and squeezed hard. I let out a little yelp in pain, but it also brought me back from the edge of shooting cum all over my bed.

“Let’s go, they’ll be waiting for us in the dining room!”

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